Person:Abel Griffith (2)

Abel Griffith
b.1735 Wales
m. 1757
  1. Evan Griffith1758 - 1796
  2. Owen Griffith1760 -
  3. Isaac Griffith1771 -
  4. Catherine Griffith1775 - 1850
  5. Elijah GriffithAbt 1779 -
  6. Mary Jane Griffith1780 - 1841
  7. William Griffith1782 - 1835
  8. Abner Griffith1784 - 1808
  9. Agnes Griffith1786 - Bef 1811
  1. Robert Bright GriffithAbt 1789/90 - 1840
  2. Elizabeth Griffith1791 - 1840
  3. David Griffith1792 - Aft 1850
  4. Ruth GriffithAbt 1795 -
  5. Rebecca Carson Griffith1800 - 1881
  6. Caleb Griffith1802 -
  7. Hannah Griffith1803 - 1850
  8. Hiram Griffith1804 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Abel Griffith
Gender Male
Birth? 1735 Wales
Alt Birth[2] 1735 Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage 1757 Walesto Barbara Garrison
Residence[2] 1772 Philadelphia County, PA
Death[2] bef. Decenber 1812 Augusta, Virginia, United StatesMossycreek

Abel Griffith was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 527.--14th November, 1772. John McCoy and Sarah ( ) to Abel Griffith, on Mossey Creek, part of 320 acres patented to John McCoy and James McCoy, 25th September, 1762, and since conveyed by James to John, 24th March, 1767. Teste: David Stephenson, Evan Griffith, Joseph Malcom.
  • Page 208.--14th November, 1773. Joseph Malcom to Abel Griffith. Privy examination of Dorothy, wife of Joseph, 25th December, 1772.
  • Page 209.--14th November, 1772. John McCoy to Abel Griffith. Privy examination of Sarah, wife of John, 25th December, 1772.
  • Page 97.--19th May, 1789. James and Mary Griffith to Abel Griffith, 100 acres, part of 400 patented to John Fancie, deceased, 15th June, 1773, and devised to James and Mary by Johns will. Teste: James Anderson, John Hogset, John Dickey.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 40.--16th September, 1787. Abel Griffith to James McKemy, of Augusta, and John Davis, of Rockingham, on behalf of Mossey Creek Congregation, 3-1/2 acres on Mossey Creek and also 1 acre including the old burying ground.

Will of Abel Griffith

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 180.--2d May, 1811. Abel Griffith's will--To wife, Magdalene; sons, Isaac and Elijah (land on Green River. Henderson County, Ky.) to son, William; to son. Abner's two children; daughter, Catherine Carson's children; daughter, Jane Evilizer's children; daughter, Agness Wood's (deceased) children; to four youngest daughters, Elizabeth, Ruth, Hanna, Rebecca; to four youngest sons, Robert, David, Caleb, Hiram (land on Long Glade). Executors wife Magdalene and Martin Coiner. Teste: Alex. Robertson, John Bell, Robt. Curry. Codicil--28th July, 1812, the land he bought of son James he has exchanged with Jno. M. Estill but has no deed: devised to four youngest sons. Proved, December Term, 1812. Executors qualify.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL, JUNE AND JULY, 1813. - Robert and David Griffith, sons of Abel Griffith, who died in 1812, vs. Magdalene, Caleb and Hiram.--Magdalene was widow, Caleb and Hiram were two infant sons. Bill for partition.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Supernumeraries collected by John Smith for 1774: Peter Black, Charles Erwin, John Frame, Archable Kilkison, James Lock, Andrew Marten, Wm. Ralston, Moses Samples, Joseph Wright, John Collens, Wm. Mathers, Wm. Craige, Archable Cunningham, Robert Moday, John Allen, Joseph Colter, Joseph Bell, Able Griffa, John Yancy, Dan O'Neel, Adam Wall, Hugh Campbell, Jr.; Wm. Frame, Sr.; David Williams, George Bowsell, Joseph Campbell, John Patterson, Seath Rogers, Thomas Armstrong, Edward Beard, Hennery Harlis, Zachariah Smith, Sam'l Frazier, Edward Hall, Jesse Jackson, Zachariah Johnston, James Lansbee, Dan'l Mackoneer, Adam Reaburn, Henry Reaburn, David Bosang, Sam'l Wright.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 20, 1776. - (108) Abell Griffith, vice John Anderson--road overseer.
  • Page 334.--29th August, 1777. List of those indebted to the estate of Roger North--Molly Mathews, Michael Diveyer, John Pans, Taylor, Edward Brayton, Mary Dillon, Wm. Collen, Carolina; Rev. Adam Smith, Margaret Mountfield, Hannah Sires, Robt. Jameson, Prince Edward; Andrew Cowen, Holstein; John Adkins, going to Carolina; William Loveley, Sally McGraw, servant to Dr. Watkins; James Bowyer (Taylor), John Anderson, Long Glead, Holstein; Joseph Love, Montgomery; Geo. Berry (son to Francis), James Anderson, son of John, M. River; John Henderson, son to David, So. River, dead; John Brown, son to Widow, N. Mtn.; David Steel (tailor), Wm. Jordan, So. River; Wm. Scott (taylor), John Welsh (tailor), Amos Perkins (blacksmith), Michael McEntosh, James Cooper, Forks of James; Mary Blackwood, married to McCrosky; _____ Crawford, brother to Patrick; Wm. Russell, Buchanan's Mill; Charles Philips, Adam Cribb, Eleanor Craig, M. River; Eleanor Dunn at Elijah McClenachans, Robert Patterson, No. Mountain; Nelly Keenan, James Berry, son to Francis, Holst.; John Woods, M. River; Andrew Anderson, son to John; Andrew Jenkins; Major Scott (dead), Mark Hatton, Andrew Campbell, son to John, So. River; Andrew Wilson, reedmaker; James Anderson, M. River; James Kelly (mason), John Cypher, James Brown (dead), John Votaw, Wm. McNab, No. Mountain; Joseph Right, M. River; James Armstrong, Holstein; Wm. Long, Warm Springs; Jean Rush, Evan Griffith, son of Abel, M. River; James Bott, Alex. Reed, Rockfish; Miss Betsey Hughes, Greenbrier; Henry Black, Dutchman; Hugh Divier. No. River; John Smith, son of Daniel, dead; Gasper Carner, Black's Gap; Daniel Meek, Calfpasture; Mary Cawfield, Jacob Kile, No. Mountain; Wm. Rogers. B. M.; John Campbell, No. River; James Edmonson, taylor; Chas. Syms, attorney at law; Nath. Bell Magruder, James Long, Mid. River; Richard Aldeman, Jno. Ehrhard, laberer; James McManis, Amherst; Jno. Todd, attorney at law; Thos. Bird, labourer; Abraham Savage, Thos. Jones, at the Office; Jacob Meckghew, Pr. Edward; Jno. Heany, Miss Jenny Lewis, Thomas' daughter, Jno. Hughson, Mason.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 16, 1779 - (143) Grand Jury presentments for retailing liquors without license, viz: Col. Sampson Mathews, Daniel Kidd, Wm. Thomas, David Griner, Patrick McDavid, George Smith, Valentine Cloninger, Thomas Colony, Edward Brookbank, Thomas Price, John Alexander, John Anderson, John Blair, William Burk, John Burk, James Hill, Robert Reed, Alex. Kilpatrick, Euphemia Hughes, Anthony Mustae, Jacob Grass, Elizabeth Hartgrove, Arthur Conoly, William Blair, John Hind, William Kyle, Abel Griffith, Enos Jones, Valentine Shirley, Peter Caphart, Andrew Scott, James Langsby, Robert Gregg, Thomas Poage, Jane Wallis, John McClenachan, John Black, Mary Tees, Thomas Smith, David Bell, Henry Swink, John Ramsey and William Foster.
  • Page 107.--16th November, 1779. Recorded. Michael Mallow's sale bill--Sold to, viz: Michael Allgyre, Jacob Bragg, Peter Wineman, Jacob Carpenter, Joseph Bennett, Adam Mallow, Jacob Break, Richard Byrns, Martin Judy, Philip Harper, Jno. Rice; to Nicholas Boucher, Jno. Westfall, Peter Vineman, Jno. Higgins, Jacob Goodman, Jacob Heffenor, Christopher Hoofner, Gasper Bogart, Henry Rule, Abel Griffith, Peter Hald, Peter Segerfoot, widow Moser, Aaron Vanscoy, Thos. Bland, Zachary Retsworth, Sarah Harmon, Ludowick Waggoner, Thos. Wilmot, Adam Lock, Michael Peterson, Geo. Walker, Samuel Morrall, Zachary Retsroth, Henry Judy, Jacob Springstone, Jacob Caplinger, John Server, Eve Moser, Lawrence Causan (Cansen?), Robt. Craigard, Gabriel Cyle (Kile).
  • Page 237.--Patent to John and James McCoy, 5th September, 1762, 320 acres on Mossey Creek; 86 acres patented to Abel Griffith on Mossey Creek, 1st March, 1773; 316 acres on Mossey Creek, patented to Abel Griffith, 1st March, 1781, joining Thomas Reed; 160 acres patented to same on same day.
  • Page 524.--31st January, 1782. John Francis' will--To wife, Mary; to 4 daughters, Ann, Margaret, Martha, and Jean Francis; to 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Agnis, Mary. Executors, John Gardner, James McCamey. Teste: James Patterson, Abel Griffith, Joseph Moss. Proved, 20th June, 1786, by Patterson and Moss. Gardner qualifies.
  • Vol. 2 - Tithables - 1783, in Capt. Dickey's Company: James Alexander, Sr., and son William, James Dickey and son _____, Edward Erwin, Sr., and son Francis, Able Griffith and sons Owin, John, Edward Kelly, weaver; Ben Johnston and son William, John Perey and son Jacob, John Ralston and sons William, Henry, Wm. Ralston and son James, Thos. Waddle, Sr, and son Thomas.
  • Page 548.--1st July, 1786. John Francis' estate appraised--Abel Griffith, Wm. Young, Samuel Anderson.
  • Page 293.--__ November, 1788. Samuel Anderson (signed "James," but certificate says "Samuel") to Able Griffith and John Blair, certain smith's tools and other personal property. Teste: Z. Taliaferro and John Gamble.
  • Vol. 2 -(undated, appears to be abt. 1789/92) - Griffith vs. Johnson--O. S. 20; N. S. 7--Abel Griffith, who had lived in Greenbrier, moved to Madison County.
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