Person:Andrew Hall (17)

Andrew Hall
  1. Andrew Hallbef 1735 - bef 1799
  2. Isabella Hallabt 1735 -
  3. Agnes Hallabt 1737 -
  4. William Hall, Jr.1741 -
  5. John Hall1741 -
  6. Nathaniel Hallbef 1745 -
  7. Capt. James Hallabt 1745 - bef 1816
  8. Elizabeth Hall1746 - bef 1772
m. ABT 1758
  1. James Hall1760 - 1836
  2. Andrew Hall, Jr.1771 - 1832
  3. Isabella Hall1777 - 1829
  4. John Hall
  5. Samuel Hall
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Hall
Gender Male
Birth? bef 1735 Augusta County, Virginia[based on first land purchase]
Marriage ABT 1758 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Thompson
Other[3] 27 Dec 1772 Botetourt, Virginia, United Statesnamed in Will of William Hall, father
Death? bef 5 Feb 1799 Rockbridge, Virginia, United States[probate]
Will[2] 13 Aug 1798 Rockbridge, Virginia, United States
Probate[2] 5 Feb 1799 Rockbridge, Virginia, United States

Andrew Hall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 309.--15th May, 1756. James Young and Sarah, Patrick Young and Isabell to Andrew Hall, £50, 110 acres being the tract where James Young now liveth, including James Young's mill in the Fork of James River, crossing Whistle Creek, cor. Patrick Young. Teste: Jno. Lapesley, Samuel McCluer. Delivered: Wm. Bowyer, August, 1758.
  • Page 58.--11th November, 1758. William ( ) Hall and Jane ( ) to Andrew Hall, £100, 280 acres on North Branch James in Borden's tract, and conveyed by Borden, 8th April, 1743. Teste: Geo. Campbell, Robt. Cowan. Delivered: Wm. Hall, 1762.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 65.--11th November, 1758. Andrew Hall to Wm. Hall, £50, 110 acres, the tract where James Young formerly lived, including James Young's mill in Fork of James, crossing Whistle Creek; corner Patrick Young.

Processioning List of 1760 & 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler’s lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Processioning List: Page 286.--1760: Processioned by Samuel Lyle, Wm. Lusk: For Andrew Hall, for David Dryden, for Baptis McNab, for James Thompson, for Nathaniel McClure, for Alex. McClure, for Robert Allison, for Moses McClure, for Wm. Ramsey, for Samuel Lyle, for Reynold's Orphans, for Moses McClure, for John McClure, for Wm. Caruthers, for Thomas Paxton, for Samuel Paxton, for Nathan Peoples, for Robert Allison, for John White, for Archibald Alexander, for Robert Teris (Tevis?), for Thomas McSpadden, for Samuel Gray, for John Maky, for Moses Trimble, for John Maky, for Isaac Taylor, for John Davison, for Moses Whitesides, for Samuel McCroskrey, for Daniel Lyle, for Wm. Lusk, for John Lowrey.
  • Vol. 2 - Processioning List: Page 385.--15th February, 1765: Reported by Andw. Hall, Jas. Buchanan, viz: For John McCroskey, for Alex. Telford, for Rev. Jno. Brown, for William Patton, for Cap. Saml. McDowell, for James Greenlee, deceased; for Jno. Lyle, deceased; for David McCroskey, for Saml. Dunlap, for Jacob Anderson, for Andrew Hays, for Robt. Allison, for James Buchanan, for Andw. Buchanan, for Wm. Davies, for Wm. Berry, for James McKees, for Wm. Lusk, for Edward Tarr, for James McLang, for Henry McLang, for Isaac Anderson, for John Buntin, for William Young, for James Anderson, for James Thompson, for John Allison; for Alex. McCroskey, Jas. Duncan present; for Saml. Robinson, for Andw. Fitzpatrick.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 196.--18th November, 1762. Joseph Walker and Isabella Young's settlement of estate of Patrick Young. Recorded. Paid John Law, Jno. Taylor, Thos. Stuart, Jno. Hall and Saml. McMurty, James Todd, Gilbert Crawford, Stephen Orson, Jno. Hickman, David Dryden, Hugh Cunningham, Ro. McElhenny, Wm. Hall. Sale bill to Jno. Collier. Jas. Davis, Andrew Hall, Jas. O'Bryan, Saml. McMurty, Geo. Gibson, Isabella Young.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 377.--Processioners appointed as follows, viz (1764): William Robinson and James Robinson, from Heads of Roanoke to Fort Lewis. William Bryan and James Neilly, from Fort Lewis on Waters of Roan Oke. James Rowland and Joseph Montgomery, Thomas Ramsey and James Lawderdale, on Waters of Catawbo and James River on the South Side. James McGayvock, James Gilmore, John Poage, John Thompson, between Buffalo and James River. John Paxton, Abraham Brown, Andrew Miscampbell, Alex. Collier, between Buffalo and the North River to the North Mountain. Wm. Taylor, Thos. Paxton, Moses Whitesides, Jno. McClung, from North River to Beverley's line between the Great Road to the Court House and South Mountain. Andrew Hall, James Buchanan (son of William), Thos. Berry, James Trotter, from North River to Beverley's line between the Great Road to the Court House, by Cap. Bowyers and the North Mountain.
  • Page 38.--3d June, 1766. John Thompson, Sr., to Joseph Lapsley, John Moore, Andrew Hall, John Thompson. Jr., £250, bill sale of cattle and other personalty. Condition is such that whereas John Thompson, Sr., at a court for this county was lately convicted of felony and then bailed to grand jury, and the grantees became surety on the bail bond, now if John makes his appearance this bill to be void. Teste: Pat. Lockhart, Wm. Howard.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1768. - (500) Hemp certificates: Baptist McNabb, James Crockett, Thos. McCallock, Pat. Hays, Andrew Hall, Andrew Woods, Elizabeth Taylor, Andrew Lewis, Alexr. Evans, David Forbes, John Hopkins, Archd. Hopkins.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1768. - (505) Ann Marshall, servant to Andrew Hall.
  • Page 73.--15th August, 1768. William ( ) Hall and Jenny ( ), of Fork of James, to John Millican, of ditto, £10, 100 acres in Forks of James; corner another survey of William Hall's; Crawford's corner. Teste: Nathaniel McClure. James and Andrew Hall, Wm. McKee. Delivered: Jno. McElhany, 23d May, 1784.
  • Page 252.__ _____, 1770. John ( ) Allison and Janet ( ) to William Ramsey, £130, 204 acres on North Branch of James; corner Andrew Hall; John Thomson's line; corner widow Alison. Delivered: John Ellison August. 1773.
  • Page 97.--26th March, 1773. James Thompson's (in Burden's tract) will--To son, John, 140 acres on which John lives joining Robert Allison; to son, William; to son, James, 238 acres; to son, Joseph; to wife. Mary; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Catrin; to daughter, Margaret Hall; to daughter, Elizabeth Ward; to grandson, James Hall; to grandson, James Ward. Executors, sons John and James. Teste: Saml. Lyle, Thos. Cunningham, James McCluer. Proved, 19th May, 1773, by Lyle and McCluer. John Thompson qualified with Samuel Lyle, Danl. Lyle. (Note: Andrew Hall married Margaret, James Thompson's daughter).
  • Page 81.--15th May, 1777. Mary Thompson's estate appraised by Samuel Lyle, Andrew Hall, Alex. McClure--Debt due by John Thompson being a legasie due to Mary Thompson at her deceas.
  • Vol. 2 - Hall vs. Borden--O. S. 267; N. S. 94--Orator is Samuel Hall, infant, by Robert Gold, next friend. In 1741 or 1742, William Hall, orator's grandfather, purchased of Borden 353 acres in 92,100. In April, 1743, Borden conveyed to William by deed recorded in Orange. In 1758, William and wife Jean conveyed to eldest son and heir, Andrew Hall. Orator's father, Andrew, made his will 1798, devising to Samuel a claim vs. Borden for a deficiency. James Hall, a son of William, deposes 3d June, 1815. John Kirpatrick deposes, 1815, has known William's family 30 to 40 years; his father and William were neighbors. Andrew Hall lived on North River, until his death, in a large bend in the river opposite mouth of Whistle Creek. Samuel Ramsey's tract lay on lower side.
  1.   Augusta County Court Records, in Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. (Rosslyn, Virginia: The Commonwealth Printing Company, 1912-1913 in Three Volumes), Vol 1, Secondary quality.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Will Transcript of Andrew Hall, in Rockbridge County, Virginia Will Book, 2:112-115, Secondary quality.

    In the name of god Amen. I, Andrew Hall, Senr of the County of Rockbridge and state of Virginia being in a low state of health but of perfect mind and memory. And knowing the mortality of my body do make and ordain this my last will and testament ot take efect at my decease ~ I order my body to be buried decently in the usual manner ~
    I order my executors to pay all my just debts ~
    I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Margaret the one third of my movable estate during her life with the same priviliges of my real estate as she would be entitled to in case I have died intestate.
    I give my sons in law Revd Saml. Houston, John Houston, Robt. Gold, James Steele, each one guinea.
    I give and bequeath to my sons James & John the Judgment I obtained against Iahab Graham and recommend it to them to collect it if possible ~
    I give and bequeath to my daughter Isabella a negro girl named Betty, a feather bed and furniture, a chest of drawers, a Cow and Calf ~ and I order my executors to furnish her when she may require it a horse and saddle worth at least twenty pounds ~
    I give and bequeath to my son Andrew his heirs and assigns forever one hundred and forty acres of the Plantation I now live on to lie in the bed of the River and to include the dweling house orcard and spring we use, the division to begin on the river below the fording in such place and be continued in such manenr as will best suit him and my son Samuel who is to get the remainder.
    I also give and bequeath to my son Andrew my waggon and three of the team viz the Bay, the Gray and the black also a walnut chest I have generally called my own also a Bed and furniture ~
    I give and bequeath to my son Samuel the remainder of my Plantation which lies adjoining Samuel Ramseys land to him, his heirs and assigns forever ~ I also give and bequeath to my son Samuel his heirs, and assigns *****A CLAIM I HAVE ON THE HEIRS OF BENJM. BORDEN DECD ARISING FROM A DEFICIENCY IN THE QUANTITY OF LAND IN A CONVEYANCE MADE BY (ILLEGIBLE) BORDIN TO MY FATHER WILLIAM HALL FOR THE LAND I NOW LIVE ON***** ~
    I also give and bequeath to my son Samuel a bed and furniture. I order my executors to furnish my son Samuel with a horse and saddle worth at least twenty pounds ~ I order my son Andrew to pay my son Samuel twenty pounds when he may need for building ~ My household and kitchen furniture not before bequeathed, I give to my Daughter Isabella my sons Andrew & Samuel to be equally divided between them.
    I give and bequeath to my son Andrew all my farminig utensels and order him to furnish my son Samuel with a like kind of farming tools when he may need them as will be equal in value to the one half of mine agreeable to the apraisment ~ I order my son Andrew to furnish my daughter Isabella with proper and necessary food until she marrys with peaceable residence in the house till she marrys ~ The remainder of my estate after paying the debts I owe and legacies above mentioned I leave to my sons Andrew and Samuel.
    I hereby appoint my trusty friend John More (Jno. SN) AND MY SON Andrew Executors of this my last will & testament and allow them each for the same fifteen Dollars ~ Witness my hand and seal this thirtieth day of August seventeen hundred and ninety eight.
    (signed) Andrew Hall (SEAL)

    Signed sealed and acknowledged
    In the presents of
    Andrew Alexander
    Robert McDowell
    Daniel Windell
    Hugh Wilson

    At a Court held for Rockbridge County the fifth Day of February 1799
    This writing purporting the last will and testament of Andrew Hall Deceased was produced in court by John Moore and Andrew Hall Executors therein named & proved by the oaths of Andrew Alexander and Robert McDowell subscribing witness and ordered to be recorded.
    The said John Moore having renounced the Executorship And on the motion of said Andrew Hall who made oath according to Law certificate is granted him for obtaining probate thereof in one form on giving security and he together with Andrew Alexander and Thomas Kem his securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $3000 Conditioned according to Law
    Teste: A. Reid, Ct.
    [Source: Rockbridge County, Virginia - Will Book 2 - p112-115].

  3. Will Abstract of William Hall, Secondary quality.

    HALL, WILLIAM. Botetourt County, Virginia. 27 Dec 1772. 8 Feb 1773.
    Wife: Jean
    Children: Andrew Hall, Agnes Berry, John Hall, Isable Buchanan, William Hall, Nathaniel Hall, James Hall,
    Exe: son [in law] George Berry]
    Wit: Joseph Walker, John Thompson, Andrew Mackinley
    [WB A:21]