MySource:Martygrant/Dugger Notes by Barbara Browder

MySource Dugger Notes by Barbara Browder
Place Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Surry, Virginia, United States
Year range -
Surname Dugger
Dugger Notes by Barbara Browder.

Barbara H. Browder (1923-1999) of Richmond, VA and I (Marty Grant) corresponded beginning in February 1991. I quickly discovered that she had done extensive Dugger research in and near Brunswick Co., VA.

She had two Dugger folders which contained type written notes titled "Dugger Notes." She copied both and sent them to me. One was transcribed records in miscellaneous order. The other was the same thing only sorted by primary person (John Dugger, Daniel Dugger, etc.). She told me that I could use these files in anyway I chose and could share them with anyone interested, she even said not to bother giving her credit for it! Well that was certainly generous of her, but I have to give her the credit. Even though she has passed on now I want the world to know how much she contributed to Dugger research in south-side Virginia.

Click here to download a PDF version of Barbara's Dugger Notes.