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Frequently asked questions

What is a profile?

  • A profile gives you a place where you can tell other people about yourself and the families you are researching
  • If you want, you can even upload images
  • Profiles were formerly referred to as homepages

Hello! I,am a living descent of Norman Eugene Crosby. My father is Norman Arthur Crosby, Godfrey. His mother, Janet Anderson married Norman Eugene Crosby making him my grandfather. But, unfortunately he was killed in a hunting accident with his brother, Leon near Clear Lake. My, father Norman Arthur Godfrey,now after being adopted by Janet's second husband Dave Godfrey is getting up in the years. I, am interested in preserving the family genealogical history of my father's family as far back as is possible. I am in the process of with the use of "Family Tree Maker," and starting with myself starting a family tree. The third phase of this that I wish to do is to obtain pictures of all the deceased relatives of the Crosby family. Keep them historically intact. The last phase is to attach obituaries and re=write them; if they have not already been done so, edit and attach pictures that are available of the ancestories so; those that are still living are able to see what there ancestories looked like. I noticed that all the gravestones are done on "Find a Grave", but I only saw one picture of an ancestory. With your assistance, am seeking pictures from cousins and relatives living that have pictures of there parents, grandparents, great grandparents all the way back as far as is possible. I strongly believe that keeping and preserving history for future generations is a thing to do. I am aware that from other family links they hold family picnics, reunions, etc.. to keep the information flowing from family member to living members. If, any cousins or relatives of mine like the idea at gathering to keepp the preservation going for genealogical purposes of the Crosby heritage. Please, contact me and others on this site from the living Crosby family. Then, we can get together and keep things rolling from one generation to the next. Look forward to hearing from many of you living family members of the Crosby genealogical tree! Kathleen (Norman Arthur Godfrey-Crosby's oldest daughter). I live in Fort Atkinson,Wisconsin so if anyone from the family is in the area. Please, email at: and I would love to get together with anyone of my relatives.

How do I find my profile?

  • First, if you are not yet a member, you need to join WeRelate
    • Joining takes about two minutes and costs you nothing.
  • Once you have joined, you can go to your profile by clicking on the My Relate button in the menu at the top of the page
    • Select "User Profile"
  • Alternatively, if you have signed in already, you can click on your User Name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

How do I find someone else's profile?

  • If you know their user name:
    • Click on Admin in the menu at the top of the page and select "Browse Pages"
    • On the next page, select either "Watched Pages" or "All Pages"
      • Watched Pages are those you are watching and will be informed if there is a change
      • All Pages are all the pages on WeRelate
    • Namespace: Select User
    • Title: Enter the person's user-name and click "Go"
    • This should take you to the user's profile page.
  • If you don't know their user name:
    • Click on Search in the menu at the top of the page and select "All"
    • Choose User from the Namespace drop-down box
    • Enter any information that may be posted on their profile
      • This may include a first or last name, or any surnames or places they are researching
      • Click the "Search" button and look through the returns for the desired profile

How do I create or edit my profile?

  • Click My Relate in the menu at the top of the page, and select "User Profile"
  • On the Profile Page click "Edit" in the menu on the left. You'll see two sections:

1. Surnames and/or places you are researching
This is the section used to create Surname in place pages

  • Click on "Add Surname and/or Place"
  • In the edit boxes that appear, enter a surname you are researching and in what place you are researching that name
  • Please include only one surname and/or one place on each line. You can add additional surnames and places by clicking on the Add Surname and/or Place link.
  • This will create a Surname in place page, or add a link to one that already exists, which helps you collaborate with others working on the same surnames in the same places
    • To begin, we recommend that you set the place to a state or country for Surname in place pages
    • An example of a profile page with these links User:Dallan
    • For a more detailed discussion see the Help:Surname in place help page

2. Text

  • Enter what you want to tell others about yourself and the research you are doing. This is the text that will appear on your User Profile page
  • Consider adding a User language template to your page (instructions can be found on each template).
  • You can even add an image to your page - See Images Tutorial for more information about uploading and placing your image on a page
  • It's a good idea to click on the Show preview button at the bottom of the page to see the effects of your changes
  • Don't forget to click on Save page to save your changes when you're finished

Can others edit my profile?

  • Only you can edit your profile or user pages
  • Others may leave messages for you on the talk pages associated with your Profile and User pages, but they cannot edit the pages directly
  • If you want to create a page that others can also contribute to, please create an article instead.

When will my changes start showing up in searches?

  • Your changes take effect immediately
  • The changes will not show up in Search results until the following day
    • Pages are indexed every night - so, if you created a new page, made changes to an existing page, or added new words to an existing page - the results will start showing up in searches the following day

Can I see an example?

Titles for profiles

  • The title of a profile consists of two parts:

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