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Welcome to the Talk page for the Mentoring Committee!

Any signed in member of WeRelate can leave a message here to request some mentoring from our volunteer team members or to discuss any topics related to mentoring at this site.

How to leave a message

Simply select Add topic from the left menu bar on this page to open the message screen. Once you have entered a subject line and your message, remember to scroll down and click Save page. That's it!

Our volunteers are located across the globe. We will try to respond to your message here within 24-48 hours. Please allow a little extra time during holidays.

Questions on using the sandbox and duplicates [2013]

I have just started entering my family's information. Have looked at several getting started videos and other instructions.

I have two questions/inquires the first------need sandbox address so I can experiment there before adding as recommended, perhaps my ipad does not support that version.

second---------Some of the pages I have added for relations are in duplicate or more and would like to make just a single page not Joe Doe (3) how can I correct?

Thank you so very much. Preceding unsigned comment added by Lizbalsray

Hi Lizbalsray, welcome to WeRelate! The sandbox site is currently inaccessible, but you can experiment on the Help:Sandbox page. Some users will also create User pages to test out various functions. You can create a user page by clicking on Add in the top menu and choosing User Page.
Regarding duplicate pages, they can be merged by going to Admin>Compare Pages (instructions at Help:Merging pages). If you need further help, you can leave a message on the WeRelate talk:Support page. --Jennifer (JBS66) 18:34, 13 January 2013 (EST)

Committee Roll Call & Update [20 November 2016]

Hello - I am in the process of updating the information on the status of our admin structure and maintenance committees. The members of this committee are currently listed as:

  • JBS66, Liason to the Overview Committee
  • Klaas

Please respond here to let us know that you are still active on this committee and whether or not you wish to continue in this capacity. Also, if there are additional users on the committee not listed, please let us know.

To help us quantify the work that is being done, please include a brief list of the tasks that you perform most frequently and an estimate of the average amount of time per month that you currently spend on these tasks.
Thank you in advance for your help, --cos1776 13:59, 17 October 2016 (UTC)

Hi Cos1776, thank you for emailing me. I am going to decline being a part of the administrative committees. I wish you all the best in the revitalization efforts. --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:15, 15 November 2016 (UTC)
Jennifer - Thank you for your dedicated service to this site over the years. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. If you wish to become involved in the administration again in the future, please just let us know. --cos1776 16:06, 20 November 2016 (UTC) (on behalf of WeRelate:Overview committee)

Call for volunteers!

This committee is in need of volunteers. If you would like to help, please let us know below. Thank you! --cos1776 16:06, 20 November 2016 (UTC)