Family:John Dugger and Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef 1770 North Carolina, United States


No marriage record has been found for John Dugger and wife, nor has any record been located that gives her name.


No children have been proven for John Dugger, but a few have been "assigned" to him based on proximity and the commonality of being from NC and going to GA around the same time.

Amy Dugger (1764) married in Franklin Co., NC in 1783. That is next to Granville. Other than that I have seen nothing that would connect to her to John, but she could be his daughter.

Mourning Dugger married in 1787 in Granville Co., NC while John was living there. She named one of her sons "Chesley" which is probably for her brother Chesley Dugger.

William Dugger (1760/1770) was in Brunswick Co., NC with John, so he is a likely son.

John Dugger (1760/1770) seems to have been there with him too, but no record was found in his name, but his father was listed as John "Sr" at least once, suggesting a younger man of the same name had to be around at the same time.

Chesley Dugger (c1782) witnessed a deed of John's, showing a connection, though he is young enough to be a grandson.

David Dugger (c1791) was born in NC, and lived in Bulloch and Effingham Co., GA at the same time as Chesley Dugger. He may be a grandson of John's instead. He witnessed the Will of John Dugger (1760/70).

Nathaniel Dugger (c1803) was born in NC and went to Georgia. He is probably also connected to this family somehow.