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How do I find other users with common research interests?

Users interested in a specific page will be listed on that page under Watchers in the left menu.
To find users interested in general topics, such as surnames or places, one quick method is to Search for them:
  1. Go to the main Search page by selecting Search > All from the drop-down menu at the top of any page.
  2. On the Search page, select Namespace > User from the drop-down menu, enter search words in other fields, and click Search to see a list of User pages linked to those search words.
For other methods, tips and tricks see the Help page.

How do I contact other users?

For public discussion about a specific page, use the Talk page attached to that page to post messages. See Help:Talk pages for more information.
For public correspondence to a specific user, use the Talk page attached to that user's User page. There can be several ways to get there, including:
  1. Going to the user's User page by clicking their User name and selecting Leave a message for User name near the top of the page.
  2. Selecting Talk directly next to their User name, if it is available.
For private correspondence, use WeRelate to email a user with no exchange of personal email addresses.
  1. Go to the user's User page by clicking their User name.
  2. From the left menu, select More > Email this user to enter the WeRelate email program.
  3. Note: Email will only work if the user has enabled it for their account.
For more information, see the Help page.

How do I receive messages from WeRelate?

To manage your email notification settings,
  • Log in and select Settings from the top menu of any page.
  • In the Email section, select when you wish to receive email notifications.
Email notifications about page changes, including messages left for you on Talk pages, will contain a summary of the change, a link to View the changes (known as the diff screen), a link to View the current version of the page, and a link to Leave a message on the Talk page of the User who made the change.
Please note: if you do not click on View the changes when you receive the email, you won't be sent any further notifications of additional changes to that page.
See Help page for more details.

How do I email a page?

Go to the page and select more > Email this page from the left menu.
Note: The email address you entered in User preferences will appear as the "From" address in the email, so the recipient(s) will be able to reply to you.
For more information, see Help page.

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