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Lila Campbell

Lila Campbell was a daughter of Reuben Jones and Isobel Uglum. In a series of emails dated between 18 Oct 1997 and 4 Feb 1998 she generously provided extensive information about the Jones family, particularly her father Reuben. Information from those emails has been edited, organized by person as much as possible and information about living persons deleted.

Reuben Jones

Dad always said he was born in Eagle Grove, IA, that he was English, Irish, Welsh and German.

My father, Reuben, was 6 years old [when his mother died]. He stayed with Aunt Anna and Uncle Henry at Okoboji, IA, until he finished the school subjects of about 6th grade.

[When Eliza died] GWJ "farmed out" the youngest [children], and expected the older ones to take care of themselves. He left for Hulett, WY.

The Stillman brothers who attended Dad's funeral were friends of Dad's from Emmetsburg or Osgood. Yes, childhood friends. It wouldn't surprise me if he worked with them on their Dad's farm or such. They kept in touch many years. When the folks retired here in Austin (ca. 1945) the Stillman brothers came up here to visit them. And, Dad would send a card or letter to them on occasion. I wonder if that's the place that Dad was "farmed out" when his mother died.

GWJ came to Dad's new "home" and asked for his savings just before he left for Wyoming. The farmer refused to give him Dad's hard-earned money. The farmer told him "That's Rube's savings. He earned it!"

Dad and Uncle Henry had the same "Jones" voices. They couldn't whisper in church! They even looked alike. And what joy they experienced when they visited! I have seen snapshots of them taken in Tioga. I don't know if I got any of them.

Dad had a brother Ed in Montana--Plains, MT--his wife, Bess (Nickel), and family--two sons Rex and Robert. We never did get together. Neither Dad nor Ed made an effort to get together. They were not reared together and lacked the "bond that ties."

Isabel [Uglum] and Reuben Jones m. 12/22/09 Stanley, ND.

In 1915, Dad and Mother were watching the weather closely one late fall afternoon through the window in the kitchen of their second Claim home, the Synsteby place. It had slightly more room and was more comfortable than their tarpaper shacks. Mother noticed a horse-drawn "rig" coming up their lane from the main road. She asked Dad who that could be, and his answer was "I think it's the Old Man." And, it was.

Grandfather, George Washington and his adopted son, George Washington Moss Jones, had been back to see Uncle Henry (I don't know who else) and was on his way back to Hulett, WY. They traveled by a horse-drawn wagon or "rig". They got as far as Mom and Dad's on their return trip to Wyoming and were stranded there by the heavy snowfall. The storm was so severe that they tied a rope from the barn to the house to be sure they didn't wander off.

I have a picture of GWJ carrying a milk pail--with the "rig" outlined in the background. Dad hadn't heard from his father for 28 years.

The snow piled up until everything was at a standstill. There was no way they could resume their trek home. They stayed the winter. Grandfather and his adopted son slept in the unheated attic. Mother cooked, washed and mended their clothes. My sister Ada was almost 3 years old, and Mother was pregnant with me! Grandpa and George must have left the last week in March or early April, and I was born May 2! It was a difficult time, but the folks always put family first.

I have a handwritten note dated March 24, 1916 with family history facts from George Washington Jones. Dad's note reveals his "6th grade" education. His ability to compose and express himself in written form improved much with age. He loved to read, and could "juggle" figures and accounts with the best of "them." When they retired from North Dakota to Austin, Minnesota (where I live) Dad bought and sold real estate--mostly homes. He had the needed capital and the business know-how to supplement their income. And, he enjoyed going to sales, etc.

In their North Dakota years, the folks farmed and had a Holstein dairy herd. Even in the depth of the Depression Years, they always told us girls, "WHEN you go to college--never "IF you go to college." Dad farmed in North Dakota, and supported 3 daughters through college (BA) in the depth of those Depression and Bank-closing years. Of course, we girls worked for our board and room and, if necessary, worked extra hours to provide books, clothes, and the necessary fare to get home for Christmas. Stores paid about 15 cents an hour, for clerks or waitress work. I recall working until I had the $9.00 to buy my train ticket home for Christmas. It was 450 miles from home, and that amount bought my round-trip ticket--a Great Northern Railroad Holiday Special of a penny-a-mile round-trip!! Trude and Ada were in Minneapolis in school, and they didn't make it home--that was 750 miles--and $30 that none of us had!

Anna Jones

Here is the story of Aunt Anna's illness and move to Denver as I remember Mother and Dad telling it. Aunt Anna taught school, and she had to attend summer school. Her roommate had tuberculosis, and Anna contracted it. She was in the hospital (somewhere in Iowa, I presume). The girls who clerked in a town store were friends of hers, and [[Person:Anna Jones (46)|Anna was so ill that they assumed she would not live. In fact, they were discussing buying flowers for her funeral.

A Christian missionary or visitor came through the hospital and stopped in Anna's room to pray with her. (Her mother, Eliza Liscum Jones read her Bible every day.) As I recall the story, the missionary was Seventh Day Adventist. She told Anna that if she went to Denver, Colorado, and never left, she would live. Anna got up out of her sick bed, packed her suitcase, and went to Denver, Colorado. She lived a long, happy life. She had no children. Her daily life was devoted to taking the "day-old" flowers from her husband's shop and visiting the sick in the hospital. All of her worldly goods were given to the church.

My parents--Reuben and Isabel--spent the winter in Portland with one of my mother's sisters and her husband. He was terminally ill. They made the effort to visit Aunt Neva, and on their way back home to Austin, MN, they visited Aunt Anna in Denver.

Ona Jones

Aunt Ona and Uncle Alfred visited at our house several times. John and I and our children visited them in their home in Weaubleau, MO. They owned and operated a hardware store in this small town near the Ozark Maountains. Aunt Ona had black eyes--just like her mother Eliza Liscum Jones. She had a regal bearing, was out-going, and always remembered to send us graduation gifts and wedding gifts chosen from their inventory...beautiful choices. I remember in particular a green glass atomizer for perfume that my sister received. And the pyrex ware that came in so handy when we were first married.

Lottie Jones

Dad, Mother, and we three girls visited Aunt Lottie and her family at Island Lake--near Detroit Lakes. Beautiful Grace had just entered and won a competition (swim suit or swimming?) And how she could dive! Yes, Glenn and Earl were home, too. Earl was my age--Glenn older.

Frances Eckhart

Frances Eckhart
Walter Eckhart's wife was Frances. She was (and is, if she's alive) a book illustrator. Carla Green(e)? at the University of Chicago wrote a series of "I Want To Be A ________" It got to the point that Carla would just sent a copy of the script to Frances, and she would do the illustrations and send them back to her for approval! I WANT TO BE A TEACHER, I WANT TO BE A BOOKKEEPER, I WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER---- I don't know if those are titles, but you'll catch the drift of the "I WANT TO BE" series. (This was back in 1955-56-57. Walter died young. Frances, last I heard, was living in a Minnesota--perhaps a Minneapolis suburb with one of her sons . . . . Walter and Frances lived in Chicago for years, and I had her out to the suburbs to meet my parents and give a talk to my daughter's Girl Scout troop. On one visit, the folks brought with them a bass fiddle that had been used by the family. Dad thought she should have it. Dad's brother Steve played it.

Another tidbit about Frances Eckart--Walter Eckart's wife--lived in Chicago in the 50's. . . . Frances was in the Military during WWII. She was an artist & painter. She did beautiful work. During the war, she had the assignment of crawling into airplanes--lying on her back or whatever, and drawing or sketching what she saw. These then would be labeled for the pilots who were in training. The sketches revealed the dashboard or whatever just as the trainee would see it--not a coded sketch such as the designer or manufacturer might execute. It made training faster and easier for both the instructor and the pilots. Her talent was a great contribution to the war effort!

Laela Dwidari

To: Paul Porter, July 13, 2002
[Laela Dwidari is a granddaughter of Claude R. Jones]

James Knox Jones married Sarah Jane Carpenter Nov 26 1878 Iowa

Children of James Knox Jones and Sarah Jane Carpenter

Estella Flora Jones, b. August 12 1879, Butler County Iowa; d. Jan 2 1977, Spooner WI;
m. Mar 14 1900, Marquette County WI to Henry August Fenner (b. July 9 1871, Springfield Marquette County WI; d. May 20 1947);
Henry August Fenner was son of Frederick August Fenner (b. 1828, Prussia; d.1875, Westfield WI; son of Gottlieb Fenner (Prussia) and Caroline) and Augusta Amalie Senkpfeil (b. May 28 1849; d. Nov 13 1923; dau. of Johann Ludwig Senkpfiel and Floratine Wilhelmina Quade (b. 1803; d. 1882)).
Children of Estella Flora Jones and Henry August Fenner:
Irene Fanny Fenner, b. Dec 16 1900, Westfield WI; d. July 26 1987; m. Arthur Daggett Hoard (b. Mar 27 1898, Friendship WI; d. May 2 1972; son of Joseph W Hoard {b. May 1867, WI} and Julie E {b. Dec 1861, MN}). They had no children.

Elizabeth Ann Jones, b. Mar 4 1881, Jackson Butler County IA; d. Jan 11 1961;
m. 1895-1924 James Grieves (b. 1859-1885; d. Feb 20 1942).
Children of Elizabeth Ann Jones and James Grieves:
Alvin James Grieves b. 1899-1922; d. 1900-1989
Raymond Grieves b. 1899-1922; d. 1900-1989
Lynford Grieves b. 1899-1922; d. 1900-1989
Edward Earl Grieves b. February 23 1907; d. Nov 1 1909

Fanny Janette Jones, b. Mar 14 1883; d. Aug 5 1983, St. Paul MN;
m. Jan 1 1902 Westfield WI to Harry L Staples (b. May 13 1881, Juneau WI; d. Dec 17 1947, Hudson WI);
Harry Staples was son of Loren Staples (b. Feb 3 1851, Villanova NY; d. 1920 son of Daniel Staples (b. 1800-1829, Adams County WI; d. 1852-1892) and Mary Orilla Hutchinson (b. Nov 3 1854, Columbia County WI; d. 1939))
Children of Fanny Janette Jones and Harry L. Staples:
Grace Rosella Staples. b. Apr 1 1903, Wisconsin Dells WI; d. Mar 15 1995, Hudson WI; m. Joseph Cyril Hammil (b. May 29 1898, Springport MI; d. Sept 23 1958, Hudson WI)
Mary Luella Staples b. Mar 4 1907, Hudson WI; d. Oct 9 1974, St. Paul MN; m. James Francis Sisk (Jan 20 1903, Englewood NJ to Feb 23 1971 Joplin MO).

Henry James Jones, b. Apr 23 1885, Lincoln NE, Sept 7 1956;
m1 Feb 15 1906 to Ella Blasing (b. Jan 3 1880, Westfield WI, d. Feb 13 1941);
m2 on Apr 23 1944 Irene McGraw (b. Aug 28 1896, Springfield WI, d. June 26 1949)
Children of Henry James Jones and Ella Blasing:
Vernon Jones b. Dec 25 1907, d. Oct 2 1981
m. May 22 1930 Arlene Kruger (b. 1891-1916, d. 1940-1986)

Ethel Mary Jones, b.Nov 23 1887, Mineola Holt County NE; d. Jan 3 1984;
m. 1901-1934 John Buck (1870-1890 to 1905-1961).

Minnie Dale Jones, b. Sept 6 1890; d. Nov 23 1896;
m. May 10 1911 Lyman Adee (1866-1899 to 1927-1959)

Ellen Irene Jones, b. Mar 28 1893; d. Feb 12 1932;
m1 Aug 20 1913 Chris Christopher (May 24 to Feb 13 1918)

Nellie Elinore Jones, b. Sept 28 1895 Springfield WI; d. Mr 13 1979;
m1 Dec 31 1913 Elmer C Beals (1871-1901 to Oct 6 1954).
m2. Mar 15 1958, Oscar M Haring (1883-1938to Feb 9 1963)

Sylvia Evelyn Jones, b. May 5 1898 Springfield WI; d. June 6 1981 Friendship WI;
m. Nov 20 1918, Carl Bloss (June 27 1898 to Dec 23 1959).

Edna Ella Jones
m. Alfred H Becker (b. Jan 10 1900 Marquette County WI, d. Aug 25 1973 Fond du Lac WI).

Claude Reimer Jones (b. May 13 1903 Westfield WI to July 23 1995) Portage WI;
m1 Marcia Edith Mathwig (b. Nov 30 1905 Milwaukee County WI, d. Dec 1975 Fond du Lac WI);
Marcia Mathwig was [dau. of] Frederich Mathwig (Posen Prussia) and Hattie Tank.
Claude Jones and Marcia Mathwig divorced.
m2. Sept 23 1940 in Crown Point Indiana to Marian Ann Disterhaft (Nov 27 1917 from Cummings Forsyth County Georgia, d. Aug 23 2000 in Princeton WI).

Ancestry of Sarah Jane Carpenter

William Carpenter b. 1804 Villanova NY, d. Feb 4 1922;
m. Dec 29 1859 Mary Dodge (b. 1790-1823, d. 1861-1888).
In 1843 William came to IL. Later on in 1851 he came to Marquette County WI.

Children of William Carpenter:
Alma Carpenter (male) b. Oct 15 1834, Chauntauque [Chautauqua] County Ny, d. Feb 9 1922 Villanova Ny;
m. Dec 28 1859 Mary Jane Martin (b. Apr 8 1841, Canada; d. May 11 1902); Mary Martin was dau. of Mr. Martin (b. 1792; d.1858) and Mariah Hill (b. ca. Nov 13 1845; d.1939). If this is true Mary Dodge is a step-mother.

Children of Alma Carpenter and Mary Jane Martin:
Sarah Jane Carpenter b. Aug 9 1860, Springfield WI; d. Mar 25 1963;
m. James Knox Jones Nov 26 1878 in Iowa.

Mary Irene Carpenter b. Aug 9 1860, Springfield WI; d. Jan 23 1956, Fond du Lac WI;
m. William John McWilliams (b. July 10 1856, Harris Marquette County, WI; d. May 24 1938);
William McWilliams was son of Mathew McWilliams (b. 1805-1834, d. 1857-1897) and Margaret Walsh (b.1814-1837, d.1858-1909)

Walter Martin Carpenter b. Feb 13 1863, Springfield WI, d. Apr 29 1937;
m. Dec 24 1890. Lura Adele Warren (b. 1855-1877, d. May 1943);
Walter and Lura had twin sons: Harold Leslie and Lewis Gerald (b. Mar 26 1898; d. Sept 7 1977) yes both died together.
Both also married Lucille Ehler (b. April 7 1902, Montello WI; d. April 2 1980, Libby Montana). Harold married her between 1917-1947 and Lewis married her on June 6 1923.

Ella Carpenter b. Dec 2 1866, Springfield WI; d. May 7 1946

Flora A Carpenter b. July 29 1872, Poynette WI, d. Jan 5 1975, Fond du Lac WI;
m. May 22 1919, Fond du Lac WI, James Ashley Crawford (b. Jan 27 1860, Washburn Marquette County WI; d. Mar 6 1944)

Paul Porter

Paul Porter's is married to a granddaughter of Lottie Jones

20 Oct 1996

Charlotte "Lottie" Edith JONES married Charles Edward DuBois- ROERBECK, 3 Oct 1905, Jackson, Minnesota
Oren Edward Rorebeck, 23 February 1908, Drumright, OK
Glenn Eldon Rorebeck, 3 November 1910, Springfield, MN
Grayce Ethelyn Rorebeck, 4 September 1912, Stroud, OK
Robert Earl Rorebeck, 1915, CO
Divorced: Charles Edward DuBois Rorebeck 1918
Lottie was raised by the KITTS family (Weavers 4 and Kitts 5 kids) from childhood in Lake Park, Iowa. Later [1930s] she lived near John Kitts at Island Lake. She was looked down upon by her family for marrying beneath her station. Charles had a violent temper, was very jealous, and was gone a lot at one time taking pictures in Tulsa & Supulpa oil fields. Lottie ran away from abuse as battered wife to her sister's in Denver and then on to her Fathers ranch in Wyoming but that did not last.
Charlotte "Lottie" Edith JONES married Albert Lester Woodmark 12 Jun 1925, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Occupation: Tailor
Charlotte "Lottie" Edith JONES died 5 Dec 1939, Milwaukee, Wisconsin of Lymph Sarcoma; buried Shell Lake Cemetery, Island Lake Minnesota Mr. & Mrs Weaver [of Kitts-Weaver family] attended funeral of half sister Lottie

9 Nov 1996

I found two letters in Glenn Woodmark's belongings. . . . Here is the transcribed copy:
(Note: Envelope is postmarked August 12 9AM 1953 ?eaublea? MO. It was found inside a preprinted return address envelope for Kitts Kamp John (? JFH) Kitts Prop. Star route Detroit Lakes Minn. Crossed out and changed to : Mrs. Alfred Knight, Weaubleau, MO)

Mrs. Alfred Knight
Weaubleaw MO
Aug 11 ???3
Dear Glenn
You will no doubt be surprised to hear from me as you never knew me. I am your mother's sister Ona. I am writing for Grace's address. Neva wants it as she thought Grace might know about it (the family bible) as father (your grandfather Jones) gave it to your mother. Neva lives in Wash. And is trying to get a birth certificate. She is having a hard time to prove she was ever born.
I would appreciate it very much if you can give me Grace's address or send this on to her. I visited your mother's grave when I was up there a few years ago.
Wish we could have kept in closer touch with one another. If you ever come through here come and see me.
Love Aunt Ona

Husbands of Charlotte E. Jones

October 1996
Charles Edward DuBois-Rorebeck, born 6 Aug 1879, IA; [Parents: John RHOREBECK and Adeline HUBBARD - NB: May be child 13 of John Rhorebeck; May also be son of John George Rorebeck lst wife Mary Hardy]; French, German, English ancestry
Dubois name dropped upon marriage to Charlotte Jones.
Married Ethyl BYRD 3 Jul 1923, Spirit Lake, IA and continued to live near Spirit Lake Iowa with Ethyl Byrd. Spelling of Roerbeck last name in doubt due to many derivations! Their are a number of Rohrbach's plus descendents living in and near Spirit Lake, IA. Glen's family bible includes similar names.
Occupation: Oil Field Photographer in Tulsa & Supulpa oil fields.
Died 1944, Spirit Lake Iowa
John RHOREBECK born 2 Jun 1814, Madison County, NY
Married Adeline Hubbard, 1835, Black Creek, Alleghany County, NY
Children : Charles Edward DuBois Rorebeck, Arthur Lee Rorebeck, Emma Alice Rorebeck
Died 25 Mar 1899, Walkerville, IA; buried Union Grove Cemetery, Page County, IA
From Rorebeck family bible:
Husband Roerbeck - Children:
George Alfred 2-7-1882 died 1-11-1883
Ocie Vern 2-12-1884
Pearl May 11-30-1885
Clifton Leroy 6-13-1892
William Sanford Dailey 7-24-1895 half brother
John G. Rorebeck born 12-8-1855 died 1-18-1940
married to Mary Jane Dailey born 12-8-1855 died 11-20-1942
Arthur Lee Rorebeck 8-4-1876
Emma Alice Rorebeck 1-11-1878
Charlie Edward Rorebeck 8-6-1879 Mother's last name Hardy

Lottie's Bible

(email 20 Aug 2003)
Charlotte Edith Jones, b. Whittimore, Iowa, 13 February 1885; d. 5 December 1939, 10:20 pm, Milwaukee, WI, of Lymph Sarcoma
Oren Edward Rorebeck, b. 23 February 1908, Jackson, MN; d. 28 September 1914, of typhoid fever
Glen Elden Rorebeck, b. 3 November 1910, Jackson, MN
Gracye Ethelyn Rorebeck, b. 4 September 1912, Stroud, OK
Robert Earle Rorebeck, b. 30 June 1916, Boulder, CO; d. 13 November 1931, 11:30 am, accidently shot

Glen Eldon Rorebeck Woodmark

8 October 1996
Glenn Eldon Rorebeck Woodmark, born 3 Nov 1910, Springfield, MN; Last name legally changed in Milwaukee when adoptive father [Mr. Woodmark] died before he could legally adopt the children.
Married Lois Wilma MARTIN 19 Feb 1930; Divorced 1946. It was actually a fairly friendly divorce.
Died 10 Jan 1990, Vista, CA, from emphysema; buried Shell Lake Cemetary Near Island Lake, MN
Occupation: Tool & Die Inventor, Pilot
Education: High School
Notes: Moved from Springfield to Drumright OK at age one
His early years were spent in North Dakota moving later to Island Lake, a rural wooded area near Frazee and Detroit Lakes, MN. As a young man he cut lumber and worked on farms. Time was a commodity not to be wasted.
Glen became a self made inventor and workaholic. He ran his own tool & die shop Woodmark Industries, in St. Louis Park Minnesota (other's including Sam Cook financed the business). He read the entire set of the Harvard Classics while riding back and forth to work on the bus. For years in Milwaukee he took college night school classes in chemistry, physics, electronics, tool design, advanced mathmatics, metallurgy, meterology and engineering. He was one of the 10 founding members of CUNA Mutual the foundation of credit unions.
Later he remarried his office secretary Marie Ream. They moved to a house in north Denver CO where they ran a business helping to find, set up and run industrial shop equipment. He formerly retired in 1979 as President of Associated Industries , a machinery sales organization and Western Computer Metal Products in Denver, CO. Later as his emphysema became worse they moved to a mobile home in Vista CA.
He named his cars: Old Thirsty (Buick Station waggon), Nugget (gold Malibu) and Liberty (motor home)

Dean Toth

[great-grandson of Claude R. Jones]
Dean Toth, May 7, 2010
James Jones' son (Wilson) from his first wife. They [family] think that when his first wife died that the child was given to another family
May 9, 2010
Catherine Arnold...the best I have is via word of mouth from my grandfather who says she died in Mount Ida Township, Grant County, Wisconsin