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I have been researching my family tree off and on since the late 90s. I am presently not actively pursuing genealogical research, but, as time allows, I want to post what I have already found to a free collaborative site.

In real life I am a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara (not the Olympic medal-winning sailor from New Zealand).

Here are sketches of my ancestral lines. Many of my ancestors came to New England in the 17th century; my most recent immigrant ancestor came from England in 1851.


My paternal grandfather

Stephen Jennings Kendall
1797 MA-1832 MA
Levi Goddard Kendall
1827 MA-1906 WI
Ruth Bliss Fisher
1799 MA-1883 MA
William Beveridge Kendall
1857 NY-1907 WI
Nelson Barrell
1800 MA-????
Abigail Barrell
1830 MA-1867 IN
Mehitable Jones
1801 MA-1869 MA
Raymond Levi Kendall
1885 WI-1944 IL
Thomas McGary
1803 Ire-1878 WI
Selium McGary
1831 VT-1910 WI
Lovina Huntley
1810 VT-1881 WI
Josephine McGary
1863 WI-1932 IL
Charles Fox,
1808 NY - 1896 MI
Elvira Fox
1832 OH-1908 WI
Ann Studdley
abt 1810-abt 1842 OH
William Beveridge Kendall
1903 WI-1997 NY
William Wright
1795 England - abt 1855 England
Samuel Wright
1821 Eng-1905 WI
Alice Russell
abt 1794 England - 1876 England
John Poole Wright
1848 Eng-1919 WI
Isaac Poole
1799 Eng-1884 Eng
Lucy Poole
1834 Eng-1892 WI
Mary Hawes
1797 Eng-1864 Eng
Edna Beulah Wright
1885 WI-1978 MO
William Jepson
1790 ME-1868 ME
Edward P. Jepson
1827 ME-????
Sarah Blaisdell
1790 ME-1833 ME
Mary Ella Jepson
1854 ME-1943 IL
Joel Wright
1800 ME-1884 ME
Miriam Margaret Wright
1825 ME-1899 WI
Mary Skelton
1800 ME-1883 ME

My paternal grandmother

Lucius Bragg
est 1818 VT-aft 1880 NY?
Charles J Bragg
1838 VT-aft 1905
Almira M Congdon
est 1821 VT-aft 1880 NY?
Charles John Bragg
1860 NY-aft 1910
John Doran
abt 1820 Ireland-aft 1880 NY
Mary Ann Doran
abt 1846 Ireland-bet 1883 and 1892 NY
Mary Unknown
abt 1825 Ireland-aft 1880 NY
Clarence Edward Bragg
1888 NY-1960 NY
Edward F Jenkins
1821 NY-1890 NY
Leonard M B Jenkins
1842 NY-1893 NY
Abigail A Barras
1822 NY-1882 NY
Annetta E Jenkins
1864 NY-1933 NY
Joseph Barrass
1817 NY-1860 NY
Lucy Ann Barrass
1844 NY-1929 NY
Lucinda Jane Eggleston
1820 NY-1886 NY
Harriett Gladys Bragg
1914 NY-1987 NY
Olivier Facette
1824 Can-????
Oliver Facette
1845 Can-1904 NY
Anastasie Honorine Mondoux
1825 Can-????
Levi D Fassett
1871 NY-1947 NY
Joseph Achin
1824 Can-1884 NY
Julia Asher
1852 NY-1926 NY
Julie Nolin
1825 Can-1890 NY
Sarah Lillian Fassett
1891 NY-1982 NY
George F. "Seneca" Ball
1818 NY-1893 NY
George William Ball
1849 NY-1923 NY
Eliza M Randall
1819 NY-1879 NY
Ida May Ball
1873 NY-1893 NY
Sarah Unknown
1854 NY-1923 NY

My maternal grandfather

Isaac Newton Miller
1765 SC-1846 SC
Isaac Newton Miller
1793 SC-1865 SC
Hester Elizabeth Weaver
1765 NC-1855 SC
DeForrest Miller
1839 SC-1909 IN
Barnett Holloway Allgood
1779 VA-1861 SC
Mary Allgood
1802 SC-1865 SC
Frances Dean
1783 SC-1840 SC
Paul DeForest Miller
1876 IN-1958 OH
William Gladden
John Gladden
1812 MD-????
Hannah Unknown
Frances Mary Margaret Gladden
1854 IN-1893
Rachel A Unknown
1816 PA-1861 IN
Paul DeForest Miller Jr.
1911 OH-1985 FL
Charles E Newman
1809 PA-1879 IN
Charles Edwin Newman
1848 IN-1917 IN
John Souffrain
1776 France-1856 IN
Mary Souffrain
1805 PA-1872 IN
Eleanor Bigelow
1774 PA-1854 IN
Anna Mary Newman
1879 IN-1965 OH
Joseph Doane
1794 NC-1861 OH
Nathan Doan
1824 OH-1891 IN
Eliza D Carpenter
1802 OH-1873 OH
Frances Eliza Doan
1854 OH-1936 MI
Daniel I. Downing
Annie Elizabeth Downing
1825 PA-1864 IN
Sarah Iden
1789 PA-????

My maternal grandmother

Stephen Julian
1784 MD-1848 OH
Alexander Julian
1811 OH-1888
Hannah Berry
1782 VA-1829 OH
William Rufus Julian
1834 OH-1898 OH
Andrew Clendenen
1768 Ireland-1851 OH
Eleanor Clendenen
1812 PA-1876
Mary Unknown
1778 PA-aft 1850 OH
Newell Theophilus Julian
1862 OH-1927 OH
John C Courtright
1779 PA-1863 OH
Abraham van Camp Courtright
1803 OH-1852 OH
Elizabeth H Grubb
1780 PA-1852 OH
Esther Courtright
1833 OH-1890 OH
Adam Snyder
1781 PA - 1848 OH
Catherine Snyder
1806 OH-abt 1865 OH
Elizabeth Unknown
1785 PA - 1871 OH
Dorothy Mae Julian
1913 OH-1995 FL
Roger Thrall
1767 CT-1844 NY
Freeborn Garretson Thrall
1810 NY-1877 OH
Sarah Reynolds
1767 CT-1855 OH
Frederick Willoughby Thrall
1839 NY-1922 OH
Wanton Almy
1786 RI-1868 NY
Maria Sophia Almy
1814 NY-1891 OH
Juliana Moeller
Mabel Thrall
1875 OH-1966 FL
John Wicken
1808 Eng-1895 OH
Rebecca Louise Wicken
1843 OH-1929 OH
Christopher Darley
1791 Eng-1833 OH
Elizabeth Darley
1815 Eng-1895 OH
Hannah Groves
1789 Eng-1874 OH

Unfinished roots

Potentially soft Brick Walls

Immigrant ancestors

Immigrants to modern-day United States

  • Ancestors of Luther Barrell
  • Ancestors of John Humphrey, father of Noah
  • 1635 Peter Hobart, from Hingham, England to Hingham, Mass. Parents Edmund and Margaret immigrated in 1633 on the Elizabeth Bonaventure
  • 1638 Rebecca Peck, with parents Joseph Peck and Rebecca Clark, on the Diligent, from Hingham, England to Hingham, Mass.
  • Ancestors of Sarah Joyce
  • Bef 1646 John Leavitt; England to Hingham
  • Bef 1646 Sarah Gilman, with parents Edward Gilman and Mary Clarke; from Hingham, England to Hingham, Mass.
  • Ancestors of Abraham Jackson
  • 1623 Nathanial Morton, with parents George Morton and Julianna Carpenter; on the Anne from England to Plymouth
  • Bef 1635 Lydia Cooper, with parents, from England to Plymouth
  • 1635 Joseph Bate, with parents Clement and Ann; on the Elizabeth; from Kent to Hingham