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What are user pages?

  • User Pages are password-protected research pages that only the original author can edit
  • Everyone on WeRelate can see information on user pages, but unlike other pages, only the user who created a user page can modify its content
  • User pages can contain:
    • Information on the families you are researching
    • A "to-do'" list
    • An index of links to all your genealogy websites
    • Or pretty much anything you choose
  • Talk Pages associated with the User Pages allow other users to comment on your pages
  • User Pages allow you to have Your own Places on WeRelate

What is the difference between user pages and shared research pages?

  • User Pages are password protected, so that they can only be edited by the original creator
  • Shared Research Pages are community pages that can be edited by any registered WeRelate user

How do I create a user page?

  • Click My Relate in the blue bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select Dashboard
  • On the Dashboard page, click Add User Page in the "User Pages" box at the bottom

How do I find my user pages?

  • Click on My Relate in the blue bar at the top of the screen
  • Click on Dashboard and your User Pages will be listed at the bottom in the "User Pages" box

How do I edit my user pages?

  • Open the user page and click on the Edit link at the top of the screen
  • If the "Edit" option does not appear, you are either not signed in, or you are not the original creator of this page
  • Remember, only you can edit the User Pages that you create

How do I find someone else's user pages?

  • Click Search in the blue bar at the top of the screen and select "User Pages"
  • Enter their username and/or any part of the page's contents you remember as keywords, and click "Search"
  • Locate the correct page in the list of results
  • See the Search tutorial for more information

Who can edit my user pages?

Only someone who has signed in with your username and password may edit your user pages.

How can I comment on someone's user page?

All user pages have associated talk pages where anyone can post comments. The talk page is not password protected.

When will my changes start showing up in searches?

  • Your changes will take effect immediately
  • Your changes will begin to show up in Searches the following day
    • Pages are indexed every night, so if you created a new page, made changes to an existing page, or added new words on an existing page, they will start showing up in searches the following day

Titles for user pages

  • The title of a User Page consists of three parts:
  • Like articles, there are no hard rules for User Page titles
    • They should be brief and specific, and must be no more than 255 characters in length
  • For more information:
  • Page Titles Help
  • User Profiles Help

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