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The following item was extacted by Phil Rhoton, and posted to the TWWFA mailing list June 2009.


Phil's discussion:

A word about this collection first. It is housed at the Small Library at the University of Virginia and contains mainly the papers of Alexander Walker who married Hettie Jane Wallace. This Alexander was the son of Alexander Walker and Nancy Culton, grandson of John Walker (207) and his first wife Margaret Hudson, and great grandson of Alexander Walker (28) and Janett Hammer/Hummer. I did not study the contents in detail as I was looking specifically for the "genealogical account" of the family listed in the manuscript guide but it is an absolute treasure trove for descendants of the family as well as students of history in general.

The account is recorded in what was originally the journal of Alexander's brother Person:James Walker (121). The journal was written during his years at Washington University, later Washington and Lee, and while he studied medicine under Hugh Walker and at Philadelphia Medical College. Sadly, a substantial portion of his journal entries have been cut out but those remaining we're fascinating to read.

The journal later became a daybook, apparently for Alexander, and a store account book. Wedged between the journal entries and the account book entries is a six page account of the Walker family. There is no indication from whom or where the information came but the majority appears to be in the handwriting of Alexander with at least three other individuals adding to the account in various places. The following transcript is as close to the original as I can make it. Any comments or notes not in the original will be enclosed in "[ ]" otherwise all spelling, numbering and punctuation are as in the original. I would like to add that "Do" is the closest approximation I could make on the keyboard of the handwritten abbreviation of ditto.

Person:Alexander Walker (28)=Jane Hammer
Person:John Walker (207)=Margaret Hudson
Person:Alexander Walker (23)=Nancy Culton
| |
Person:James Walker (121)
Started the Journal
Person:Alexander Walker (22)
Journal in his papers


Analysis. Journal of James Walker VS White 1902
Document. Journal of James Walker=Mary Guffy

Wigton Relations

John Walker I (191)
Person:Alexander Walker (14) John Walker II (190)
John 217
Alexander 26
John III 81 James 126 Samuel 41 Samuel 55
the Orphan
Alexander 28 Joseph 55 Thomas
(81) X
(177) X

Joseph 79
Alexander 16
James 122
John 220
Samuel 64
Andrew 12
William 176 .

John 249
Joseph 71 X

John IV (149)
Samuel 49 .

John 211 .

Samuel 42
James 114
John 202
Joseph 51
Joel 5

James 164
Samuel 68

John 207
William 172
James 120
Alexander 24 X
Joseph 60
Alexander 27
Joseph 60
David 31

William 198 X
John 258 X
Joseph 50
James 127
Samuel 47

Most, but not all, Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles can be traced to the Wigton Walker line as describe by White 1902. The above is a Summary of Male Descendancy of the Wigton Walker line, based on White, 1902. This includes the Walkers Creek and Natural Bridge lineages. Also included is thethe lines of Samuel the Orphan, known to be related to the Line of John III by YDNA, but also known not to be related to the line of Samuel of Natural Bridge. Not currently shown are the lines of, Alexander the Orphan, and the Letterkenney Walkers, all of which share the Walkers Creek YDNA signature with John III and Samuel the Orphan.) Entries marked "X", indicate individuals who are believed to have "died young", died without children, or about whom nothing is known.

Person LinkDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherNotes
Person:James Walker (126) 1706 1793 1737 Mary Guffy John Walker II Katherine Rutherford
Person:James Walker (164) 1746
Person:James Walker (120) 1751 1800 1778 Mary Gray Person:Alexander Walker (28) Jane Hammer
Person:James Walker (122) 1752 1835 1774 Ann Walker Gunstocker John Margaret Culton
Person:James Walker (114) 1752 1791 1786 Jane Thompson Samuel of Natural Bridge Jane Patterson
Person:James Walker (127)176418381)1790;
1) Esther Beard;
2) Esther Alexander
Joseph (55) Nancy McClung
Person:James Walker (XXX)
Person:James Walker (189)175518371783 Catherine Miller Thomas Walker Elizabeth
Person:James Walker (134) 1780 Willliam Walker (128)
Laurel Fork
List of James Walker Records in Chalkley's ChroniclesWalkers in Chalkley's Chronicles


Page 39

1 John Walker
2 James Walker
3 Samuel Walker
4 Joseph Walker
5 Alexander Walker

Came to this part of the country now Rockbridge VA in 1741

2 James Walker Md Mary Guffy

1 Mary Md Hugh Kelso
2 Jane Do John Moore
3 Betsy " John Stuart

p. 40
Alexander Walker married Jane Hamers

1 John Md 1st Margaret Hudson 2nd Peggy Kelso
2 William Do Jane Walker (Kentucky) early date [last two words difficult to decipher and may be incorrect]
3 James Do Peggy Grey (Kentucky)
4 David Do Jane Homes (Kentucky)
5 Alexander Do 1st Magdalene Hamers 2nd Frost
6 Joseph Do Caty Kelso (Kentucky)
7 Ann Do James Walker (Kentucky)
8 Jane Do Andrew McMahon
9 Caty Do Samuel Taylor

John Walker Md 1st wife Margaret Hudson

Children} 2nd wife Peggy Kelso [this was struck through]
1 Jane Walker Md Joseph Patterson
2 Alexander Walker Do Nancy Culton
3 Margaret Walker
4 Polly Md Alexander Stuart
Children by 2nd wife
5 Thomas H. Md Betty Culton

page 41

6 Betsy Md Hugh Stuart
7 John Md Elvira Brown (Missouri)
8 William Md Lavina Brown (Tennessee)
9 James (Dec'd)
10 Hugh Md Mrs. Gaines (Tennessee)
11 an infant girl (Dec'd) not named

Alexander Walker Md Nancy Culton

Children daughter of James Culton
1 Margaret Md Joseph Bell Esqr
2 Nancy Md James Walker
3 John Md Isabella Culton
4 Betsy
5 Mary Md Jospeh S. Walker
6 James
7 Alexander Md Jane Wallace

Thomas H. Walker Md Bety Culton

Children daughter of Robert Culton
1 not named (Dec'd)
2 Margaret married [faded]
3 William (Dec'd)
4 James married [faded] [Brown?]
5 Robert Do [faded]
6 Thomas (Dec'd) --- 7 not named (Dec'd)

page 42
Hugh Stuart Md Betsy Walker

1 John Stuart
2 James (Doctor)
3 Elizabeth (Dec'd)
4 Margaret Md Dr. Jas Leckey [faded]
5 Mary Md Robt. Morrison
6 Hugh died

3 John Walker married Isabella Culton

1 Alexander Stuart Walker
[children 2, 3, 4 apparently missing]

page 43

5 Mary Walker Md Jospeh Walker
1 Cyrus Walker married Catherine Patterson
2 William Alex Walker
3 James Morrison Walker
Nancy Walker Md James Walker
Alexander Walker married Jane Wallace 14 April 18423 [???]
1 Samuel A Born May 24th 1843
2 William Wallace Born July 24th 1845
page 44
3 Betsy born 14 Decbr 1846 Betsy died 28th January 1848
4 Nancy Born 1st September 1848
5 Margaret Born 4th April 1850

Alexander Walker Died on Tuesday night at nin o'clock the 23 of September 1850, Aged 40

1865 Samuel A Walker Died the [17 ?] of April 1865 by a wound recieved at Appomattox the 9 of April 1865, at Farmville