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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user profile?

A user profile simply refers to the text a User enters on their User page. Users can enter anything they wish in their profile, as long as it doesn't violate WeRelate:Policy.

Why add a user profile?

A user profile provides a place where you can introduce yourself and tell others about your research interests. Pedigree charts and Images can also be included.

How do I add a user profile?

  • First create a WeRelate account. It takes about two minutes and costs nothing.
  • Log in and go to your User page by clicking on your User Name in the top menu.
  • From your User page, click Edit in the left menu. You'll see two sections:
    • Surnames and/or places you are researching - Enter one surname and/or place per line. The information entered here is used to link your User name to Surname in place pages where you can find others with similar research interests (ex. User:Dallan).
    • Text - Enter your profile text here. Consider adding a User language template or photos to your profile as well.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Show preview to see how the page will look and/or click Save page to save your edits.

How do I find another user's profile?

If you know their User name, the easiest way to find their User page is to enter their User name in the Search box on any page. The results returned will include their User page.
If you don't know their User name, you can use the Search function to search on any other keywords that might be posted on their User page (ex. given name, surname, places they are researching, etc.).

Can others users edit my profile?

No. Your User page is unique, in that only you can edit it.
Most other types of wiki pages, including your Talk page, can be edited by other users.
Note: There is one exception to this rule. WeRelate Administrators may edit your User page to remove inappropriate content, fix broken links, or provide help to you if you request it.

When will my edits start showing up in searches?

Your edits take effect immediately, but may not appear in Search results until the following day, after the pages have been indexed.


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