Person:Alexander McNutt (5)

Alexander McNutt
d.1751 Virginia
m. WFT Est 1687-1690
  1. Abraham McNutt1687-1709 -
  2. Alexander McNuttABT 1692 - 1751
  3. Jean McNutt1696 -
  4. Barnard McNuttABT 1700 - 1773
  5. James McNuttBET 1703 AND 1713 - bef 1749
  • HAlexander McNuttABT 1692 - 1751
  • WJane UnknownBEF 1707 -
m. bef. 1725
  1. Col. Alexander McNutt, British Army1725 - 1811
  2. John 'Scotch Johnny' McNuttABT 1725 - 1781
  3. James McNuttbef 1733 - 1811
  4. Benjamin McNuttBEF 1735 - 1798
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McNutt
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1692 Laggan, Donegal, Northern Ireland
Alt Birth? ABT 1692
Marriage bef. 1725 to Jane Unknown
Death? 1751 Virginia

Alexander McNutt was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Alexander McNutt in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 169.--12th January, 1753. Borden, etc., to Alexander McNutt, eldest son and heir-at-law of Alexander McNutt, deceased; Kennedy's Mill Creek of James River, 301 acres. Teste: Saml. Dunlop, John Brownlee, Ro. Ramsey, Wm. Lusk.
  • Page 171.--12th February, 1753. Same (From Borden, etc.,) to James McNutt, son of Alexander McNutt, deceased, adjoining above, 185 acres.

Information on Alexander McNutt

  • 11 Alexander (McNitt) McNutt b. Laggan, Donegal, N. Ireland d. 1751 Virginia. m. N. Ireland, Jane. Came to Hagerstown, MD in 1735 and moved to Staunton, VA in 1744.

Children of Alexander McNutt:

111 Alexander McNutt b. 1725 N. Ireland d. 1811 Rockbridge, Va. Bachelor; 1756- Lieutenant in Va. militia during French Indian War. 1760-Captain of Londonderry N.H. militia which served in Nova Scotia. 1761-1762 Leader in colonizing Nova Scotia with Ulster Scottish families from New Hampshire and North Ireland. Adopted title of Colonel. Fell from favor with N.S. officials during Revolution. 1778- Promoted, unsuccessfully Nova Scotia joining Revolution as 14th colony. Lived part time at McNutt's Islan
112 Benjamin McNutt b. N. Ireland d. 1798 Settled on McNutt's Island near Shelburne, N.S.
  • 113 John McNutt b. N. Ireland. Left behind when parents came to America. Married Katherine Anderson after she had stowed away aboard ship bringing him to America. Settled east of Lexington VA. Known as Scotch Johnny. 7s2d
114 Robert McNutt b. N. Ireland. Lived near Lexington until 1790, then sold out and moved to Kentucky. m.
  • 115 James McNutt b. 1738 Maryland d. 1810 Lived near Lexington, Va. M. 1768 Margaret McElroy d. 1817. 4s 2d
116 Jane (Ester) McNutt went to Nova Scotia with Alexander and Benjamin McNutt m. Benjamin Weir in Newport, N.S. Weir was R. I. Tory. Several Children.< /ol>