Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p588


Volume 3, Page 588

Sarah, s. John, Samuel, and Jeremiah, and sis. Mehitable Richards.
SAMUEL, Roxbury, s. of Samuel of the same, m. 8 July 1680, Martha
Woodbridge, d. of Rev. John, had Samuel, b. 3 Dc. 1681, H. C., 1702,
min. of Billerica; Lucy, 8 Sept. 1683; Timothy, 3 Nov. 1685, H. C.
1707, min. of Rochester; Hannah, 16 Apr. 1688; Patience 9 Nov.
1689; Martha, 1 Feb. 1692; Sarah, 18 June 1694, or Jan. 1695;
Joseph, 21 July 1696; Mary, 20 Sept. 1698; and Benjamin, 4 July
1700, Y. C. 1721, min. of Middleborough; and d. 25 Feb. 1716. His
wid. d. 1738, at her son's in billerica. THOMAS, Roxbury, elder br. of
John first of the same, and prob. cousin of the first John of Boston, came
in 1637, with w. Mary, and ch. Sarah, and Samuel; their first s. had d.
in Eng. and the next, John, was brot. two yrs. bef. by Philip Eliot;
freem. 22 May 1639; d. 15 Nov. 1644. His will, made six ds. bef.
gives est. to w. and ch. John, Samuel, and Sarah. In his rec. of the ch.
Eliot inserts his name among the bur. next to that of John Graves, and
adds, "he d. of a consumpt. These two brake the knot of the Nazing
Christians that came from the town in Eng.: Three, he had been,
prob. their spiritual guide. Mary the wid. of Thomas, m. aft. 1662, a
Roote, whose name of bapt. is unkn. and of her, at the date of her bur.
14 Feb. 1675, Eliot writes thus: "Old mo. Roote, wh. was Thomas
' wid. afore. She lived not only till past use, but til more
tedious than a child. She was in her 89th yr." THOMAS, Guilford, s. of
John the sec. of Roxbury,
[1] ord. 1695, had Thomas, Y. C. 1723; and
other ch. for this. wh. succeed his f. in that pulpit, call. hims. eldest s. d.
1 June 1728. Sixteen of this name in 1834, had been gr. at the N. E. Coll.

    RUM. See Ram.

    RUMBALL, DANIEL, Salem 1644-1666, blacksmith, had 80 acres of ld.
laid out 5 Feb. 12644, was lib. 1681. THOMAS, Stratford, came to Boston
in the Truelove, 1635, aged 22, was out in the Pequot war next yr.
under Lyon Gardiner, so we may believe he was of Saybrook at that
time. His d. Bethia m. 12 June 1661, Robert Stewart of Norwalk, as
Hall, 186. tells.

1692, Sarah Fairman, had Sarah, b. Feb. 1693; Simon, 1696; Ebenezer,
1702; and John, 1704; perhaps more. See Hinman 18.

    RUMSEY or RUMSIE, ROBERT, Fairfield, bef. 1670, had a fam. there
cont. aft. 1700. THOMAS, Boston 1678, an impostor, m. 1 July 1679,
Rebecca, d. of our Seer. Edward Rawson, carr. her to London, and there
abandon, her immed. See Coffin's Newbury, 398, or Geneal, Reg. III.

    RUNDLE, WILLIAM, Greenwich 1672.

    RUNDLET, RUNLET or RANLET, CHARLES, Exeter, tak. by the Ind.