Family:Daniel Dugger and Mary Scarborough (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef 20 Feb 1716/1717 Surry, Virginia, United States

Daniel and Mary are the proven parents of only one child: Henry Dugger. The others as listed (William, John, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Lydia and Sarah) are placed here as their children based on circumstantial evidence.

If they are not children of Daniel and Mary, then their parentage is completely unknown. They were all interconnected and are certainly somehow closely related.

Many of us used to include a Richard Dugger as a son of Daniel and Mary. However it is very unlikely that there was such a person. His name was based on one single record, a court record in Brunswick Co, VA dated Aug 1738 naming William Thomas and his wife Margaret, late the wife of Richard Dugger, decd. (Brunswick Co, VA Order Book 1 page 191)

Barbara Browder looked at the original record several times and told me the actual record said Richard Duggin not Dugger.

That should settle it, unless some other record for this person can be found to compare.

There is also the problem of Julius Caesar Dugger, unlike Richard Duggin, there is no primary evidence at all for him, though many insist he existed, but none can prove it. See his page for detailed commentary on that subject.

  1.   The original version of this text was written by Marty Grant and originally published on his website (and republished here by the author). In addition to his own research, he thanks: Barbara Browder (deceased), Gene Blair, Robert Nave, Margaret Hougland, Carol Dugger, Joyce Blocker, Mary Floy Katzman, Ralph Dugger, Judy Luers, Tom Ward and many others who shared their Dugger research.