Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p589

Volume 3, Page 589

    RUSCO, RESKIE, RESKOE or RESCUE, JOHN, Norwalk, perhaps s. of
William b. in Eng. m. at hartford, 2 Jan. 1651, Rebecca Beebe, had in
1672 five ch. but their names or dates are unkn. exc. one, perhaps
Thomas, wh. with f. was lib. 1694. NATHANIEL, Hartford, br. prob. elder
of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 11 Nov. 1645, Joanna Crolet, if the
surname be not mistak. had Nathaniel, was frem. 1654, a surveyor 1661,
d. 1673. NATHANIEL, Hartford, s. of the preced. was propound, for
freem. 1668. WILLIAM, Cambridge, came in the Increase, 1635, aged
41, with w. Rebecca, 40; and ch. Sarah, 9; Mary, 7; Samuel, 5; and
William, 1; his w. d. early perhaps on the voyage, and in 1636 be m.
wid. Esther Musse or Must. rem. early to Hartford, where he was an
orig. propr. had Samuel, again, b. 12 Mar. 1648, and kept the prison in
1650. He came from Bilericay in Co. Essex. His d. Sarah M. 10 Dec.
1646, Henry Cole; and Mary m. 19 Aug. 1647, Hugh Wells.

    RUSH, JASPER, Dorchester, freem. 1644, by w. Elizabeth had Preserved,
b. 24 Sept. 1651; Elizabeth 24 Oct. 1653, d. at 4 yrs. and Thankful, 21 Oct.
1657, d. next mo. He m. sec. w. Judith, 24 Mar. 1664, and d. 23 Feb.

    RUSHMORE, THOMAS, Hempstead, L. I. 1663, was under jurisdict.
of Conn. but would not serve as constable.

    RUSS, JOHN, Newbury 1635, had perhaps Nathaniel, b. a. 1640;
John, 24 June 1641; Mary, 16 Feb. 1644; rem. next yr. to Andover,
there had Jonathan, Thomas, Josiah, and Joseph. His w. Margaret d.
10 July 1689, and he d. 4 Mar. 1692, aged 80. Mary m. 7 June 1662,
Andrew Foster. JOHN, Andover, s. of the preced. prob. the freem. of
1692, m. 20 Aug. 1663, Deborah Osgood, perhaps d. of John, had Joseph,
wh. d. 10 June 1687; prob. Sarah, and other ch. RICHARD, a
soldier, perhaps of Weymouth, was wound. in 1675, in the fight when
Capt. Lathrop was k. and was reliev. of the bullet by a Dutch surgeon
in 1678.

    RUSSELL, BENJAMIN, Cambridge, 1670, s. of William by w. Rebecca
had Rebecca, wh. d. 2 Feb. 1673; Jason, 10 May 1674; Benjamin, b.
and d. Apr. 1676; Joyce, 14 May 1677; and Sarah, 4 July 1679; perhaps
rem. son aft. 1694. DANIEL, Charlestown, sec. s. of Richard,
freem. 1676, was a preach. aft. leav. coll. for a short time perhaps at
New London, in 1675, where his townsman Bradstreet was the min. and
invit. to sett. at his native town 1678, but d. Jan. of next yr. He had
m. a. 1676, Mehitable, d. of Samuel Willis of Hartford, and had only
ch. Mehitable, wh. had from him good est. and m. Rev. John Hubbard
of Jamaica. L. I. 12 June 1701; and aft. him m. 9 Dec. 1707, Rev.
Samuel Woodbridge. Her mo. m. 1680, Rev. Isaac Foster, and next,
his successor in the parish, Rev. Timothy Woodbridge as his first w.