Person:Andrew Lewis (27)

Gen. Andrew Lewis
  • HGen. Andrew Lewis1720 - 1781
  • WMartha TeasAbt 1728 - Bef 1749
m. Abt 1746
  1. Capt. John Lewis1746 - Bef 1782
  2. Col. Samuel LewisAbt 1748 -
m. 1749
  1. Thomas Lewis1752 - 1800
  2. Col. Andrew Lewis1758 - 1844
  3. Ann Lewis1760 - Abt 1798
  4. Capt. William Lewis1764 - 1812
  5. Charles LewisAbt 1765 - Abt 1765
Facts and Events
Name Gen. Andrew Lewis
Gender Male
Birth[1] 24 Apr 1720 County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland
Marriage Abt 1746 Prob. Virginiato Martha Teas
Marriage 1749 Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Anne Givens
Military[3] 10 Oct 1774 Battle of Point Pleasant
Death[2] Sep 1781 Botetourt County, Virginia

Andrew Lewis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Andrew Lewis's land (Beverley Manor NE, 185 acres, 1765) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: Andrew also had earlier acquired 680 acres of his father, John Lewis' original 2,071-acre patent in 1745 (record listed below), as shown on the map above).

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 163-166. Indenture 22 July 1745 between John Lewis and Andrew Lewis, son of the said John Lewis, of the County of Augusta and Mannor of Beverley.. for five shillings.. sells all of that tract of land lying between the land of Thomas Lewis and James Robertson on both sides of Lewis's Creek in the Mannor of Beverley.. 680 acres.. bounded.. Thomas Lewis.. (signed) John Lewis (seal) Witnesses: Robt. Poage, Thos. Lewis, Wm. Lewis. Recorded Orange County 25 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 43-44].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's (unless listed otherwise):

  • 19th January, 1754. Andrew Lewis enters 400 acres on Peters Creek, a branch of James River, between the upper survey of Adam Dickinson's and the Indian Patch, also 200 acres on the Warm Springs mountain joining tract formerly Harden's, etc.; three 400 surveys on head branches of James River near a survey made for Wm. Warwick and on some of the head branches of the Back Creek, and Thomas Lewis's 200 acres on the Cow Pasture where John Shaw lives and 200 acres where Harklas Wilson lives, and 200 acres in the Bull Pasture at the foot of the mountain. Robert McClenachan.
  • Page 8.—38th February, 1754. Thos. and Andrew Lewis, 200 acres of land joining Harcklas Wilson on the cow pasture and two 200 surveys near John Shaw's land, two 200 acres joining Lewis' line near head of Bull Pasture, and two 200 surveys near foot of mountain, north sid« of Bull pasture not far from Bodkin's land, and 200 acres joining George Wilson, and a survey of the Reed Hole and towards Hicklin's land, and 200 acres at a small meadow between the Warm Springs and Jackson's land, and 200 acres about 5 miles from the Warm Springs near the path from said Spring to Harden's land on the mountain, and one survey on Cedar Run near a survey made on said Run, and 200 acres in the Calf Pasture joining the west and north lines of Samuel Gay, and 200 acres on a ridge near Dun- lap's old place where Meek made some improvements. Robert McClenachan.
  • Page 8.—6th March, 1754. Andrew Lewis enters two 200 surveys on Bratton's Run in the Calf Pasture which runs through that place of Dunlap's where he last lived and 100 acres on the Little River between McCutchen's land and Clendenning's old place, and 200 acres joining south side of McCutchen's land below Wm. Smith's, and 200 acres at a meadow. on a branch of the Great River of the Calf Pasture near a mile northwest from Saml. Tencher's, and 200 acres joining the southwest end of James Gay's land in the Cow Pasture, and 200 acres on the Glacly land at the sulfer mine on south side Warm Spring Mountain Gap on both sides the path, and 100 at the foot of the Warm Spring Mountain, north side, about two miles from said Spring, northeast course, and 200 acres joining the survey at the Warm Spring and down the branch, and 200 acres about two miles, more or less, from the Warm Springs, southwest course, and 200 acres in the Cow Pasture side of the Warm Springs Mountain at the foot of said mountain about three miles near a west course from James Gay's.
  • Page 898.--22d May, 1765. Same (From Robert Beverley) to Andrew Lewis, £6, 185 acres in Beverley Manor, his and James Bratton's line. Delivered: Andrew Lewis, 13th March, 1776. (Note: this tract is shown on the Hildebrand Map above).
  • Page 54 - Andrew Lewis, 625 acres, Roanoke River. Mentioned Bane. Adjoining James Neely, and John Bryan. Oct. 27, 1765. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 21].

Will of Andrew Lewis

Lewis, Andrew. Will probate Feb. 1782.
Names wife, and chjildren: John, Samuel, thomas, Andrew, William, Anne. Grandsons: Andrew, Samuel and Charles (sons of John). Brothers: Thomas and William. Sister, Margaret.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 58].

American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 3, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Lewis, Andrew - appointed Brigadier General 1776 by Continental Congress to commend troops in Virginia; resigned in 1777; died 1782 in Virginia, place later named Buford Station on Tennessee & Virginia Railroad, leaving children: John, Samuel, Thomas, Andrew, William, & Anne (married Captain Rowland Madison & died abt. 1798 in Mercer County, Kentucky, her husband died 4-5 years later in Warren County, Kentucky, leaving children: Eliza/Betsey, John (died without issue) & Rownald T.); Eliza/Betsey Madison married Edward Worthington, & had children: Madison S, John (1858 age 46), James (1858 age 52), Rowland M. (1858 age 48), Mary (died without issue), Edward (died without issue), Lucy (died without issue), Patsey & Jane C; Patsey Worthington married James L. English & their daughter Elizabeth in 1858 age 21; Jane C. Worthington married Charles Shackelford & they had children: Lucy Lewis (in 1858 age 14), Edward Worthington (in 1858 age 12) & Elizabeth/Eliza Madison (in 1858 age 8); Madison S. Worthington married Mary T. Worthington ni 1824 & they had children: Margaret W. (married J.A. Juny) & 3 children who died in 1837 & 1838; Madison S. Worthington died in 1834 & wife Mary T. married (2) Dr. George Venable; Margaret W. Juny applied for Pension in 1858 age 30, Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky where resided, for Revolutionary War service of her great great grandfather General Andrew Lewis, & Pension Application rejected, not entitled under current Pension Laws; query letter in file states soldier married 1749 to Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel & sarah Givens, Augusta County, Virginia, & soldier died in Bedford County, Virginia on 9/26/1781; query letter in file 1907 from descendent Richard McCulloch, St. Louis, Missouri, who was also descendent of soldier's son Andrew who was Lieutenant in 7th, 8th, & 13th Virginia Regiments; query letter in file states soldier was brother of Revolutionary War soldier Major William Lewis. F-R6308, R1554.

Recordss in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Lewis vs. Lewis--O. S. 222; N. S. 78 -- Will of Andrew Lewis of Botetourt, dated 28th January, 1780. Wife. Sons, John, Samuel, Thomas, Andrew, William; daughter, Ann; brothers, Thomas, William; grandsons, Andrew, Samuel and John, sons of son John; sister, Margaret. Recorded in Botetourt 10th July, 1782. Will of Thomas Lewis of Kenawha. To Sally Thornton, daughter of George and Mary Thornton, by whom I have had Thomas, Andrew, William and Samuel Lewis; brother, William of Botetourt. Dated 30th November, 1796. Recorded in Kenawha December, 1800. Robert McKee deposes that he knows it was intention of Thomas Lewis to marry Sally Thornton a day or two after he was killed, as Robert was invited to the wedding. A license had been issued. Patent 26th January, 1801, to Thomas Lewis, 1,437-1/2 acres in Kenawha. Marriage license to marry Thomas Lewis and Sarah Thornton, dated 4th November, 1800. Patent 21st October, 1796, to Thomas Lewis, assignee of Isaac Tyler, 43 acres in Kenawha. Bill filed by Thomas, Andrew, William and Samuel Lewis, sons and devisees of Thomas Lewis. Thomas was killed by fall from his horse on day on which he was to have been married. He was about 45 years old. Andrew, Thomas and William Lewis laid off a town at Point Pleasant. Copy of agreement by Andrew Lewis with these, viz: John, Peter, Sr., Peter, Jr., James, Jacob Vanbibber, James Graham, Jno. Fitzpatrick, Leonard Hoff, James Neely, William Bryans, Joseph Looney, Elijah Breeding, Thos. Teas, George Dixon, Thomas Allsberry, Leonard Cooper, Charles McClung, Shadrack Harman, if they continue to defend the place we are now settling, known by name of Point Pleasant, Andrew agrees to give each an acre-lot in the town. Dated 20th November, 1784. Andrew Lewis, son of Genl. Andrew Lewis, answers. Gen. Andrew Lewis died September, 1781.

Records in Botetourt County, VA

  • April 1782 - Thomas Madison is apptd. guardian to Anne Lewis, orphan of thee Honorable Andrew Lewis, Gent., decd., who entered into bond in the sum of two thousand pounds with Geo. Skillern and Wm. McClcnachan, his securities.

Notes on Andrew Lewis

6. Andrew4 Lewis (John3, Andrew2, William1) was born Donegal Co., Ireland October 9, 1720. Andrew died September 26, 1781 Bedford Co., VA, at 60 years of age.

He married Elizabeth Anne Givens.

Andrew Lewis and Elizabeth Anne Givens had the following children:

24 i. Maj. John5 Lewis.
25 ii. Col. Samuel Lewis. Col. died Greenbrier Co., W. VA. He was baptized September 4, 1748.
26 iii. Charles Lewis.
27 iv. Thomas Lewis was born 1752.
28 v. Col. Andrew Lewis Jr. was born 1759.
29 vi. Ann Lewis was born 1760. She married Rowland T. Madison 1781. Rowland was born 1753. Rowland was the son of John Madison and Agatha Strother. Rowland died 1798 at 45 years of age. (See Rowland T. Madison for the continuation of this line.)
30 vii. Col. William Lewis was born 1764.

(courtesy Patricia Given Johnson)


In 1774, later Brigadier General Andrew Lewis, then a Colonel, and from Botetourt County, Virginia then, was the victorious commander at The Battle of Point Pleasant on the Ohio River in present-day West Virginia, considered by some as the first battle of the American Revolution, occurring only a few days before the First Continental Congress met regarding independence.

General Lewis recruited 1000 American frontiersmen from Virginia to march over the mountains of Virginia to Point Pleasant.

A forced march over more than a hundred miles, it was the largest military force of Americans ever assembled up to that time and Colonel Lewis personally took his frontier fighters into battle.


Andrew Lewis' success against a large Indian force out to ambush him there resulted in George Washington's recommendation to the Continental Congress that Andrew Lewis become the General of the American Armies during the Revolution. Andrew Lewis declined the honor in favor of George Washington to head all the American forces in the Revolution.

Colonel Charles Lewis, brother of Andrew Lewis, who earlier in the French and Indian War, in 1763-64 had rescued McCord children from the French and Indians in western Pennsylvania, was in 1774 Commander of the Augusta County, Virginia militia forces. Colonel Andrew Lewis had earlier been Commander of the Augusta County militia. Colonel Charles Lewis lost his life at The Battle of Point Pleasant.


To MAJOR ANDREW LEWIS Fort Loudoun, July 29, 1757.

Sir: You are ordered forthwith to march with all the Draughts which are at this place belonging to your own Company and Capt. Woodwards, together with Capt. Spotswoods, to Dickinsons plantation, on the cow-pasture; where I expect you will meet Captn. Woodward on his march to Vauses. When a junction of these three Companies is formed, you are, if the ravages of the Enemy, and circumstances of the Inhabitants, do not render other dispositions necessary, to detach Capt. Woodwards whole company; and an officer and 25 men of Captn. Spotswoods, to occupy Vases fort and, (if you think proper) the posts on Cuttawba, and at Campbells place: and with the rest you are to proceed to Dickinson's fort; where you are to order Lt. Bullet, and that part of your company under his command, to join you.

I can not at this distance, with the least degree of propriety, pretend to order a disposition of your command further than to advise you, not to divide it into too small parties. You are nevertheless to assist any body of Inhabitants, which may have gathered together in certain places, and need protection, but to appoint no more men to this service, than what are absolutely necessary to act upon the defensive, reserving as many as possible under your immediate direction, at Dickensons fort, to turn out in pursuit of the Enemy, when you hear they are about.

You will have the direction of the aforesaid Companies, till further orders, and to you they are to apply for instructions, to you make the returns, as required in my general instructions; and from you I expect them myself.

You will deliver Captn. Woodward the Kettles sent for his company. You will receive from me £21.18. the contents of a recruiting accompt of Capt. Hogg which you are desired to pay him. You will also receive £30.4.2 value of sundry Servants enlisted in that part of your company lately under Captn. Hogg's command: And I shall be glad if you will settle this matter, and pay the Masters according to appointment, which is as follows; Charles Campbell for Mark Donally, £9. to Wm. Lewis, for Francis Adams, £13.11.6 To Andrew Duncan, for Thomas Davis, £7.12.8.

You will likewise receive £2.12 to be paid to the following Soldiers, in the following sums, agreeably to their several accompts handed in by Lt. Bullet: To John Heart, 8/ John Leak, 8/ Mark Donally, 4/ and Moses Gawin 32/.

You must apply to the Surgeon of the Regiment for a small assortment of medicines, which Mr. Fleming has promised to administer to the sick of your Detachment. For other directions, I refer you to my General Instructions herewith delivered.

To MAJOR ANDREW LEWIS Fort Loudoun, April 21, 1758.

Sir: I do not yet know, whether any of the Levies raised by the newly appointed Officers, in consequence of the late Act of Assembly, will fall to our share; and as we want about 130 men to complete the Virginia Regiment, I earnestly recommend, that you will use the most efficacious means in your power to recruit your quota in Augusta, and its Borders: Farther than this District I wou'd not have you send Officers recruiting, as they must be ready to join you as soon as the Troops are ordered to this place. I have no money to send you for this purpose (which is a misfortune) but you may give the Recruits the strongest assurances, in my name, that they shall, upon their arrival at this place, receive each man £10 and a suit of Clothes, advantage of the Recruits for the New Regiment. I would have you send Lt. Crawford 4 directly to this place; he is well acquainted in those parts, and I hope from such encouragement, will be able to pick up some clever fellows.

[Note:Lieut. John Crawford. ]

I have so often, and earnestly recommended the due practice of the Soldiers in their Exercises, that it is needless, I hope, to urge it again to [you] in this letter. But I must desire, that you will take great pains to get all your Arms straightened, and the men taught to shoot well at Targets, as that is an highly necessary qualification in our Service.

I offer my Compliments to Captn. McNeill, and all the Officers, and am, Sir, etc.

To MAJOR ANDREW LEWIS April 26, 1758.

Sir: I have this instant and not before, received the Presidents orders to direct the Captains of the 1st. Virginia Regim't to compleat their Companies with all possible expedition, to 100 Rank and file each. The enclosed is a copy of the Instructions which I have given the Officers sent out from this place. You may give the same to yours; with this only difference; that all the Officers you can possibly spare for this service, be directed to rendezvous, the 10th. of May, at Staunton, if you shall not have marched before for this place; and to follow you as fast as possible, if you have.

I have received no money yet to carry on this Service; but shall this day send down to Williamsburgh for some.

You are not to delay a moment in marching to this place, after you are relieved; and orders, I believe, are issued to the Militia for that purpose. Take great care to distribute the Militia properly, according to the numbers that may come out. l scarcely know what direction to give you about the Country Stores (ammunition and Tools, I mean) as I can not tell in what manner the Militia will be provided with those Things. The tools, I think, if they are not absolutely necessary there, ought to be brought to this place: as they certainly will be wanted here. The Pay-Master will appoint a time to meet your Companies pay-rolls at Staunton; and you must punctually observe it. I am etc.

(NOTE: incorrect placement of some children with wrong mother)

Generation No. 3

5. ANDREW3 LEWIS (JOHN2, ANDREW1, WILLIAMA) was born April 23, 1720 in Donegal Co., Ireland, and died September 26, 1781 in Bedford Co., Va. He married ELIZABETH ANNE GIVENS 1749, daughter of SAMUEL GIVENS and SARAH CATHEY.

"DAR Patriot Index-Centennial Edition" Lewis, Andrew Sr.: b-4-23-1720 IR d 9-26-1781 VA m Elizabeth GIVENS VA

Kegley, p. 564; Jones Gene., p. 187; Peyton, p. 286; DAR no. 66 912. Lewis, Andrew, Brig.-Gen., b.1720, Ireland; d. 1781. Bedford Co.; res. Botetourt Co.; m. 1749, Elizabeth A. Givens. He was son of John and Margaret (Lynn).


11i.JOHN4 LEWIS, born September 14, 1746; died in Knoxville Co., Tn (murdered by his slaves).

12ii.Samuel Lewis, born September 04, 1748; died in Greenbriar, West Virginia.

13iii.Thomas Lewis, born Abt. 1752; died December 1800 in Killed by falling tree. He married Sallie Thornton.

14iv.Andrew Lewis, born October 1758; died 1844. He married (1) Elizabeth S. Madison June 1778. He married (2) Margaret Bryant 1792. "Marriages of Some VA Residents", Vol 4, page 149, 154, 155 Lewis, Andrew, Jr., Col., b.1759, son of Gen. Andrew and Elizabeth (GIVENS); m. 7 June, 1778, Botetourt Co., Elizabeth "Eliza" Madison, dau. of John (d.1784) of Montgomery Co., and Agatha (Strother).

15v.Ann Lewis, born Abt. 1760. She married Rowland T. Madison 1781.

16vi.William Lewis, born Abt. 1764; died 1812. He married (1) Lucy Madison. He married (2) Nancy McClanahan. He married (3) Hannah Poe.

17vii.Charles Lewis, born Abt. 1765; died Infant.

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