Person:Alexander Walker (33)

Alexander Walker
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1700 Malin, Ireland
Death? 1775 Franklin, PA


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Data for this Alexander Walker is based on HISTORY OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA., Beers, 1887, page-842-843

Sherer Quoting family bible record
Notebook:Alexander Walker of Malin
Data:Walker Tax Records for Chester County, PA


At least one descendant of Alexander (33) has taken the YDNA test with FTDNA. Test Results place him in YDNA Walker Group 6.

Among the early settlers of Path Valley, whose descendants are still residents there are the Walkers. Alexander Walker, with his family, came from... [Malin,] North of Ireland in 1737 and settled in Chester County, Penn, remaining there until 1761, when they removed to Path Valley and settled on the land still owned by John D. Walker, Esq., including at that time, the farm of W. J. Park and lands of W. S. Harris. [1] Alexander Walker had five sons: John, Robert, Samuel, James Walker (143) and David. In the summer of 1762, the indians began to be troublesome. James while on his way home from the fort at Loudon, was taken prisoner by them. On the night of March 22, 1763, the Indians burned their barn and shot their horses after they escaped from the burning building. In the barn when burned was a quantity of threshed wheat, and their descendants in the valley still have some of this burned and blackened wheat in their possession.

During the Revolution one of the sons, Samuel, served as a lieutenant in Capt. Noah Abrams' company, and Robert was a private in the same company, while the other boys served various terms of enlistment. Alexander, the father of the family, died May 1, 1775, his wife Mary, having died the previous year. Of the sons, Samuel married Mary Noble, and remained on the mansion farm. John married a Miss McGuire and David a Miss Elliot. Both families moved to Huntington County, near Burnt Cabins. James and Robert were not married [2]. Robert died in 1788 and James in 1788. The family of Samuel (the grandfather of the present families of Walkers living there) were Mary, who married to Robert Walker, a cousin, and moved to Indiana County, Penn; John who never married; Alexander married to Mary Connell; Eleanor, married to Robert Ramsey; Margaret, married to James McConnell; Samuel, married to Martha McConnell; and James, married to Ann Skinner. John D. Walker, Esq. (son of Samuel), now living on the mansion farm, was married to Miss Emma Campbell of Illinois. Capt. John H. Walker, a son of James Walker, carries on the tannery built by his father in Fannettsburg, in 1822. The descendants of Alexander Walker live in Fountain Green, IL., while other branches of the family live in Indiana and Washington Counties, and in the Western States."


  1. While Beers says they came from Ireland in 1737, at letter of introduction from Malin church members is dated 1739. It maybe that the letter was sent at a later date, but its more likely that Alexander brought the letter with him when he came to America.
  2. . Others note that Robert married Mary Abraham and died in 1778