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Walkers Creek lineage
Walkers of Laurel Fork
Person:Alexander Walker (42)
=Elizabreth Patterson
green yellow
Letterkenny Walkers
Lewis Walker of Radnor PA
Chester Valley Walkers
rosy brown

Natural Bridge lineage

Line of Dr. Thomas Walker
line of Person:Francis Walker (24)
Walkers of Buckingham County
Walkers of Rockingham
and Orange County, VA
medium aquamarine
Walker of Upper Potomac
Unknown or can't be assigned
Prince George County VA
Walkers of Bedford Co
and Albemarle Co
Perhaps multiple lines
Walkers of Ohio
Mixed records

Walker Elizabeth 1 440 1766 Page 489.--19th August, 1766. Alexander ( ) Walker and Elisabeth to Alexander Walker, his son, £10, 287 acres on a branch of Little's Creek, patented to Esther Campbell, 3d November, 1760, and conveyed by her to Alexander, Sr., 19th May, 1752; corner John Campbell. Delivered: Alex. Walker, Jr., April, 1769.
Walker Elizabeth 1 532 1773 Page 309.--18th May, 1773. Alexander Walker and Elizabeth ( ) to Arthur Connly, part of 430 acres patented by inclusive patent to said Alexander, 6th April, 1769.
Walker Elizabeth 1 65 1774 Walker vs. Campbell (Connelly)--O. S. 20; N. S. 7--Bill filed in Augusta, 1789. Isabella and Barbara Walker, infants, by Hugh Donaghe, against Robert and Elizabeth Walker et als. Oratrices were daughters of Alexander Walker, who died testate in Augusta; will dated 20th November, 1774; bill for settlement. Administrators' accounts show, 1774, cash paid

Thomas Connelly, husband to Margaret (daughter of Alexr.). May, 1793, abates as to Isabella by her marriage with Robert Reed.

Walker Elizabeth Person:Elizabeth Walker (145)
gdau ofPerson:Alexander Walker (42)
3 139 1774Page 326.--20th November, 1774. Alexander Walkers will--To wife, Elizabeth; to son, Robert, negro boy, to daughter, Mary, negro girl; to

son, Andrew, 90 acres bought of Joseph Lindel; to daughter Martha, to daughter, Elizabeth; to daughter, Barbara; to son, John, testator's home plantation; to daughter, Isabell. (Many negro slaves bequeathed. daughter Margaret; to son, Alexander's two children, Jane and Elizabeth Walker. Executors, wife Elizabeth and son Robert. John Campbell be guardian to children. Teste: Joseph Hannah, Robert Haslet, Thos. Connly. Proved, 21st March, 1775, by the witnesses. Executors qualify with John Hind, Arthur Connaly, John Campbell.

Walker Elizabeth 1 184 1775MARCH 25, 1775. (57) Alexr. Walker's will proved and administration granted to Elizabeth, the widow, and Robert Walker, the son.
Walker Elizabeth 1 386 1777 16th September, 1777--Jno. Campbell, Thos. Connerley, ditto of Jane

and Elizabeth Walker, ditto of Alex. Walker, Jr.

Walker Elizabeth Person:Elizabeth Walker (145)
gdau ofPerson:Alexander Walker (42)
1 194 1777SEPTEMBER 16, 1777.... (226) John Campbell and Thomas Connerly appointed guardians of Elizabeth Walker, orphan of Alexander Walker, Jr., deceased. Elizabeth Walker, wife of Alexander Walker, relinquished dower in land conveyed to Alexander Walker. Martha Grimes, late Martha Walker, widow of Alexander Walker, Jr., relinquished dower in land possessed by her late husband to her two children, Jane and Elizabeth Walker.
Walker Elizabeth 1 105 1778 Walker vs. Preston--O. S. 93; N. S. 31--William Walker, late of

Washington County, died intestate, leaving widow, Elizabeth, and eight children, viz: Nancy (m. Wm. Gallehan), Betsey (m. Wm. Carmack), John, William, Peggy (m. Elijah Tancray), James (infant), Lucy (infant), Elsy (infant). At William's death all were infants except John. In 1773 Henry Dougherty made a settlement on Laurel Fork of Holston River. Dougherty sold to John Newland, who sold to James Crabtree, who sold to William Walker, deceased. William Crabtree deposes he knew the land as a hunter, 1772-1779. Mrs. Nancy Tate, a settler, deposes. Robert Fowler, a settler, 1779, deposes. James Crabtree, a settler, deposes, Robertson County, Tenn, 1805, that his deposition was formerly taken in Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky. Aaron Lewis, a surveyor, deposes, 1804, in Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky. Andrew Marshall deposes that John Dougherty left the county in 1778 and Henry Dougherty in 1779. James Crabtree deposes that in 1780 or 1781, Wm. Walker settled on Laurel Fork. Elisha Dungans, a settler, deposes that Wm. Walker in 1778 or 1779 moved to Middle Fork of Holston. James Tosh deposes he knew no improvement earlier than Parson Terry's. James Stokes lived on it at one time. Charles Thurman deposes he was married in June, 1790, and William Walker, died the winter before. Robert Dennison deposes that Henry and John Dougherty moved from this country in fall of 1779. Joseph Dougherty lived on Reed Creek. Deponent is brother-in-law to the Doughertys.

Walker Elizabeth 1 180-181 Walker's administrator vs. Jones's administrator--O, S. 226; N. S. 80--

Bill, 1810. Bill filed in Albemarle, 1813, by Walter Leake, administrator c. t. a. of Levi Jones, Elizabeth Jones, his widow, and Orlando, Lain and William Jones, infants of Lain Jones. Elizabeth was Elizabeth Clayton. William Walker and Elizabeth conveyed to Lain Jones a tract of land and all their interest in a deed by Orlando Jones to John Clayton, 1771. Lain Jones was only child and heir of Orlando Jones, who died testate. Will dated 4th May, 1804. William Walker and Elizabeth are both dead. Defendants are, viz: James, Andrew, Francis, Walker and Sally, his wife; Andrew Laird and Eleanor, his wife (late Walker); Charles Mosly and Jane, his wife, late Walker; Francis, Josephus, Rebecca Walker, and Daniel Couch. Copy of a former bill filed in Albemarle by William Walker and Elizabeth, his wife, shows that on 27th November, 1771, in contemplation of a marriage between Orlando Jones, deceased, and Elizabeth (oratrix), daughter of John Clayton, deceased, a marriage contract was entered into. Conveys 400 acres in Albemarle and certain slaves. In February, 1793, Orlando died without issue by Elizabeth, who married Walker in 1793. Deed 27th November, 1771, by Orlando Jones of Albemarle and John Clayton of Gloucester. Marriage settlement. Recorded in General Court, 30th April, 1772. Deed 19th May, 1795, by William Walker and Elizabeth to Lain Jones, 400 acres in Albemarle. Recorded in Albemarle, June, 1795. Bill of revivor filed by heirs of Elizabeth Walker, viz: John Clayton, Nicholas Davis, Samuel B. Davis, Timberlake V. Davis, Catherine C. Meriwether, Edith Clay, Thomas Hughes, Henry Hughes, Susanna Hughes, Jasper Clayton, William B. Clayton, Arthur Davis. Deed 30th May, 1795, by Lain Jones of Albemarle to William Walker, mortgage. Recorded in Albemarle, June, 1795. Bill by James Walker, administrator c. t. a. of William Walker of Buckingham County. Will of Orlando (Lain?) Jones dated 4th May, 1804. Sons, Orlando, Lain and William; wife. Recorded in Albemarle, 1805, 4th February. Joseph Coleman deposes: Orlando Jones died 1793, leaving Lain Jones, father of Orlando, Lain and William.

Walker Elizabeth 3 176 1786 Page 535.--24th June, 1786. Alex. Walker's estate settled--1774, paid to legatees, Robert and Mary Walker; to Thos. Connelly, husband to Margret; to Isabella Walker; paid John Ervin for teaching the children, 1780; paid James Anderson, ditto, 1782; paid John Young, ditto, 1785. Legatees Andrew and Martha are dead. Legatee Elizabeth is dead.
Walker Elizabeth 1 360 1788 [Marriage] 1788--February 9th, Thomas Berry and Elizabeth Walker; The above sent by Major Brownlee in June, 1788.
Walker Elizabeth 1 294 1792 1792--September 6, Wm. Donaldson and Barbara Walker, ward of Elizabeth Walker (consent); witnesses, Robert and John Reed, Hugh and Elizabeth Donaghe, Wm. McMahon; surety, Robert Reed.
Walker Elizabeth 1 291 1790 1790--January 19, Robert Reed and Isabella Walker, daughter of Elizabeth Walker, widow (consent); surety, John Walker.
Walker Elizabeth 1 412 1797 MARCH, 1797 (N to W)... Isabella and Barbara Walker, infants, by Hugh Donaghe, their guardian, vs. Elizabeth and Robert Walker, Arthur Connolly and John Campbell.-- Alex. Walker, father of oratrixes, and husband of Elizabeth, and father (?) of Robert, died, 1774, with will. Bill for accounting. Elizabeth Walker's answer, sworn to 10th December, 1790. Spa. in chancery, 2d June, 1787. This suit contains settlement of the estate, with all the heirs, giving names.