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Robert Cowan developed a list of reference works of interest to Wigton Walker researchers. This list was originally placed on Don Erickson's Wigton Walker Website. Don has asked me to find a home for this and other materials. I'm appreciative to both Don and Bob for making these materials available. See also Wigton Walkers Q 18:11, 3 March 2010 (EST)


20 Books for Wigton Walker Research
by Robert Cowan
1. Albion's Seed. Four British Folkways in America, by David Hackett Fischer, Oxford University Press, 1989, 946 pages.
2. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta Co., 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkley, Genealogical Publishing Co. 1974 3 vols.
3. The Annals of Tennessee and Fain's Index, by JGM Ramsay Kingsport Press, 1926 832 pages (Still the best Tennessee history and a couple of Cowan's attended Doak's school with the author.)
4. Carolina Cradle, Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier 1747-1762, Robert W. Ramsey, University of North Carolina Press, 1964, 251 pages. (A must for any serious researcher, available at Barnes and Noble for a few bucks)
5. The Tinkling Spring, Headwater of Freedom, a Study of the Church and her People, Howard McKnight Wilson, Fisherville, Va. 1954, 542 pages. (Still waiting for a reprint, hard to find and expensive but most good libraries have a copy.)
6. Genealogy of the Decendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland, ES White, Tiernan-Dart Printing Co., Kansas City, 1902 722 pages (I dare you to find an original copy at any price)
7. The Cowans From County Down, by John K. Fleming, Derrith Publishing Co., Raleigh, NC 1971 440 pages (I dare you to find an original copy at any price)
8. Maxwell History and Genealogy by Houston, Blaine and others, C. E. Pauley & Co., Indianapolis Engraving Co. 1916.
9. The Reverend Samuel Houston V.D.M by George West Diehl, McClean Press, Ve rona, Va. 123 pages. This book has everyone we are related to in it. Offered by me to both groups so there is no excuse for not having a copy.
10. The Stirling Merchant Guild and Life of John Cowane, Founder of Cowan's Hospital in Stirling, David Morris, Town Clerk, Stirling, Jamieson and Munro, LTD 1919, 367 pages. (I may have the only copy in North America and will possibly offer it to the Cowan group later.)
11. The Laggan and its Presbyterianism and its companion book In The Days of The Laggan Presbytery by Rev. Alexander Lecky, Davidson-M'Cormack, North Gate Works, Belfast, 1905, 1908 (Both books previously offered to the group, invaluable if your kin are from Derry/Donegal)
12. The Overmountain Men by Pat Alderman, Overmountain Press, Johnson city, TN. 1970, 286 pages. (great stuff on King's Mtn., Lost State of Franklin, great maps and pictures)
13. Castle's Woods, Virginia Frontier Settlement: 1769-1799, by James Hagy, Masters thesis, East Tennessee State University, 1966, 141 pages.
14. The Scotch-Irish, A Social History, James Leyburn, Chapel Hill, UNC Press, 1962 377 pages.
15. John and Ester Houston Montgomery, 1719-1973, Brazos Printing Co., Maryville, TN. 1974 512 pages (Cowan's and Montgomery's what else can you say. The town cemetery in Cowan, Tn is called the Cowan-Montgomery cemetery. Talk about marrying your first cousin)
16. A History of Ulster, by Jonathan Bardon, The Blackstaff Press, Belfast, 1992 914 pages. (The first six or seven chapters tell it all if you are from Ulster)
17. History of Dumbartonshire, by John Irving, Bennett and Thomson, Dumbarton, 1917, (one of my favorite books)
18. Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research by Margaret Falley, A guide to the Genealogical Records, Methods, and Sources in Ireland, 2 vols. Shenandoah Publishing House, Strasburg, VA. 1962
19. Nathan Bedford Forrest, A Biography by Jack Hurst, Random House, NY 1995, 433 pages. (Dr. JB Cowan was his Chief Surgeon and my cousin Mary Anne married the good General; he was simply the most remarkable man either side produced during the War. Not my words, those were Sherman's)
20. Clan Stewart Magazine, Minden Nebraska, LDS two films from the life long information gathered by a gentleman who went around the country on a bus and sought out every piece of info. on Stewarts. Priceless to the Cowan genealogist who is interested in Londonderry and Down.