Person:John Dugger (64)

John Dugger
  • HJohn DuggerBef 1741 - Aft 1810
  • WUnknown _____Bef 1755 - Aft 1810
m. Bef 1770
  1. Mourning Dugger1755 -
  2. John Dugger1760 - 1836
  3. William DuggerBet 1760 & 1770 - Bet 1840 & 1850
Facts and Events
Name John Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? Bef 1741 Virginia, United States
Marriage Bef 1770 North Carolina, United Statesto Unknown _____
Death? Aft 4 Oct 1810 Columbus, North Carolina, United States

John Dugger was born ca 1741 or earlier, assuming he was 21 when listed on his first public record, a 1762 tax list.

John's parents are unknown, but it seems reasonable to try to tie him into the Surry and Brunswick Co., VA Duggers. William Dugger (c1720-c1773) lived in Granville Co., NC just before John appeared there. He certainly could be John's father, though that is just speculative at this point.

Elizabeth Dugger (c1727) did have several children out of wedlock who has never been identified. They were all apparently born in the 1740's, which fits John fairly well. No evidence to link him to her though.

John Duggar is listed on the 1762 Granville Co., NC tax list.

John Duggar is included in a May 1767 Granville Co., NC estate inventory of George Woodlief in the accounts section, meaning he was owed money by the deceased. (Thanks to Joyce Blocker for this record)

John Dugger was listed on the 1769 Granville tax list with 1 white.

John Dugger was listed on the 1784 Granville tax list.

John Dugger is listed on the 1786 North Carolina State Census in Granville Co., NC:

  • Granville Co., NC John Dugger 1-4-4-0-0
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male over 21, but under 60 (1726/1765)=John Dugger (c1741)
  • 4 males under 21 (1765/1786)=1-Unknown son; 2-Unknown son; 3-Unknown son; 4-Unknown son
  • 4 females (all ages)=1-Wife; 2-Unknown daughter; 3-Unknown daughter; 4-Unknown daughter;

John Dugger was listed on the 1786 list of tax insolvents for Epping Forest District of Granville Co., NC. This means he couldn't pay his taxes, or didn't pay them for some reason. I would guess it was because he had already moved to Brunswick Co., NC by then.

John Dugger is listed on the 1790 census in Brunswick Co., NC, the only Dugger in that county at the time:

  • Brunswick Co., NC page 189 John Dugger 1-4-2-0-0
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 16+ (bef 1774)=John Dugger (c1741)
  • 4 males under 16 (1774/1790)=1-Unknown son; 2-Unknown son; 3-Unknown son; 4-Unknown son
  • 2 females (all ages)=1-Wife; 2-Unknown daughter

In Jan 1795 Brunswick Court, John Duggar was listed as a juror for the next term.

In Apr 1795 court, William Duggar and John Duggar were both listed as jurors for the next term.

In Jul 1795 court, William Duggar and John Duggar served as jurors.

In Oct 1795 court, road work was ordered for New Britain Road to Waccamaw River at Pirewell or at Tipins Bluff. John Dugger was one of workers.

In Jul 1796 court, John Drugger was named as one of the hands to clear out Waccamaw River from New Britain to the state line (SC state line).

On 8 Dec 1796 William Gore, Esquire, entered (# 765) 150 acres of land on north east side of Seven Creek adjoining John Cannady including the place where John Dugger formerly lived. The land runs across Cyprus Branch.

On 16 Nov 1798 Luke Goodman, Planter, sold property to John Dugger, Planter. Witnesses were Nathaniel Soler and Hardy Goodman. (Brunswick Co., NC Deed Book E page 127). * Note: For some reason I failed to get the details of this deed when I was in Brunswick County Court House many years ago. Call it lack of experience!

On 7 May 1799 Hardy Goodwin deeded property to John Dugger of Brunswick Co., NC. Luke Goodwin, Joseph Goodwin and John Goodwin were witnesses. (Brunswick Co., NC Deed Book D page 248).

John Dugger was listed on the 1800 census in Brunswick Co., NC.

  • Brunswick Co., NC page 20 John Dugger 10001-00001
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 45+ (bef 1755)=John Dugger (c1741)
  • 1 male 0-9 (1790/1800)=Unknown son
  • 1 female 45+ (bef 1755)=Mrs. Dugger (bef 1755) wife

On 4 Aug 1800 John Dugger entered (# 1050) 100 acres in Brunswick Co., NC bordering his own land.

On 15 Dec 1800 John Dugger Sr of Brunswick Co., NC sold 50 acres to Willis Harper for L10. Witnesses were John G. Baker and William H. Hickman. (Brunswick Co., NC Deed Book D page 224).

On 22 Dec 1800 Jonas Godwin entered 200 acres (# 1113) in Brunswick on the north side of Gum Swamp adjoining John Duggar.

Columbus County was formed in 1808 from part of Brunswick County, including the land where the Duggers lived.

On 30 Jan 1809 John Dugger sold 100 acres to Jacob Meaks for L60. The land was on the south side of Beaver Dam Swamp. Witnesses were Chesley Dugger and Sarah Dugger. (Columbus Co., NC Deed Book A page 22).

"J. Dugger" was listed on the 1810 census in Columbus County, but there were no males listed in the household, so either that is a mistake, or this isn't the household for John Dugger, but he was still alive in 1810.

  • Columbus Co., NC page 20 J. Dugger 00000-00001
  • Analysis:
  • 1 female 45+ (bef 1765)=Mrs. John Dugger (bef 1755)

On 4 Oct 1810 John Dugger, Planter, sold 150 acres to Simon Ward for L40. The land was on Great Pond Branch. Witnesses were Wynne Nancy and A. Powell Jr. (Columbus Co., NC Deed Book A page 67)

That is the last record found in John's own right. He is mentioned in at least two more records after this though.

On 13 Sep 1813 Joshua Williamson, Sheriff of Columbus Co., NC, sold 100 acres on Johnson Swamp to John Sommersett, the highest bidder. This was described as land of John Dugger sold by virtue of execution of a county court order. (Columbus Co., NC Deed Book B page 48).

On 28 Nov 1815 John Godwin sold 150 acres to Simon Boswell, being on the north side of Gum Swamp adjoining John Dugger and William Hickman. (Columbus Co., NC Deed Book B page 128).

!NAMED:28 Nov 1815 Columbus Co, NC Deeds B-128 John GODWIN to Simon BOSWELL, 150a North side Gum swamp adj John DUGGERs and William HICKMAN;

John Dugger may have died in Columbus Co., NC ca 1810, or perhaps he went to Georgia with his children.