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An Article is a page that contains genealogical information not directly related to specific persons or families. You can start the article, and others can add to it later. See, Articles Help Page

Annotated Images

An image that has notes attached to particular cursor locations. For example, see this annotated image. Also see: Images Tutorial

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Categories are used to help create cross indexing. Any page can be listed in any number of categories. For instance, if you were to examine the Category:Phillips surname you would see a list of Person, Family, Place, Article and Source pages that have something to do with the surname "Phillips." See also, Categories Explained andCategories List.


Contributions are your edits and pages you have created at WeRelate. Click on My Relate in the blue menu bar at the top of the page and select Contributions to see your contributions. Contributions can also be access from you dashboard.


The latitude and Longitude of a place. For help converting coordinates for WeRelate see Watercooler discussion. See also Place Pages Help


The creator's right to restrict duplication and control profitability of artistic work. See Copyrights

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Page unique to each registered user, displays:


Detail view from pedigree map function contains image if available and all vital data. Access the Detail view by clicking on Details after selecting Pedigree-map from the More menu item.

Diff screen

The Diff screen shows the "differences" between versions of a page. If you click on the History link for any page you will see the Diff screen. The older version of the page will be displayed on the left and the newer version on the right.

  • Sections with deletions are highlighted in yellow.
  • Sections with additions are highlighted in green.
  • Changed words are in red.


Your donations to WeRelate are tax deductible. See donations

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Editing Toolbar

See Editing Toolbar for more information

Embedded links in Images

Link from image to another page. Images Tutorial/FAQs

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Family page

Page containing marriage and vital information about and links to husband, wife and children's person pages.

Featured Page

Each week a new page is selected from the list of nominations to be featured on the Main Page.

Find duplicates

Option from the More menu item that searches for possible duplicate ancestor pages for ancestors you may have in common with other users.


Having to do with the characteristics of text. You may use HTML codes to change the size and color of text.


Placing numbers references within text. See: References & Footnotes Formatting Help

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Gallery Tag

A collection of thumbnail images set in a table on a page. See: Adding an Image Gallery to your page


Acronym which stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication, a systematic format for transferring genealogical information between different computer programs. See, GEDCOM.



Headers are section titles. Headers are created by placing a number of "=" on either end of the header text.

See, Creating Headings


see User profile

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Shortcut from one webpage to another webpage.


Permission to use software or images without ownership Licensing help page.



References that are personal significant to a particular person or family but not of general interest, i.e. family bible pages, birth and death certificates. See MySource help page

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A classifying term for a group of wiki pages, i.e. the Person namespace is used for all pages having to do with a singular person. See Help:Page_titles#Namespace


Click on the My Relate link in the blue bar at the top of the page and select "Network" to see who is watching the same pages you are watching.


Comments concerning fact, event, and source information on WeRelate person and family pages

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pdf Upload

Watercooler discussion

Pedigree View

The pedigree created by selecting Pedigree-map from the more menu item. The default view is the Pedigree View. The pedigree view can be sorted by generation, line and the decade of birth or death.

Permanent Link

What you get is a permanent link to the specific version of the page you are looking at -- a link that will always take you to this version, regardless of whether the page has been edited in the future.

Place Pages - Titles For

Titles for Place Pages


Preferences include your password, editing options, email options, date and time preferences, viewing options.

Primary image

The image displayed at the top of a person or family page. Checking the primary box next to the caption box on the Image List puts the image at the top of the page

Primary name

definition pending - see Talk page


Your user page where you can tell the world about yourself and your research.

Profile and preferences

Section on the Dashboard. This section gives you access to messages, your profile page and preferences.

Protected pages

Protected pages can be edited only by administrators. Very few pages are protected: typically only high-traffic pages like the Main Page or pages relating to the WeRelate user interface. User profile pages are password protected.

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Redirect to another page

Special link that takes a user to a different page when the redirected page is requested. This is used when several pages have been created for the same place, person, family, or source. The information is combined on the destination page and the redirect command is placed on the discarded pages. See the Formatting Help page.


Menu item used to change the title of a page.

RSS Feed

A "web feed", such as you typically find on a blog. You can get an RSS feed of changes to any page at WeRelate.

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Shared Research Pages

A type of article created from the user profile page concerning research for a surnames in a place, i.e. Robbins in Indiana. See also Shared Research Pages Help

Show duplicates

Option from the MyRelate menu item that lists possible duplicate ancestor pages for ancestors that you may share with other users.


A note added to the bottom of a comment, including a link to the commenter's profile and a timestamp showing the date and time the comment was published. See these instructions. Use two dashes and four tildes i.e. --~~~~ to automatically insert your signature


Source is a namespace for references of general interests. The source directory is like a card catalog for a library.

Special Characters

Special characters are non-english textual character. See Character Formatting.

Surname in place

A shared research page for a surname in a place. shared research pages.

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Displaying text and images on a grid. See, Tables Help Page at WikiPedia.

Talk Pages

Discussion page attached to each wiki page. See Talk Page Help


Text and/or images that can be repeated on several pages. See, Templates Help Page


Generally refers to a small version of an image.

Thumbnail View

The thumbnail view contains birth and death dates along with an image of the person if available. To see the thumbnail view, click on Thumbnail after selecting Pedigree-map from the More menue item.


Timelines for persons and families are created by clicking on Timeline after selecting Pedigree-map from the More menu item.


The name of each page. See, Page Titles Help Page

To Do

no longer used - List of upcoming features for WeRelate. See, User:Dallan/WeRelate_ToDo_List.


A tree at WeRelate is a collection of pages. For more information see: Help:FAQ#What is a tree?

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User Pages

Pages having to do with the user available from the dashboard, i.e. watchlist or network. see Help:User pages

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You receive an email when anyone edits a page you are "watching." By default, you automatically "watch" any page you create or edit, unless you specifically select unwatch. Your watched pages appear on your watchlist


List of pages you are watching. Can be accessed from your Dashboard or by selecting watchlist from the MyRelate menu item.


Watercooler is the We-Relate term for a forum where you can discuss new ideas for We-Relate, along with other genealogy-related topics. You can ask support questions on the Watercooler, although it's better to ask them at Support. See the Help Drop-down menu at the top of any page.

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It's a browser plug-in (FireFox only) designed to help people manage their research sources