Person:Adam Harpole (2)

John Adam Harpole, of South Branch, Potomac River
b.1734 Germany
  1. Henry HarpoleAbt 1718 -
  2. Paul HarpoleAbt 1724 -
  3. Jacob Harpole1730 -
  4. Nicholas HarpoleAbt 1730 - 1800
  5. John Adam Harpole, of South Branch, Potomac River1734 - 1798
  • HJohn Adam Harpole, of South Branch, Potomac River1734 - 1798
  • WSarah Hoogteeling1728 -
m. Bef. 1757
Facts and Events
Name John Adam Harpole, of South Branch, Potomac River
Gender Male
Birth? 1734 Germany
Marriage Bef. 1757 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Hoogteeling
Death? 1798 Augusta County, Virginia
Other? Hans Adam AKA

Adam Harpole was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 27.--15th August, 1769. William Montgomery and Jean ( ) to Adam Harpole, £82, 470 acres on mountain between South Fork and South Branch of Potomac, line of Jacob Sivert's survey. Delivered: Adam Harpole, 23d May, 1785.

Records of Adam Harpole in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 49.--10th February, 1772. George Fults's (Foltz) will--To wife, Catharine Barbara, all estate until youngest child Susanna comes to age of twelve years; to oldest son, George; to youngest son, John Phillips, infant; to daughters, Hanna, Eave, Susanna. Teste: Adam Loff, Adam Harpole, Nicholas Oswedy. Proved, 16th March, 1773 (written in the "Garman Tong" and translated by Anthony Ayler) by Adam Lock and Adam Harpole. Widow Catherine Barbara qualified with Nicholas Harpole, Adam Lock.

The following record establishes Adam Harpole's birthdate and identity of his wife:

  • Vol. 2 - Craigen vs. Thorn--O. S. 73; N. S. 25--Bill filed 1st April, 1796. Peter Thorn made a settlement on South Branch of Potomac, divided it between his sons, viz: Henry, Michael, Tobias and Lazarus, and then in 1758 died testate. Tobias died intestate 1764, leaving a widow Eve and an only son (infant) named Michael. Eve sold the land to Henry Crouchman, who died 1767 testate. Will dated 4th September, 1767, devising the land to his only son John Adam Crouchman, infant (who and Michael also was infant in 1773), who while still infant married oratrix Phoebe Crouchman, and while still under age made his will dated 4th February, 1782, devising the land to Phoebe. He lived to be 21 and then died, leaving two children who died infants. Susannah Crouchman, who married John Wilson, and Margaret Crouchman, who married George Reid, were sisters of John Adam Crouchman. Answer by Michael Thorn, a citizen of Fairfield County, Ohio: He was moved over the Alleghanies before he was one year old. His mother married John Stradler. The land lies now in Hardy County. (Colonel) Moses Hutton, aged seventy years, deposes in Hardy County 5th November, 1803: He lived near when Henry Crouchman lived on the land. William Heath, aged 45, deposes same place and time: He knew George Snyder who lived near the land and removed from it to Redstone about 31 or 32 years ago; also knows Edward Williams for 35 years and who moved to Patterson's Creek 35 years ago and then to Kentucky, then to the Army, and then returned to Patterson's Creek. Anthony Baker deposes same time and place: For 42 years he has lived within 3 miles of the land. Isaac Van Meter deposes 25th June, 1803: John Sebely, whose father was killed by the Indians, and lived in South Branch Manor. George See, aged 66, deposes in Hardy County 15th May, 1798, that Thorn was in possession in 1766-1767. Anthony Baker, Sr., deposes 15th May, 1798: Daniel Tevebough married widow of Henry Crouchman. Michael Moore deposes at Morgantown 11th June, 1799, aged 62 years, that he was a neighbor of Peter Thorn. Peter's eldest son Henry died, leaving widow who married Adam Harpole. Michael Thorn's father was killed by falling of a tree. Deponent moved over the Alleghanies with Stradler. George Snyder, aged 56, deposes same time and place as above, that he knew the land before Tobias Thorn was married. Tobias married Eve Bryerly. Adam Harpole, aged 64 years, deposes at Moorefield 24th March, 1798, that about 43 years ago Tobias Thorn was in possession of the land. Adam married Henry Thorn's widow. Adam Crouchman of Hampshire County, will dated 21st February, 1782, proved in Hardy County 17th March, 1786. Wife and father-in-law George Lee (See?). Peter Thorn, will dated 30th January, 1758, proved in Hampshire 14th February, 1758. Tobias and Lazarus shall administer and provide for their mother, but Christian's cattle to be sold separately. Deed 3d August, 1773, Fairfax to John Adam Crouchman, recorded in Hampshire, 10th November, 1773.