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My name is Johan Peter Dijkstra, I am Frisian ( Dutch )(Friesland, Netherlands). Hence my interest in searching for Friesland's history, and the surnames Nijp and Dijkstra in special! I have been working on both my own family line, and my partners for at least a year now.

First I've been using local software on my computer for creating a familytree, next I published it on my website. After a while I had to answer much questions about persons in my tree, I started searching for a worldwide database wich can be eddited by anybody, hence my account on werelate.

My Current Projects

Getting my familytree in order, and as complete as possible. Adding pictures and other media to the tree.

About myself

Born in '78 , with a very common surname for this area, and a child coming up I started to wonder about the history of my family. Since most of Frisian history is very wel documented I was able to build up a fairly large familytree within a short period. Filling up te blancs takes most of the time. I'm a native speaker in both Dutch and Frisian, and am quite capable to understand both English and German.