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From Chalkley's (listed in alphabetical order, based upon grantee/acquiree):


Early Settlers on the Shenandoah River, Augusta County, VA


  • Page 423.--19th October, 1747. £50. John Fewbaker to Abraham Fewbaker, 2 parcels of land on Shanando River, 300 acres adjoining Jacob Nahale, 200 acres adjoining Jacob Nahale. Teste: Samuel Newman, Wm. Scholl, Mathias Selzer. Proved by Scholl and Selzer, 18th November, 1747.
  • Page 491.--17th May, 1766. Rudolph Mauk (Mauck) and Cathrine ( ) to Michael Hauber (Hober), £70, 335 acres on head of Fort Run at foot of North Mountain, patented to Rudolph, 30th August, 1763, oak in Johnson's line. Teste: Joseph Dictum, Andrew Trumbo, John Cain, George ( ) Shoemaker. Delivered: Michael Hober, 16th June, 1772.
  • Page 265.--26th May, 1771. Mathew Thompson, Sr., and Rachel to Robert Hill, £400, 400 acres on Mill Creek of Shannando, patented to Andrew McConnal, 30th August, 1743, and by them conveyed to John Anderson and by him to Mathew, Sr., corner Robert Hook; corner William Williams. Delivered: Samuel Hill, May Court, 1778.
  • Page 540.--Commission to Thomas Waring, James Garnet, Benj. Winslow and Francis Waring, Gent., Justices of Essex County, to privately examine Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Beverley, as to release of dower in land conveyed, 12th and 13th August, 1747, to James Lynn, 500 acres on head branches of Shanando, 21st September, 1748. Executed, and dower released, 6th February, 1749.
  • Page 276.--Part of 335 acres patented to Rudolph Mauck, 30th August, 1763. (Note: this land was located "on head of Fort Run at foot of North Mountain", as listed in the disposition).
  • Page 1.-- Adam Miller to Jacob Miller, 16th August, 1748, on Shanandoe. Witnesses, Jno. Cormichel, Wm. Burk, Henry Downs. Delivered: Henry Miller, 24th July, 1756.
  • Page 5.--6th August, 1748. George Forbush, farmer, and wife Olive, farmer, to Jno. Miller, weaver, Beaver Dam Run, Barnard McHenry's line. Delivered: Jno. Miller, Jr., 3d February, 1755.
  • 1734, Oct. 3, Va., recorded patents for Orange Co., to Richard Paulson, Josiah Jones, Joseph Mounts, 834 acres, begin at a walnut on south side of Cohongoluta River, then south to said Jones Mill Branch, white oak against Island a little below the Ford; granted 12 June 1734, recorded 3 October 1734, on west of Shanando River (though not ON the river) part of 40,000 acres Jost Hite purchased from Isaac & John Vanmater; (Va. Land Patent Book 15, page 339.), (Mag. Va. Gene., 24:2: 5.), (Magazine of the Jefferson Co. Historical Society, Vol. 22, page 18.), (Fredk. Co., Va., deed book 9, page 152.)
  • 1736 [1737], 9-10 Jan. Pges 385-90. Joseph Mounts of Orange County and Kathrine his wife to Jonathan Simmons of same. Lease and release; for £30. 317 acres on the west side of the Sherrendo River and on Chongoluta River, part of 834 acres granted to Joseph Mounts, Richard Paulson and Josiah Jones 3 Oct. 1734... by the Chongoloto side... division between Joseph Mounts and Richard Paulson... (signed) Jos. Mounts, Cathran (X) Mounts. Wit: Thomas Anderson, Richard Morgan, Morgan(an). 22 June 1738. Proved by Morgan Morgan, Thos. Anderson and Richd. Morgan. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 55].
  • Pages 384-89. 18-19 Oct. 1736. Francis Pincher and Sarah his wife of Orange County to John Vanmetre (Van Meter). Lease and release; for ₤20 current money and ₤20 current money. 100 acres on Opecken Run on the west side Sherrundo (Shenandoah) River granted by pattent to Francis Pincher 12 Nov. 1735... on the west side of Opecken Run... ag[ains]t an island... crossing a branch... (signed) Francis (X) Pincher. Wit: James Porteus, Thos Postgate, Cha. Stevens, John Bramhan. 25 Nov. 1736. Proved by James Porteus, Charles Stevens and John Bramham. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 27].