Person:David Dugger (13)

m. 4 Mar 1813
  1. David Andrew Dugger1821 - Aft 1860
  2. Jane H Dugger1823 - Aft 1850
  3. Henry Dugger1826 - Aft 1850
  4. Sarah Dugger1830 - Aft 1850
  5. Mary Dugger1833 - Aft 1850
  6. Emanuel D Dugger1834 - Aft 1860
m. Bef 1850
Facts and Events
Name David Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 1790/1791 Brunswick, North Carolina, United States
Marriage 4 Mar 1813 Bulloch, Georgia, United Statesto Tempy Milton
Marriage Bef 1850 Bulloch, Georgia, United Statesto Clarissa Unknown
Death? 1850/1860 Bulloch, Georgia, United States

David Dugger was born ca 1790/1791 per his age (59) on the 1850 census. That census also listed his birth place as North Carolina. He was probably born in Brunswick (now Columbus) Co., NC.

His parents are not proven but it seems likely he is a son or a grandson of John Dugger (c1741). No direct proof has been seen that connects them, but David did live near and was associated with other Duggers who are probably also children of John Dugger.

On 4 Mar 1813 David Dugger married Tempy Milton in Bulloch Co., GA.

They were listed on the 1820 census in Effingham Co., GA near John Dugger (1760/70) who was probably his uncle or much older brother. (Note, this John is certainly old enough to be David's father, but he didn't name David in his Will in 1836, though David did witness it. No one witnesses a will to which they are an heir.)

  • Effingham Co., GA page 76 David Dugger 400010-10100
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 26-44 (1775/1794)=David Dugger (c1791)
  • 4 males 0-9 (1810/1820)=1-Unknown son; 2-Unknown son; 3-Unknown son; 4-Unknown son;
  • 1 female 16-25 (1794/1804)=Tempy Milton Dugger, wife
  • 1 female 0-9 (1810/1820)=Unknown daughter

David Dugger was a winner in the 1821 land lottery, drawing land in "Henry Section."

David was listed on the 1830 census in Bulloch Co., GA.

  • Bulloch Co., GA page 99 David Dugger 2221010000000-1211001000000
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 30-39 (1790/1800)=David Dugger (c1791)
  • 1 male 15-19 (1810/1815)=Unknown son
  • 2 males 10-14 (1815/1820)=1-Unknown son; 2-Unknown son
  • 2 males 5-9 (1820/1825)=1-Unknown son; 2-Andrew Dugger (c1822) son
  • 2 males 0-4 (1825/1830)=1-Unknown son; 2-Henry Dugger (c1827) son
  • 1 female 40-49 (1780/1790)=Tempy Milton Dugger, wife
  • 1 female 15-19 (1810/1815)=Unknown daughter
  • 1 female 10-14 (1815/1820)=Unknown daughter
  • 2 females 5-9 (1820/1825)=1-Unknown daughter; 2-Jane Dugger (c1824) daughter
  • 1 female 0-4 (1825/1830)=Unknown daughter

David Dugger was one of the witnesses to the 16 Dec 1836 Will of John Dugger in Effingham Co., GA. David wasn't named in the Will as an heir. John is either his uncle or older brother.

On 2 Jan 1837 David Dugger was listed as the appraiser of the estate of Daniel Clanton, deceased in Bulloch Co., GA.

Tempy Milton Dugger died at some point and David married Clarissa (---) prior to 1850. It is possible they are one and the same person, but that isn't likely. There is a marriage dated 9 Jul 1840 in Jefferson Co., FL for David Duggar and Elizabeth Hurst. I don't think it is them, but it is possible. Jefferson Co., FL bordered Thomas Co., GA where several of David's relatives had moved, but I don't know that this David ever lived there.

David was listed on the 1840 census in Bulloch Co., GA.

  • Bulloch Co., GA page 120 David Dugger 0111000100000-0111001000000
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 50-59 (1780/1790)=David Dugger (c1791)
  • 1 male 15-19 (1820/1825)=Andrew Dugger (c1822) son
  • 1 male 10-14 (1825/1830)=Henry Dugger (c1827) son
  • 1 male 5-9 (1830/1835)=Emanuel Dugger (c1835) son
  • 1 female 40-49 (1790/1800)=Clarissa (---) Dugger (c1797), wife
  • 1 female 15-19 (1820/1825)=Jane Dugger (c1824) daughter
  • 1 female 10-14 (1825/1830)=Sarah Dugger (c1831) daughter
  • 1 female 5-9 (1830/1835)=Mary Ann Dugger (c1834) daughter

They were listed on the 1850 census in Bulloch Co., GA. Probable son Andrew Dugger was next door.

7th Census of the United States - 1850
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Bulloch Co, GA
Page 255, House # 283, Family # 292
Dugger David 59 M W Farmer NC
Dugger Clarsee 53 F W GA
Dugger Henry 23 M W GA
Dugger Jane 26 F W GA
Dugger Sarah 19 F W GA
Dugger Mary 16 F W GA
Dugger Emanuel 15 M W GA

David Dugger died before 1860 presumably in Bulloch Co., GA.