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YDNA. Willis
YDNA. Abner Willis of Southwest Virginia
YDNA. Sterling Willis of Madison, KY

Data. Census data for Willis in KY, 1810
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The Kentucky area is of interest for the Tapestry Project, primarily because so many persons who settled there, came originally from somewhere along the main Tapestry project area, extending from Old Chester PA, south into Southwest Virginia, and down into the Carolinas. While its not the current intent to study these "Tapestry Expatriots" as such, sometimes its useful to look at them because of the light they shed on the families of the main Tapestry proper.

In the current instance recently available YDNA data shows that someone traceing their descent to a Person:McKinsey Willis (1) in Madison County, Kentucky closely matches YDNA results for persons traceing their descent to Person:Abner Willis (1) of Southwest Virginia. McKenzie (1793 - c1865) is believed to be descended from a William Willis (1776-c1866). William's vita match up well with Abner's (1775-c1850) suggesting that they could be brothers. It is possible that Abner and McKenzie are brothers, though they could easily be cousins, or related in some other degree. We know of no known connection between the two men. Since Abner's parents have not been identified, it is hoped that research into the line of McKenzie Willis will further our understanding of Abner.


Various Willis lines who settled in one or another of the main Tapestry areas eventually moved on into "the Dark and Bloody Ground" of Kentucky. The 1810 census for Kentucky provides some idea of where these Willis settled.

Distribution of WIllis HOH in the United States in 1810
Distribution of WIllis HOH in the United States in 1810
Image:Willis HOH's in the 1810 Kentucky Census.jpg