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Place names [20 June 2008]

Hi, I'm an admin for WeRelate. Its my job to help people learn to use the system better. I noticed you have some red place links. The place links must be blue if you want to map the event. A red link means there is no place page for that place. This usually means the place title has abbreviations in it or is incomplete. Please see Places to learn about naming places. An easy way to find a place page is to type the first word of the place's name and wait a few seconds. WeRelate has auto-fillin for place names. A list of all the places in the world with that name will appear in a few moments. Select the proper one. If your place is not on the list, the name hierarchy is:

  • The smallest jurisdiction to the largest containing place.
  • Each jurisdictional tier is separated by a comma.
  • The words following the last comma indexed as the country.
  • we don't write out type words such as county, district, city

So, Los Angeles would be "Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States."

If you have a red place link, click on it and save the page. (You won't need to add any information as long as the place in contained in a larger jurisdiction. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. --sq 12:21, 19 June 2008 (EDT)

Thanks for the help. I am going slowly in adding information so I get used to how it should be done.--Acurley 16:02, 20 June 2008 (EDT)

Place names [20 June 2008]

Hi, thanks so much for participating! I am an admin for WeRelate. It's my job to help people get the most out of WeRelate. You may be wondering why your place names links are red. This means that this place is not in the place index. This isn't bad, it just means that that your event will not show up on the pedigree map or be indexed in a place category. If this is a well known place, chances are it's in the index but listed differently. Type in the town, county, or district followed by a comma. Wait a few moments and a list of all the possible places in the index will drop down. Many places change their names even countries, these renamed places will appear at top of the list. Scroll down to your place and click on it. If your place is not on the list, for US places, type in Town, County, Country (do not use abbreviations), and save the page. Different countries have different jurisdictional tiers. Look up a larger place in that country to see the local name hierarchy. When you click on the red link you can create a new place page for that place. If you include the latitude and longitude or if it is contained in a county or country already in the system, it will appear on your pedigree map.--sq 12:31, 19 June 2008 (EDT)

Thanks for the help. I am going slowly in adding information so I get used to how it should be done.--Acurley 16:02, 20 June 2008 (EDT)

mcenery [20 June 2008]

my wife has McEnery's in her line, their location is Chicago 187x . You probably get my user name but if not it is jmp.--Jmp 17:07, 19 June 2008 (EDT)

At one time I corresponded with Dr. John McEnery of Chicago. Although he connected several of the McEnery branches, we were never able to connect them to the Belleville, New Jersey; Erie, Pennsylvania; or Bronx, New York, McEnerys, all of whom are related. I have a lot of information on the Chicago McEnerys. If I find I have some information you do not have, I will add it--Acurley 16:01, 20 June 2008 (EDT)

McEnery descendant [16 July 2008]

I have seen you tree on Ancestry. JMP suggested I try this site. Am curious about your Ireland sources.--mem 14:44, 16 July 2008 (EDT)

Which sources? I commissioned a search on my McEnery ancestors from the Limerick Heritage Office (or whatever the official name is.) It was a little bit expensive, but well worth it, since I could give them enough information so that they had the correct family right away. I also order microfilm of Irish records from the LDS library. Are you part of the Chicago/Louisiana McEnerys or the Bronx/New Jersey/Erie McEnerys?--Acurley 14:55, 16 July 2008 (EDT)

Sorry for the long response time...I have clearly done something wrong as I've responded more than once using a different page...maybe I have it right this time. I am a descendant of the Chicago McEnerys...Daniel F McEnery b 1887 was my grandfather...I did not know the Louisiana McEnerys were realted to the Chicago group. Have you discovered any relationship between the midwestern McE and the east coat McE? I also have the info gathered by Dr John McEnery. Now I would like to gather documentation for his info. In Sept 2008 I will be in Ireland and hope to find the docs for Dr John's info and also to search for ancestors beyond John McENery d 1841. Do you have any experience with this? Is the Limerick Heritage Office in Adair?

McEnery [22 July 2008]

I am definitely challenged by this WeRelate site. If this fails I will break down and press the help button.

I am from the Chicago McEnerys, Daniel F McEnery b 1887 was my grandfather.

My query about your sources is because I will be in Ireland this Sep and want to find docs for Dr John McEnery's info. Also I'd like to go beyond John McEnery d 1841.

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

mem--mem 11:54, 20 July 2008 (EDT)

Some of the things Dr. McEnery did, such as go to the parish and look at the registers, can be done by ordering microfilm from the Family History Library. I would have to check my notes (I am away from home right now) but those records should be available on microfilm. You might want to contact the pastor before you go, and see if he can put you in touch with McEnerys who still live in the area.--Acurley 12:37, 22 July 2008 (EDT)

Hugh Donnelly [9 March 2009]

Thank you for directing me to We Relate (your post on . Hugh Donnelly was my Great Grandmother's (Ester Donnelly) father. She was married to Wright L. Gilbert. I started to research my ancestors several years ago but found I do not have the time required. Perhaps when I retire in a few years.

Russell Koch Bloomfield, NJ--Russ44 18:43, 8 March 2009 (EDT)

Good to hear from you again. I hope things are going well.--Acurley 20:07, 8 March 2009 (EDT)

Dutch Reformed Church at Second River Register [9 April 2009]


I am a volunteer admin here at WeRelate. I noticed that you created a source: Source:Register of the Baptisms, Births, Marriages, Membership of the Dutch Reformed Church at Second River – New Jersey, 1794 – 1848; Gift to – The New Jersey Historical Society from Nova Caesarea Chapter, D.A.R. of Newark – New Jersey. This source already existed here - albeit in duplicate and with a non-conforming title! I've merged the two duplicates, and now would like to integrate your new source into it.

This type of source, Government/Church Records would follow the naming convention, Place.Title (where place is in the order: country, state, county, town). My question is about the town this register represents, Second River. Is this actually Belleville? My thought for a title for this source would be:

  • United States, New Jersey, Essex, Belleville. Register of Baptisms, Births, Marriages, Memberships of the Dutch Reformed Church at Second River, New Jersey, 1794-1848

I will await your response before I proceed.

Thank you!--Jennifer (JBS66) 06:29, 8 April 2009 (EDT)

Thanks for your help. Yes, Second River is the original name of the section of Newark, NJ that became Belleville (after being part of Bloomfield for a while).--Acurley 10:21, 8 April 2009 (EDT)

Thank you for your explanation. Here's what I'm thinking... what if we were to leave the word Belleville out of the title? It seems from what you are describing, that a variety of names could represent this area over time, and the place Second River does still appear in the title. So, if you have no objections, I could title the page:

  • United States, New Jersey, Essex. Register of Baptisms, Births, Marriages, Memberships of the Dutch Reformed Church at Second River, New Jersey, 1794-1848--Jennifer (JBS66) 10:39, 8 April 2009 (EDT)

Certainly. Especially since "Belleville" could be listed as a placed covered by the book.--Acurley 12:41, 8 April 2009 (EDT)

Great! Thanks for your input. Here is the new source page: Source:United States, New Jersey, Essex. Register of Baptisms, Births, Marriages, Memberships of the Dutch Reformed Church at Second River, New Jersey, 1794-1848. I also edited your Family:Peter Donnelly and Eliza Cole (1) to reflect the new source title. --Jennifer (JBS66) 08:31, 9 April 2009 (EDT)

Looks great. --Acurley 08:40, 9 April 2009 (EDT)

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Congratulations! [11 February 2012]

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GEDCOM Export Ready [18 November 2012]

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Donnelly, Hugh: dates? [28 February 2013]

My immigrant ancestor Patrick Donnelly had a brother Hugh who would have emigrated around 1820 from County Tyrone.

Do you have any dates for the Hugh Donnelly in your project?--MKLund 15:00, 27 February 2013 (EST)

Hugh Donnelly, son of Hugh and Margaret, was born about 1810 in Ireland. One record says he was born in County Antrim, but it could easily have been County Tyrone. He was probably in Essex County, NJ by 1830.

His brother Peter married Elizabeth Cole at the Dutch Reformed Church in Belleville, Essex County, NJ, in 1826.

Where did your Patrick settle?--Acurley 17:12, 28 February 2013 (EST)

The date works fairly well and the county may be a wash - but the religion is wrong. My Patrick was Catholic, so I am assuming that it is a different line.

Patrick was in New Brunswick and Maine, but he was looking for two brothers, Mark and Hugh, from whom he had been separated. Shipwrecks or safe harbor often brought passengers to NB instead of the American ports to which they were headed.

Thank you for the info. I am new to WeRelate. Still trying to figure it out.--MKLund 18:38, 28 February 2013 (EST)

My Donnellys are also Catholic. Peter happened to marry a Protestant. One problem is that Donnelly is the seventh most common name in Ireland. As you put your information on WeRelate, I'll see if anything looks promising for a connection.--Acurley 18:47, 28 February 2013 (EST)

using [17 February 2014]

to Acurley,

Update, 17 Feb 2014

I'm making better progress navigating the website. So little by little, I'm adding information regarding McLaughlin and McGilvery family members.

Margaret DeAcetis

I see you are getting very much more adept. Congratulations!

I connected Frank McGilvrey to his parents. It was a matter of adding his father, and then choosing the page that was already in WeRelate.--Acurley 13:53, 17 February 2014 (UTC)

Thank you. I'll go check it now.

John Shields/Catherine Huston [29 January 2015]


I am new to the site but noticed you are watching the page that lists the details of this marriage in NJ in 1854. I am a descendant of John and Catherine and was wondering what your interest is or if you just entered information on people not related to you?


Barbara--Blhoblit 13:45, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

== Shields/Huston

Good question! I am not sure why I have them on. Are they from Belleville, NJ? I am doing a study of the Irish in Belleville and perhaps put them on as part of that project.

--Acurley 13:55, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

I now realize why I had information on them. They were an Irish-born couple who settled in Essex County, NJ, and then went to California during the Gold Rush. I am currently doing research on the Irish community of Belleville, Essex Co., NJ.--Acurley 19:42, 29 January 2015 (UTC)

GEDCOM Export Ready [30 September 2014]

The GEDCOM for tree Descendants of Patrick McEnery and Catherine Riordan is ready to download. Click here.

Relative [29 January 2015]

--Bdalzell 19:20, 29 January 2015 (UTC)Hi

My name is Beth Dalzell. Pauline's son Hugh Fredrick McLaughlin married May Thompson (I have no information on her). They had two daughters - Margaret Grace McLaughlin b. 2/20/1986 and Marie Antoinette McLaughlin. My grandmother is Margaret Grace McLaughlin (known as Grace). She married George Howland Dalzell. They had two sons Clifford Blackwell Dalzell and Robert Hunter Dalzell. Clifford was the son of Grace's first marriage to Clyford Watson Blackwell, who was then adopted by George Howland Dalzell. My father is Robert Hunter Dalzell

Would welcome sharing information with you.

Regards Beth Dalzell

I have been putting pretty much all of the information I find on WeRelate. Are you comfortable putting the information you have on WeRelate (deceased people only, as per regulations). If not, I will add them and see what other information I can find.

Augustine--Acurley 19:46, 29 January 2015 (UTC)

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GEDCOM Export Ready [28 May 2017]

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