Help:Connecting with others


User Talk pages

User talk pages are similar to forums. Each topic is separated by blue lines.

  1. If you want to respond to a comment, there is a add comment in the far right corner of each section. Click on that and type your response. The system will add a your signature stamp to your comment.
  2. If you would like to add a new topic, click on the add topic link also in the far right corner of each section and at the top of the page. This link will create a new section for your new topic. Type your message and save. The system will add your signature stamp.
  3. There is also a leave message link at the top of every user page. This link creates a new topic section on the user's talk page. Whenever you leave a message, an email is sent notifying them. They can click through to your message.

Getting messages

  1. In your preference settings, you can opt to receive an email notification whenever someone leaves you a message on your talk page or makes changes to a page you are watching. The email will contain a summary, a link to the changes or diff screen for the page, and a leave message link. Please note: you won't be sent further notifications of changes to the page unless you click on the changes link. In other words, if you ignore the email message and do not review the changes made, the next time someone makes a change to that page, you won't get an email. You can still find out which pages have been changed since you last visited them by clicking on Watchlist in the MyRelate menu, then clicking on Show all pages changed since last visited.
    • Click on the changes link to see the particular changes.
    • Clicking on the leave message link will take you directly to a new section where you leave a message on this person's user talk page.
  2. Also, the next time you log on, there will be a orange bar at the top the screen telling you that you have a message(s). Click on diff to see just that message.
  3. Click on the talk menu item in the lower menu bar at the top right side of your screen. This will take you to your talk page where you can see all the messages at one time.

Email other WeRelate users

Private email. If you are on someone's user talk page and would like to send a private email, there is an "email this user" link at the bottom of the page. Click on this link and enter a regular email message. It will be sent through WeRelate, no email addresses are exchanged.

Finding users with common interests

  1. Watching pages: When you search out a page, look in the watching page section in the far left corner. You can click on any user name to go to their user page and leave a message.
  2. Check the page history: You might also want to check the history link in the second line of menu items at the top of the page. The history page will tell you who has edited the page. Click on the user's name to see his/her page or talk link to leave a message.
  3. Check your Network: You can also click on the blue MyRelate tab in the first line of menu items, then click on the Network link. This is a list of users that are watching some of the same pages you are. You will get a list of the pages you have in common when you click on the number of pages watched in common.

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