Place:Harthill Wapentake, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

NameHarthill Wapentake
Located inEast Riding of Yorkshire, England
Also located inYorkshire, England    

For a definition of "wapentake", see the article entitled Hundred (county division) in Wikipedia.

Wapentakes, the Old Norse form of the Anglo-Saxon "hundred", are dealt with in Section 1.4, but Sections 1.1 (Hundred courts) and 1.2 (Administrative functions) deal with the concept and purposes of wapentakes along with those of "hundreds" used in English counties further south.

Harthill Wapentake covered the centre and southern section of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It was originally divided into four parts--Holme Beacon, Bainton Beacon, Hunsley Beacon and Wilton Beacon--but the divisions between these parts have not been discovered.

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