Person:Andrew Boyd (9)

Andrew Boyd
b.1745 Virginia
  • F.  Boyd (add)
m. bef. 1738
  1. Lt. Alexander Boyd, Paymaster of Virginia Regimentbef 1738 - bef 1766
  2. Andrew Boyd1745 - 1820
m. abt. 1765/66
  1. Jane Boyd1766 - 1819
  2. Maj. James Boyd1768 - bef 1816
  3. Anne Margaret Boyd1772 - 1820
  4. Dr Thomas Boyd1774 - 1830
  5. Eleanor Boyd1776 - 1850
  6. Sarah Ann Buchanan Boyd1779 - 1840
  7. Andrew 'Alexander' C. Boydabt 1781 - bef 1821
  8. Priscilla Boyd1786 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Boyd
Gender Male
Birth? 1745 Virginia
Marriage abt. 1765/66 Augusta County, Virginia[based upon child Jane b. 1766]
to Mary Burke Buchanan
Death? 6 MAY 1820 Pattonsburg, Botetourt County, Virginia

Andrew Boyd was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will Abstract

Boyd, Andrew. Probate June, 1820.
Names children: John, Thomas, Sarah, Ann Buchanan, Margaret, Pricilla ("my unfortunate dau"), Alexander.
The heirs of a dec. child, Mary and James.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 53].

Records of Andrew Boyd in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 462.--21st August, 1766. Andrew Boyd's bond (with Andw. Lewis, Wm. Preston, Robt. Breckinridge, Wm. Ingles, Benj. Hawkins, David Robinson) as administrator of Alexander Boyd. (Note: Alexander Boyd was the brother of this Andrew Boyd).
  • Page 483.--26th May, 1767. William ( ) McCurry, of Roan County, North Carolina, to Samuel Crocket, £130, 248 acres on south branch of Rone Oak. Teste: Walter and Joseph Crocket, Andrew Boyd.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1768 (A). - Boyd vs. Morrise.--John Morrise. 1766, February 4th; 1767, March 10th; June 10, cash; September 14th. Sworn to by Andrew Boyd, administrator of Alexander Boyd, 18th May, 1768.
  • Page 375.--25th June, 1769. John Buchanan's will--Lands on Reed Creek called Anchor and Hope, and 500 acres on New River where Adam Harman lived; to sons, James, William, and John (all under 30); to wife and children, tract where Walter Stewart lives; to daughter, Mary Boyd, wife to Andrew Boyd; to three youngest daughters; to George Wilson; to relative, James Buchanan, merchant in this county. Executors, Col. Andrew Lewis, Col. Wm. Preston, and nephew Wm. Campbell. Teste: John Smith, Robt. Breckinridge, Wm. Thompson, Jno. McClellan. Proved, 16th August, 1769. Preston and Campbell qualify; and 23d February, 1818, the will not having been recorded a certified copy is now ordered to be spread on record.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1770 (D). - Alexander Baine vs. Alexander Boyd's administrator.--Writ issued 19th August, 1767. In 1764 Alexander Boyd mortgaged land and slaves to Alexander Baine, orator. Alexander Boyd died intestate and administration was granted to Andrew Boyd, his brother and heir-at-law. Land lay on branch of Roanoke River called Staunton River.
  • Vol. 2 - Pages 170 - 179 by Lyman Chalkley Drake vs. Campbell--O. S. 214; N. S. 75--Bill, 8th June, 1807. Orator is John Drake of Kentucky. John Buchanan of Augusta died testate, leaving remainder to three younger daughters or the survivors of them come of age. Orator's father, Joseph Drake, in 1773 married Margaret, one of the daughters of John Buchanan. Prior to 1778 Joseph moved to Kentucky, where in that year he was killed by the Indians, leaving orator infant of very tender years. Margaret afterwards married _____ Jones. Josiah Ramsey deposes, 1809, that the Indians were troublesome in Washington County from 1776 to 1779. Col. Robert Sawyers deposes at Fort Chesel in Wythe County, 1808. He was present at marriage of Joseph Drake and Peggy Buchanan. John Buchanan, son of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, grandfather of orator, was second lieutenant in same Company with deponent in Seventh Regiment of Virginia line on Continental Establishment and in spring of 1777 was detached under command of then Col. Morgan from Middle Brook, New Jersey, against Burgoyne, and was killed at battle of Saratoga. John Floyd sailed in a privateer against the enemy in the fall of 1776, and returned in 1779. Widow of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, married William Anderson shortly after marriage of Joseph Drake and some time before the death of her son John. Patent 23d December, 1779, to Wm. Campbell and Wm. Preston, executors of John Buchanan, deceased, assignee of James Patton, deceased, by survey 1749-50, 1,150 acres part of order of Council to James Patton et als on Sinking Creek waters of Middle Branch of Indian River. Mary Boyd, wife of Andrew Boyd and daughter of Col. John Buchanan, deposes in Wythe, 18th November, 1809. Col. William Preston died in 1784. Anna Buchanan married Ephraim Drake in Kentucky. She was born 28th November, 1765. Joseph Drake and Margaret Buchanan were married in March, 1773. Thomas Boyd deposes. Andrew Boyd deposes. Daniel Young, son of Jacob Young, deposes in Nashville. Col. John Buchanan's will. John Drake lived in Nicholas County, Kentucky. Answer by John and Francis Preston, John Breckenridge, and John Brown, executors of Wm. Preston and administrators with will annexed of John Buchanan, and also of Elizabeth Madison, John Preston, Francis Preston, James McDowell and Sarah, his wife, William Preston, Nathaniel Hart and Susannah, his wife, James P. Preston, John Lewis and Mariah, his wife, and Letitia, Thomas and Peggy Preston, infants, by John Preston, their guardian; which said John, Francis, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Susannah P., James P., Mary, Letitia, Thomas and Peggy are children of William Preston, deceased. Col. James Dysart, aged 65 years, deposes in Lincoln County, 22d June, 1808. In 1776 on account of Indians, Joseph Drake moved to New River near his father's. In 1778 or 1777 he moved to Kentucky. In 1769 deponent and Joseph made a hunting tour of seven months in Kentucky; again in 1771 a tour of nine months, and in 1772 a tour of eleven months. Deponent and Col. Buchanan came from same neighborhood in Ireland and were remotely connected. When Joseph moved to Kentucky, Anna Buchanan was about 10 or 12 years old. John Campbell deposes in Washington County, 18th March, 1808, he is 66 years old. James Buchanan, power of attorney dated Bourbon County, Virginia, 26th June, 1787. Col. Wm. Donalson deposes in Davidson 172 County, Tennessee, 5th July, 1808, is 48 years old. Deed 8th July, 1788, by Thomas Madison, attorney for James Buchanan, son and heir to John Buchanan, deceased, to John Campbell, 1,150 acres in Washington County on Indian, now called Holstein, River. Recorded in Washington County. James Newell deposes in Wythe County, was present at marriage of Joseph Drake. Deponent and Joseph were in 1774 on the Shawnese expedition together. Col. Robert Craig deposes at own house in Knox County, Kentucky, 18th June, 1808. James Buchanan deposes 21st March, 1799, at house of Patton Anderson in Fayette County, Kentucky. James Thompson deposes in Abingdon, 19th October, 1809, was present at Joseph Drake's marriage; none of Margaret's people was present except William Buchanan. They were married at the town house about 17 miles east of Abingdon; there were present, viz: Ephraim Drake, William Anderson, Widow Cartey, Peggy Campbell, Anna Campbell et als. Ephraim Drake deposes in Bedford County, Tennessee, 26th June, 1809. Joseph and Margaret were married agreeable to the established custom by Mr. Wolsey, a Baptist preacher; her elder brothers were present. Col. Mathew Willoughby, aged 59, deposes 26th March, 1813, in Washington County, Virginia. John Young, son of Jacob, was notorious for bonestealing; also Daniel Young, son of Jacob. Deed 23d October, 1810, by Margaret Jones, now living in Franklin County, Tennessee, widow and relict of William Jones, deceased, also of Joseph Drake, to John Drake, of Bedford County, Tennessee. Recorded in Washington County, July, 1811. John Campbell answers. When Joseph moved to Kentucky, Margaret had three brothers, viz: William, killed in Kentucky; John, killed at Saratoga in 1777; James, now living in Kentucky. Margaret, widow of Col. Jno. Buchanan, married _____ Anderson and was living with him in Botetourt in 1777. John Buchanan's will of Augusta County. Sons, James, William and John; wife, _____, daughter of Col. James Patton; daughter, Mary Boyd; three younger daughters; nephew, William Campbell.

Information on Andrew Boyd

Boyd, Andrew is listed on the 1787 Davidson County tax roll as one taxable.44 His name appears on the 1787 military payroll.45 Boyd, James is listed on 1787 Davidson County tax roll showing 1 taxable.46 In 1801 he bought from Richard Mirick "a negro named Judy."47