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APRIL, 1802 (M to Z).

Piper vs. Hartley.--This may certify that on complaint being made to me, as a member of the Abolition Society, &c., that a certain Negro Tom was illegally held in slavery by a certain Peter Piper, of Franklin Township, York County. I attended, and on viewing the writings given to Peter Piper by Peter Hartley respecting the sale of the said negro, I found that they had originated in Maryland, and that of course the boy had been brought from Maryland to the State of Pennsylvania, which is contrary to the laws of Pennsylvania, and by which means the said Negro Tom obtained his freedom and is now a free man. Certified this fourteenth day of December, 1799, by me.

                                BENJAMIN WRIGHT,

A Member of the Abolition Society for the relief of free negroes unlawfully held in bondage.

 To whom concerned.


  Adams County, ss:

Personally appeared before me, Abraham Russell, Peter Piper, who being duly sworn, saith that about the month of January, 1787, he purchased from Peter Hartley a negro boy named Tom as a slave for life, for the sum of £50 and a fat hog valued at £2. Received a bill of sale from Hartley, which is mislaid, and that through the interference of Benjamin Wright the said negro boy was liberated from slavery in the beginning of the year 1792.

Sworn to 16th August, 1800.--A. RUSSELL.

Certificate that Russell is a Justice of the Peace.


15th August, 1800. Benjamin Wright deposes upon his solemn affirmation (being conscientiously scrupulous against making oath) that being one of the Incorporation Society for the Relief of Negroes Held in Slavery Contrary to the Laws of Pennsylvania, and having had information that Peter Piper held a negro boy called Tom as a slave contrary to law, called on said Peter Piper, who informed this affirmant that he had purchased the boy from a Peter Hartley as a slave, and showed him the bill of sale that Peter Hartley had executed to him, the said Peter Piper. This affirmant then told Peter Piper that he could not hold the boy in slavery by the bill of sale, the law not being complied with in recording the boy, and in order to liberate the boy this deponent proceeded to search the records of Cumberland County (in which County the said negro boy was born), and found he was not recorded there, and on returning to the County where the boy was held, said affirmant effected the liberation of the said negro boy, according to the laws of Pennsylvania, and farther saith not.

                                                  BENJAMIN WRIGHT.
 Sworn to, 15th August, 1800, before William McLean, John Dickson, Walter