Person:Abraham Haptonstall (1)

Abraham Haptonstall
b.Abt. 1735
  • F.  Haptonstall (add)
m. bef. 1733
  1. Isaac HaptonstallAbt 1733 - 1814
  2. Abraham HaptonstallAbt 1735 - Bef 1814
  3. Eleanor HaptonstallEst 1736-1745 -
  • HAbraham HaptonstallAbt 1735 - Bef 1814
  • WMary WilsonBef 1742 -
m. Bef. 1759
  1. Abraham Haptonstall1759 - 1847
  2. Elizabeth Haptonstall1768 -
  3. Jemima HaptonstallEst 1769-1774 -
  • HAbraham HaptonstallAbt 1735 - Bef 1814
  • WMary BabbABT 1732 -
m. 1775
Facts and Events
Name Abraham Haptonstall
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1735
Marriage Bef. 1759 to Mary Wilson
Marriage 1775 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Babb
Death? Bef. August 1814 Haw Creek Township, Shelby County, Kentucky

Abraham Hempenstall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • 1764 Augusts Co., VA - Recorded NOVEMBER, 1767 (B). 1764 August 23, to James Bodkin; August 27, to Abram Hempenstall (number of acres not listed).
  • Page 195.--17th March, 1768. William Wilson and Mary ( ) of Albemarle County to Abraham Haptonstall (Hoplenstall), £46, 112 acres on a branch of New Found Creek. Delivered: James Thomas, April, 1773.
  • Page 7.--19th August, 1766. James Trimble, of Greenspring, and Sarah, his wife, of Augusta County, to Abraham Haplenstall, £10.15, 140 acres on head of South Fork of Black Thorn, a branch of South Branch of Potomac, corner George Wilson's land. Teste: John Paxton, Wm. Mathew, Wm. Alexander. Delivered: Abraham Heplenstall. March Court, 1774.
  • Page 219 - Abraham Hempenstall, 60 acres, Bullpasture River. (undated, prob. abt. April/May 1773) [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 78].

Processioning List of 1767-68

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Page 451.--1767-68: Processioned by Samuel Hamilton, in Cowpasture, from his house down the river to James Baird's: For Samuel Hamilton, Andw. Sutlington, John Dickenson, William Sprowel, John Donaly, Hugh Caffey, Joseph Watson, Andw. Muldrough, Wm. Dougherty, John Clendenning, William Maze, James Beard. Processioned by John Botkin: For Samuel Wilson, Abraham Haptonstall, Robert Duffield, James Burnsides, Robert Carlyle, Richard Botkin, John Carlyle, Samuel Black, Edward Hynds, John Botkin, David Bell.

Will of Abraham Haptonstall

Abraham Haptonstall died in Shelby Co., KY in 1814. His will was signed 15 April 1814 and proven in August County Court 1814. Will Book 3 Pages 172-173

In the name of God amen I Abraham Hoptonstall of the county of Shelby and State of Kentucky do hereby Constitute ordain and make this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all others by me before made.
In primis I will give and devise to my friends William Taylor of Shelby County and Hubbard Taylor of Clarke County or to the Survivers (sic) of them all my Estate both real and personal in which I may die possessed of in trust subject to such distribution as herein after specified and the said heirs [lined through] Extr or Survivors of them or such one of them as shall think proper to act as such shall have full power and authority to sell or otherwise to dispose of all my lands and other property settled and to make compromises and transfers to make and to receive conveyances as the case may be in the name of either or both & when such sale be made of the descretion so acting Executor or executors as may shall pay all my just debts and after Satisfying all (sic) expences (sic) attending the same I devise the remainders somes (sums?) in the following manner to be paid in the order as herein expressed
First I give and devise to my friend Mrs. Rachel Fennie for their friendship towards me the sum of Fifty pounds in money.
Second I give and devise to Mrs. Susan Taylor wife of my friend William Taylor of Floyds Fork the Sum of two hundred dollars in money.
Thirdly I give and devise the remainder of whatever money there may be after paying all debts as aforsd & the foregoing Legacies. It is my will be paid over to my brother Isaac Hoptonstall and my Sister Eleanor Nap one moiety to each or to legal representative or representatives of my sd brother & sister in case of their death on application to my sd Exers after the expiration of twelve months after the collection of the amount of Sales of my sd Estate.
Item It is my will and desire and I hereby give my said Extors or the acting one the same full power and authority over my property I have in any of the United States or those given in the States and further authorize here or their (sic) to transact the business out of this State by power of attorney and their power to revoke at his or their pleasure.
Item It is my will and express desire that there be no inventory or appraisement of my estate.
In testimony (sic) of the foregoing I have signed sealed and acknd this as my last will and testimony this Fifteenth (?) day of April in the Year of our Lord 1814
Signed sealed and acknd in presence of us
William Brookie Abraham Hoptonstall (seal)
John Williams
Thomas Barbour
William T. Barbour
Shelby County Sct August County Court 1814 The within last will and Testament of Abraham Haptonstall was produced in Court and proved by the oaths of Thomas Barbour & John Williams two Subscribing witnesses thereto and thereupon the same was ordered to be recorded which is done accordingly. Att James Craig Ck"

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1767 (B). 1764.--Michael Harper, debtor to William Christian. August 23, to James Bodkin; August 27, to Abram Hempenstall; to David Fraime; to Vance and Doake; to Lieut. William McCutcheon; to Edward Hynds; August 30, to Lieut. William McCutcheon; to James McCutcheon; to John Millar; to Thomas Rhoads; to William Black; September 4, to Jean Graham; to Francis Evick for funeral expenses. Contra: 1764, September 4, by 42 days in service, at 1/6; by part of John Miller's order rejected; by part of Rhoads' order rejected; by part of William Black's order rejected; by part of Jean Graham's order rejected; by bounty.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1768. - (337) Abraham Hempenstall--witness.
  • 1775 - page 16, Mary Willson, (married?), Hempenstall, (March), recording Willson's Inventory. (Note: this documents Mary (Babb) Wilson's marriage to Abraham Haptonstall in Augusta County).
  • Vol. 1. - APRIL 20, 1778. - (285) Joseph Gum, Lieutenant, and Abraham Hempenstall, Ensign, qualified.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 15, 1789. - (133-137) Mary Hempenstall, late Mary Wilson, executrix of Samuel Wilson. (Note: this record refers to Mary (Babb) Wilson Haptonstall, the widow of Samuel Wilson (who died at Point Pleasant in 1774) and who remarried Abraham Haptonstall, Sr. in 1775).

Records in Greenbrier County, VA

  • 29 March 1788 - Greenbrier Court Orders. William Hamilton and Ruth his wife, Pltf., Against Abraham Haptenstall and Mary his wife late Mary Willson Executrix of Samuel Willson Deceased, Ralph Willson son & Heir of the said decd, Elihab Willson, Thompson Willson, Representatives of the said Deceased, Defts. In Chancery. This cause was heard on the Bill answer and other exhibits therein contained the said Bill is taken for confessed as to the said Ralph, Elihab and Sampson Willsons and as to the Defts. Haptenstall and his wife It is ordered and decreed that the Pltfs recover Three shares of a negro man named Cuff appraised to sixty five Pounds also for the store of the said negro at Ten pounds per year for seven years amounting to seventy pounds, and for a share of Sampson Willsons share of the said indivised Estate which the said Pltf. has purchased, both which shares amounts to twenty seven pounds and the said Deft. is to pay the same and the Costs of this suit from which Judgement the Defts prayed and appeal to the eighth day of the next General Court, giving bond and security as the law directs. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]

Information on Abraham Hempenstall


                                           by Mary L. Lamp

I am researching Abraham Haptonstall/Hoptonstall/Hempenstall, will proven August 1814 in Shelby County, KY.

Time line and migration of Abraham Haptonstall

1694 Orange Co., NY - Three brothers John, Isaac and Abraham Haptonstall came from Copenhagen, Denmark to Orange County, NY. John and Isaac in 1692 and Abraham in Haptonstall in 1694. (Source - Bacon and Allied Families by J. Dean Bacon)

1761 Orange Co., NY - Haptonstall/Hapinstall, Abraham (Jr.), S32032, NY Line, appl. 6 Apr 1761 in Orange County, NY & he lived there at enl. & in 1779 moved to NJ for 18 mths. then returned to NY & in Nov 1783 moved to Greenbrier County, VA & in 1800 moved to Woodford County, KY & in Sept. 1801 moved to Greenbrier County, VA * in Oct. 1816 moved to Gallia County, OH & he applied there 24 Apr. 1833, on 12 Jan 1843 he stated he lived with a son-in-law (not named) in Knox County, IL. (Source Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files)

Hempenstall, Abraham - came from NJ. 1. Abraham --s. 2. Hannah* m. Eli B. Wilson 3. Elizabeth m. James Wilson 4. Jemima m. Samuel Blagg (Source page 381 HISTORY OF HIGHLAND COUNTY VIRGINIA - by Oren Morton)

  • ERROR - This Hannah was the daughter of Isaac Hempenstall, Abraham Sr's. brother.

1766 Augusta Co., VA - 19th August, 1766. James Trimble, of Greenspring, and Sarah, his wife, of Augusta County, to Abraham Haplenstall, £10.15, 140 acres on head of South Fork of Black Thorn, a branch of South Branch of Potomac, corner George Wilson's land. Teste: John Paxton, Wm. Mathew, Wm. Alexander. Delivered: Abraham Heplenstall. March Court, 1774. (Source Chronicles of the Scotch Irish In Virginia by Chalkley)

1768 Augusta Co., VA - 17th March, 1768. William Wilson* and Mary ( ) of Albemarle County to Abraham Haptonstall (Hoplenstall), £46, 112 acres on a branch of New Found Creek. Delivered: James Thomas, April, 1773.

(Source Chronicles of the Scotch Irish in Virginia by Chalkley)  

Historic Europeans (1750s - 1860s)

According to Collins, the first voyage past the Falls of the Ohio was accomplished by Col. Richard Taylor, Hancock Taylor, Abraham Haptonstall and an unknown Barbour who left Pittsburgh and traveled to the mouth of the Yazoo river and eventually to New Orleans in 1769 (Collins 1874, Vol. I:16 and Collins 1874, Vol. II:358). On 8 July 1773 Capt. Thomas Bullitt, assisted by Col. James Harrod, John Smith, Isaac Hite, Abraham Haptonstall, James Douglas, Ebenezer Severns, John Fitzpatrick, and "others" came to the area. Apparently, the first camp was on a shoal above Sand Island. On 3 August 1773 they were joined by Handcock Taylor, Matthew Bracken, and Jacob Drennon. These two surveying parties were surveying warrants for Lord Dunmore (Governor of Virginia). These warrants extended from the mouth of the Salt River to Bullitt's Lick (near Shepherdsville) and north toward the present site of Louisville. In August of 1773 Capt. Bullitt laid out the town of Louisville (Collins 1874, Vol. I:17 and Vol II:358). Apparently, the land around the Falls of the Ohio, composed of 4000 acres (Casseday 1852:22), were patented and owned by John Campbell and Dr. John Connally (Casseday 1852:21). Connally was apparently the nephew of Colonel [William] Croghan and Lord Dunmore (ibid.).

1773 KY - With Bullitt's surveying party in 1773 were James Douglas, James Harrod, James Sodousky, Isaac Hite, Abraham Haptonstall, Ebenezer Severns, John Fitzpatrick, John Cowan, --prominent names in later Kentucky history, --and possibly others. (Source CHRONICLES OF BORDER WARFARE, by Alexander Scott Withers.

1773 - Surveying in Kentucky. "Both Taylor and his companion, Abraham Heponstall, were familiar with the area as they had journeyed from McAfee's camp to the Falls in 1773." (Source THE FINCASTLE SURVEYORS IN THE BLUEGRASS, 1774 - BY Neal O. Hammon)

"Botetourt Co., VA: Its men 1770-1777" by Charles T. Burton. Burton had prepared an index to the tithable lists (list of adult white males) for the above years. He listed the following: List numbers Name of tithable 50, 57 Hempinstall, Abram Explanation of list numbers List 50- year: 1774; pages: 125-6; type: deliquent list; location: whole county List 57- year: 1774; pages: 140-2; type: tax list; taken by: Geo. Skillern; location: Big Levels, Sink Hole, etc. (Received from Steve Zaruff - "" - 22 Aug 2001) Big Levels became part of Greenbrier County, VA - Ref. Greenbrier Deed Book 1 pgs 489-491 - Abe Sr. and Abe Jr.

1774 JULY 29 - Hancock Taylor's Will - Item I Give and Bequeath to my Friend Abraham Haptonstall & his Heirs & assigns forever One Thousand Acres Land purchsed of Alexander Waugh. Item I Give and Bequeath to my cousin Willis Lee & his heirs & assigns forever Five hundred acres of Land purchased of Alexander Waugh. Item I Give and Bequeath to Willis Lee and Abraham Haptonstall and their Heirs and Assigns forever Two third parts of all my Lands Lying on the Western Waters except Five hundred Acres purchased of Alexander Waugh, also the same proportion of the different Sums of money due me for Surveying Chain carrying and Looking out Lands. Lastly I do nominate and appoint Willis Lee and Abraham Haptonstall Executors to this my Last Will and Testament. In Witness where of I have here unto Set my hand and Seal this Twenty ninth day of July 1774. Signed & Sealed In presence of Hancock Taylor (LS) John Green Jr & John Bell After all my just Debts are paid my Will is that all my Estate should be Equally divided Between my Brothers Zachariah & Richard Taylor and my Sister Betsy Bell and do appoint Zachariah Taylor & Thomas Bell Executors to this part of my Will JGreen, John Bell Hancock Taylor (LS)

1775 - Abraham married Mary Babb Wilson, widow of Capt. Samuel Wilson of Augusta County, VA. 1775-- page 16, Mary Willson, (married?), Hempenstall, (March), recording Willson's Inventory; (Source Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish in VA by Chalkley)

1778 - APRIL 20, 1778. Joseph Gum, Lieutenant, and Abraham Hempenstall, Ensign, qualified. (Source Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish in VA by Chalkley)

1782-1786 Greenbrier Co., VA - Hempenstall, Ebram Sr. and Hempenstall, Ebram Jr. (Source HEADS OF FAMILIES AT THE FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES TAKEN IN THE YEAR 1790 - PUBLISHED BY Genealogical Publishing Company 1970)

1783 Fayette Co., KY - KHS Vol. #19 - Orig. Survey #4647 - Hamptonstall, Abraham 1000 acres S. Fk. Elkhorn, Fayette County, Survey Date 11-20-1783, Bk 6 Pg. 9, Abraham Haptonstall and Heirs, Grant Date 12-15-17

1785, _____ __--By Saml. Shannon, V. D. M.:  March 29th,  Elizabeth Hempenstall m. James Wilson*   

( Source - CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH-IRISH SETTLEMENT OF VIRGINIA; Vol 2, pp 340 - 349 by Lyman Chalkley)

  • James Wilson son of William and Mary Wilson of Albemarle Co. (Source

Pendleton County, (W)VA - Will 26 June 1802 William Wilson "son James" and Wilson Family Bible).

1785 Greenbrier Co., VA - 2 Dec 1785 - 630 acres on the North fork of

Howards Creek adj. the land of John Dixen. Grants W, 1786 p. 357

1786 Greenbrier Co., VA - 3 Jan 1786 - Abraham Hempenstall enter 892 acres of land by State Warrent for 3147.5 acres, No. 11861, dated 1782, per order from Alex. Welch, to join his right of settlement on Greenbrier above John Anderson's. (Source LAND ENTRY BOOK GREENBRIER CO., (W)VA transcription by Helen S. Stinson)

1788 March 29 Greenbrier Co., Va - William Hamilton & Ruth his wife Plts Abraham Haptonstall & Mary his wife Defts. Suit regarding share of undevised estate "Negro Cuff." 1789 June 18 - The following Supersedeas -- "Command you to give notice to the said William Hamilton and Ruth his wife that they be before our Judges afore said High Court of Chancery at the Capitol in the City of Richmond on the first day of the next term then and there to have one hearing of the whole matter in the decree afore said contained" etc. (Source - KHS - Abraham Haptonstall Documents)

SEPTEMBER 15, 1789 Mary Hempenstall, late Mary Wilson, executrix of Samuel Wilson. (source Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish in VA by Chalkley)

1792 Woodford Co., KY - Book B, Apr. 28, 1792 Abraham Haptonstall of Greenbrier Co., VA,deed to Jacob Coplinger of Woodford Co., (Ky). Mary, wife of Abrm. Haptonstall, shown by following deed. (Source KENTUCKY COURT AND OTHER RECORDS VOL. II From Original Court Entries - Genealogical Publishing Company 1984)

1793 - 1 July 1793. Abraham and Mary Hempenstall to William Willson. 112 acres on water of Bullpasture, no adjoiners names. Consideration 100 lb. VA. Signed Abraham Hempenstall, Mary Hempenstall. Witnesses: none. Acknowledged by both in court, 1 July 1793. Recorded: 1:252-254. (Source Pendleton County (W)VA Deedbook Records)

1794 - Abraham Haptonstall and Mary his wife of Greenbrier and State of Virginia deed to Jacob Skiles, a tract or parcel of Land lying Kenhawa County on Morris' Creek, a branch of the great Kenawa, containing three hundred and thirty acres. (Scource original deed held by University of Tennessee Libraries - Special Collections)

1802 - Return of Abraham Haptinstall & Sally Pigg the Rites of Marriage performed December 2d 1802. Certified by me William Williams. (Source - Harrison County, KY Court Record)

1804 March 15th - Woodford County, KY - Peter Kerns Pltf va Abraham Haptonstall Defdt. Abraham Haptonstall shall or cause to be made to the Sd Peter on or before 10th. day of April next ensueing a good & sufficient title to Sd land by General Warranty then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force. (Source KHS - Abraham Haptonstall Documents)

1806-1807 - Business associate of William Berry Taylor. Abraham's journal "Informations of Taylor & Haptonstalls Business." (Source KHS - Abraham Haptonstall Documents)

1806 May 16 - Jefferson County, KY - Abraham Haptonstall regarding survey of Hugh Morris. (Source - KHS - Abraham Haptonstall Documents)

1814 - Will of Abraham Haptonstall was proved Shelby County Sct August County Court 1814.

Death Location: Louisville, Oldham, KY,Burial Cmt/Loc: Spring Hill, Oldham County, KY U.S.A., (Taylor Family Cemetery) (Source - The Register of the KHS, Frankfort, KY. May, 1920, Vol 18, No. 53. "Spring Hill," Oldham County, KY. The Home of Major William Berry Taylor by a Great-Granddaughter, Alice Elizabeth Trabue.

From post:

Subject: [HAPTONSTALL] Haptonstall Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 20:28:24 -0800

Posted on: HAPTONSTALL Queries Reply Here:

Surname: Haptonstall, Babb, Wilson

It would certainly help all if you would use some dates in your postings. First of all which Abraham are you talking about having come from NJ with wife Mary? I have not ever seen any information about Abraham b 1735 ever haveing been in NJ. Abraham b. 1759-61 was in N.J according to his pension papers for 18 months. Abraham b. 1735 did not marry Mary Babb Wilson until 1775, a year after her husband died at war in 1774. 1. James Wilson (son of William) married Elizabeth Hempenstall(Haptonstall) 29 March 1785 2. Elibab Wilson (son of Mary and Samuel) married Hannah Hempenstall(Haptonstall) 22 Oct 1788. 3. Samuel Blagg married Jemima Hempenstall (Haptonstall) in 1795.

In 1766-1767 Hancock Taylor was in Greenbrier County Va with Abraham Haptonstall b. 1735. In 1769-1771 Abraham Haptonstall b. 1735 was with Hancock Taylor surveying the Western country. On Sept 10th 1768 Elizabeth Haptonstall was born. In 1768 Abraham Haptonstall b 1735 secured 112 acres of land from William and Mary Wilson on New Found Creek. Witness in Augusta County court. Does any one have proof of the name of the father of Elizabeth Haptonstall b. 1768. Does any one know where Abraham Haptonstall b. 1735 was at during the year 1768? According to my records Hannah Haptonstall was the daughter of Isaac Haptonstall according to a consent to marry dated in 1788 and signed by Isaac Haptonstall. Jemima could very possiable be the daughter of Abraham b 1735 and Mary Babb Wilson. Right time frame.

>From Morton's History of Highland County pg. 381 Hempenstall, Abraham - came from N.J. (w. Mary) 1 Abraham - s 2 Hannah - m. Eli B. Wilson 3 Elizabeth - m. James Wilson 4 Jemima - m. Samuel Blagg This same exact listing was also found in EXTINCT FAMIIES only on page 377.