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James Jones, Jones' Co. Iowa Militia, Black Hawk War

Jones, James, Jones' Co. Iowa Militia (Black Hawk War); The National Archives
Card Number 11313040; no personal papers
Appears on Co. Muster-out Roll, dated Aug 20, 1832
Enrolled May 20, 1832, for 3 mos
From Second Auditor's Roll

James Jones Bounty Land Warrant Application

Bounty Land Warrant Application BLWT 55000-120-55, James Jones, Capt 1832, Col. H. Dodge Michigan Militia; The National Archives
James Jones Capt., Volunteered 1 May 1832, Discharged 20 Oct 1832, Served from 15 May to 16 Aug 1832 Black Hawk War; General Henry Dodge, Capt. Palmer, Michigan Territory Militia

State of Wisconsin County of Grant
On this sixth day of January Anno domini, Eighteen hundred and fifty one, personally appeared before me a justice of the peace within and for the county and State aforesaid, James Jones aged fifty seven years a resident of the Town of Platteville in the said County and State, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical James Jones who was a Captain commanding a company in the Rigiment [six] or force commanded by General Henry Dodge in the Black Hawk war AD 1832, the same being Mounted volunteers, that he volunteered at Mineral Point in then Territory of Michigan (now state of Wisconsin) on or about the first of May A.D. 1832 for an indefinate term of time and continued in actual service during said war for the term of about three months when his said company was discharged, but that himself was commanded by Captain Palmer to take the Government Horses and to retain and recruit them until further Orders in which last mentioned service he was retained about one month after the discharge of his said company to wit until about the 20th of September A.D. 1832 at which time he was honorably discharged, having served altogether about Four and one half months, that he was discharged at Blue River in the said Territory of Michigan as will appear by the muster rolls of said company, that he never demanded nor received a certificate of his said discharge
He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which he may be entitled for said service under the Act granting bounty land to certain officers and Soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of the United States,” passed September 28th A.D. 1850.
[Signed] James Jones

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and year first above written and I hereby certify that I believe the said James Jones to be the identical man who served as aforesaid, and that he is of the age above Stated.
Stephen O. Paine
Justice of the peace as afd

Know all men by these presents that I James Jones of the Town of Platteville in the county of Grant and State of Wisconsin do hereby irrevocably make, constitute and appoint Stephen O. Paine of the same place and S. M. Knight of the city of Washington my true and lawful attorneys, for me, and n my name, and for my benefit, to demand and receive from the Department of the Interior of the United States, the certificate, or Warrant to which I may be entitled for my Military Services as set forth in the accompanying declaration, Hereby revoking and countermanding any other power of attorney or authority heretofore given by me for the above specified purposes.
In testimony whereof I have hereunder subscribed and affixed my seal this sixth day of January A.D. 1851
James Jones
Witness present
Peter B. McIntyre

State of Missouri, County of Newton
On this the 12th of April A.D. One thousand eight hundred and fifty five, personally appeared before the undersigned Clerk of the county court within and for the county of Newton in the State of Missouri, James Jones, aged about sixty two years a resident of the county of Grant, in the State of Wisconsin, who being duly sworn according to law, declares, James Jones, to be the Identical person, who was a Captain in a Regiment of Mounted Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Henry Dodge, in the Black=Hawk war of 1832. that he volunteered at Mineral Point, in Ioway county Wisconsin, on or about the first of June A.D 1832 for the term of three months, and continued in actual Service in said war for the term three months, and received orders to discharge the company which I then commanded on or about, the 1st September AD 1832 as will appear by the pay Roll in the Department at Washington, _ He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the residue of bounty Land which he claims under and by virtue of an act of congress passed the present session of Congress 1855. Granting an additional quantity of Land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of the United States from 1790. to [space] up to the termination of the war with Mexico – He the said James Jones further swears, that he has received from the Government of the United States, a patent for Forty acres of Land, in consideration of the services in the war as herein stated, (To wit) the Blackhawk war of 1832, as will more fully appear by reference to the records now in the Office of the Secretary of the Interior (or the Pension Office. _ _ He hereby appoints appoints [sic] Hamilton G. Faut his attorney to prosecutes his claim and receive his warrant
[Signed] James Jones

State of Missouri, County of Newton
Be it remembered that on this the 12th day of April in the year AD Eighteen hundred and fifty five, personally appeared before the undersigned Clerk of the county court within and for the county and State aforesaid, James Jones, to me personally known to be the Identical person whose genuine Signature to the above declaration appears (signed,) who after being sworn according to law says that the matters and things above stated in this declaration are true and correct, and I further certify, that I believe the said James Jones, to be the identical man who served as aforesaid, and that he is of the age above stated. –
In testimony whereof J. Robert Brock, Clerk of the county court of the county & State aforesaid; have hereunto signed my name, and affixed the seal of said county court, at Office, in the Town of Neosho, on the day and year first above written.
Robert Brock, Clerk
Of Newton county court

Tax Roll 1850 Platteville

Photocopy of page 20, Tax Roll 1850 Platteville, Grant Series 9; Karrman Library, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, letter 11 Sep 1998
Capt. James Jones paid taxes on 30 acres of land, valued at $130, that was the N part or side of SW1/4 of NE1/4 of Sec 10, Town 3, Range 1.

Widow's Service Pension Application, War of 1812, #44135

War of 1812 Widow’s Pension Application #44135, based on the Act of 9 Mar 1878, James Jones Soldier, Polly Jones Widow of McPherson, McPherson, Kansas Application Received 19 April 1886, reply to Claimant c/o Henry Aull, McPherson, Kansas

On 14 April 1886, Polly Jones, age 70, resident of McPherson, Kansas, state that she was a widow of James Jones who served as a Private (she could not remember his Captain, Regiment, or Regimental Commander, date or place of enlistment or discharge) in the War of 1812 until the end of the war. She further states that her husband at the time she first saw him in 1825 had dark hair and eyes and was about 6 feet high and weighed 150 lbs.

She was married to James Jones in the (no town, no county) Territory of Wisconsin on 29 January 1832 by Cap Esties who was a Justice of the Peace and that her name before her said marriage was Polly Meddows and that neither had been married before.

James Jones died at Blithville [Platteville],[1] Wisconsin in August 1856. Her places of residence since her marriage have been: Wisconsin till 1833, Iowa till 1836, Wisconsin till 1863, Indiana till 1884, now in Kansas.

She further declares that she has heretofore made an application for Pension (See separate affidavit). James Jones had land warrant issued to him in 1855 or 1856 and the same was received by her as part of his estate and afterwards she sold it.
Signed Polly x her mark Jones
Attest and Witness to mark
Catherine Aull, Mary E. Mcgowan

Catherine Aull age 40 residing at McPherson Kansas has known Polly Jones for 2 years and has reason to believe that she is the wife of James Jones from what she was told

Mary E. McGowan aged 34 residing in McPerson Kansas has known Polly Jones for 34 years and has reason to believe that she is the wife of James Jones from being her daughter Signed 14 April 1886, Catherin [sic] Aull, Mary E. Mcgowan

Mrs Mary E. McGowen says that she is the daughter of James Jones and Polly Jones and that she recollects having seen the Land Warrant that was issued to her father, and that all the records of the service of James Jones her father has been lost and destroyed by fire

Polly Jones on oath says that about six years ago she employed one John Ash an Atty at Law of Kentland Newton County Indiana to present her application for pension and don’t know whether he filed the application with the pension department or not as his Law office was shortly afterwards burnt down and all the papers lost.[2]

Department of the Interior Pension Office, Washington DC May 21, 1886 Madam: In the above noted claim the following testimony is required, whether you have ever remarried since the death of the soldier, date of soldier’s death, and proof of your marriage to said soldier. The above should be shown by record evidence or the testimony of witnesses who have personal Knowledge of the facts. Also please inform this office of your place of residence during the years 1851 and 1855.

31 May 1886, McPherson Kansas Old war Claim wid no 44135 James Jones She ses she was Remarried But Has Bin a widow since 1865 James Jones Dide Aug 5th 1855 she ses thare ant Enyone Living to her nalage that Seene her married She ses She was Married to James Jones in the territory of Wisconsin 1832 29th January She Ses that Squires Estis married them near Blew River and Mineral Point Lived in Plat vill Wisconsin Grant County from 1851 to 1855 Mrs Pollie Jones In care of Henry Aull McPherson Kansas

Department of the Interior Bureau of Pensions Washington DC Jany 28th 1889 Madam: In your claim to pension as the widow of James Jones – there is required evidence of your marriage to the soldier James Jones and of his death with date thereof. If you remarried after his death that fact should be shown and the date of the death of your last husband and your present name.
You should further state under oath whether James Jones was in the service more than once and if so what service. If he received a bounty land warrant for what service was it received. What was his age when he died and what was his rank when in the service and what evidence have you to show that he actually served in the war of 1812.

McPherson Kans Feb 4th 1889 This old Lady Polley Jones Dide Last winter from Smalpox and I Gess that settles all claims yours Truly Henry Aull

Service Pension Widows Brief Rejected 12 Feb 1889 on the ground of Claimants death prior to establishing her husbands service in the war of 1812

  1. Polly apparently had either a speech impediment or a very strong accent. Since she was illiterate and others wrote down what they heard her say, she could not correct their mistakes. That it was an accent or speech impediment, not just misspelling on the part of the writer, is suggested by the fact that the misspellings remain consistent throughout many of her depositions from fairly early in her life.
  2. John H. Ash appears as a lawyer in the 1880 Census for Kentland, Newton County, Indiana. According to Newton County: A Collection of Historical Facts and Personal Recollections Concerning Newton County, Indiana, From 1853 to 1911 (FHL #1697396), Kentland suffered a series of fires, including one on 15 June 1882 and another on 5 April 1883.

Reuben Jones' Handwritten Note

Photocopy from Lila [Jones] Campbell, 26 Feb 1999
Handwritten note, Reuben Jones, Tioga, North Dakota, interview with father George Jones in response to a written request for information from Ona [sister of Reuben].

Mch 24 1916
Age 74 July 11
Birth place Plattsvill Wis
Mothers “ “ 7 Mi North of Plattsill on the Liscomb branch a creek.
Did He serve in War? Yes[1]
before or after Marriage?
Feb 14 2 1/2 yr
Just after ^ 1862 He was assigned to the S.W. Was never in any Grate event served under Col Moore
Where were He & Mother Married?
Plattsvill Wis.
What was his father & mothers Nationality? They were of Mixed Nationality his father was a captian & served in 3 wars[2] was highly Edicated but his mother had no schooling Aunt Lottie or (Charlotte) was Mothers sister
The Liscomb up in Minn might have been some relation
There is a Geo, Liscomb in Montana Father thinks in Miles city He is no doubt Mother’s brother & is ritch He was Married in Californa & had one child. Last time heard from was in Grate falls Montona[3]
How Meny relatives on eather side are are living?
Fathers Parents are both dead
How many Brothers & sisters did father have 2 Bro 3 sisters
May have one Bro living
James K Jones Thinks he is in Wis There is none of the Girls living
You Name was Onona Pearl
Your little sister that died between the age of 2 & 3 had the same name
Mother had read a book & the heroine name was onona

Rube was borne on boon River Midleton place Right Co Iowa 6 mi S.W.
Ona was Born near Rodman Ia Palo alto Co Frame house

  1. In spite of repeated searches by many descendants and at least two archivists, no record has been found. See discussion on George's Person page.
  2. The only service record found for George's father, in spite of several searches, is for the Blackhawk War in Wisconsin, where he held the rank of Captain
  3. There are two George Liscums in Montana. The one is Miles City is not a relative, although the one in Great Falls probably is.