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Just an other nerd trying to get his family history together.


About myself

From Fryslân, (nearby Leeuwarden) feel free to ask for translations or current pictures of places in Fryslân.


Native Dutch
Native Frisian
Above average in English
Sufficient in German

Biggest question in my tree

Where did he come from ?? Lieuwe Haijes


Start of Rollingswier family location : Zate Rollingswier te Minnertsga
Start of Dijkstra family location : Het Bildt, Vrouwenparochie, Sint Annaparochie, bildtlanden
Start of Nijp/Nyp family location : Ebwier/Anjum , Nittema Sate
Start of Feringa family location : Neigberhood of Feerwerd / Westerkwartier
Start of the Meihuizen family location : Gontenschwil, Aargau, Switzerland


           Kwartierblad van
Johan Peter Dijkstra


Pieter Dijkstra

* 1913
+ 1997

Minke Korfmaker

* 1914
+ 1951

Gerrit Jouw Feringa

* 1915
+ 1993

Klaaske Rollingswier

* 1918
+ 2018

Hillebrand Dijkstra

* 1945
+ 2024

Elisabeth Elly Feringa

* 1946

Johan P Dijkstra

Famous Ancestors

King Aldgisl King of Frisia
King Redbad King of the Frisians between 680 and 719
King Gundebold Fockwalda of Frisia King of the Frisians between 748 and 760
Magnus Forteman Claimed to have concered Rome in exchange for Frisian Freedom info :
King Gundebold Fockwalda King of the Frisians
Igo Galema 876-? Fifth Postaat (ruler) of Frisia , more : or
Geale Galama Noble man who attacked Count Floris II of Holland over a dispute of ownership of land.

Famous Family

Waling Dijkstra Writer
Tjerk Hiddes de Vries luitenant-admiraal van de Friese Admiraliteit