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About the Mentoring Committee

Members of the Mentoring committee are responsible for mentoring WeRelate users, both new and old. They answer questions and offer assistance. Users can request assistance by leaving a message our Talk page. General questions can also be posted on our WeRelate Support page.

Overview Committee Liaison

Cos1776 is available as a liaison between this group and the Overview Committee. There may be times that additional help is needed for this group to operate smoothly. Some examples include: a need for additional volunteers, questions about tasks, requests for assistance with conflict resolution, requests for policy changes, etc. If you would like help, please feel free to contact me either via my talk page or via email

I will fill in temporarily until a new Liaison is found. If you are interested in this position, please let us know.--cos1776 16:24, 20 November 2016 (UTC)

Current Mentoring Committee members

We are in need of volunteers! If you would like to participate on this committee, please leave a message on the talk page. Thank you!

Getting Started


This page belongs to the Mentoring Committee. Please feel free to edit the instructions as you see fit.