Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p495


Volume 3, Page 495

of aft. Felt. See also Essex Inst. Coll. II. 276, and III. 14 and 15.
Sometimes this is spelt Purchis.

    PURDY, FRANCES, and MARY, Fairfield 1644, are witness. to the will
of William Frost, 6 Jan. 1645. Possib. the first was a man.

    PURLPE, EDWARD, Haddam 1674, m. Hannah Ackley, prob, d. of
Nicholas. In that vicin. the name is found to our day.

    PURRINGTON, BENJAMIN, is only use of a wrong surname, wh. in his
case, is Parmenter, in the abstr. of will of Thomas Cawly, Essex Inst.
Hist. Coll. II. 71. JOHN, Kennebunk, was clk. of the writs 1668.
JOHN, Exeter, s. of Robert, rem. to Salisbury. JOHN, Salisbury, s. of
the preced. perhaps, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 26 Jan. 1691. ROBERT,
Portsmouth 1665, freem. 1672; had John, b. a. 1635; and Robert, a.
1638; perhaps both b. in Eng. may have rem. to Salisbury, and had
other ch. may easily be mistaken for Pudington. The name is much
diffus. and often found writ. without g but with single r.

    PURRYER, WILLIAM, Ipswich, from Olney in Bucks, emb. at London,
early in 1635, aged, by the custom-ho. rec. 36, in the Hopewell, with w.
Alice, 37, and ch. Mary, 7; Sarah, 5; and Catharine, 1 1/2. Oft. Felt
says, the y is changed to i. I imagine he rem. to Southold, L. I. and
was adm. freem. of Conn. 1662; but. whether the name. be perpet.
is unkn.

    PURY. See Perry.

    PUTNAM or PUTMAN, BENJAMIN, Salem vill. now Danvers, s. of
Nathaniel of the same, freem. 1690, by w. Sarah had Nathaniel, b. 25
Aug. 1686; Tarrant, 12 Apr. 1688; Elizabeth 8 Jan. 1690; Benjamin, 8
Jan. 1693; Stephen, 27 Oct. 1694; Daniel, 12 Nov. 1696; Israel, 22
Aug. 1699; and Cornelius, 3 Sept. 1702. His w. d. 21 Dec. 1705;
and he m. 1 July 1706, Sarah Holton, and d. 1715. EDWARD, Salem
vill. s. of Thomas of the same, was freem. 1690, and deac. m. 14 June
1681, Mary Holton (in Essex Inst. III. 15, call. Hale), had Edward, b.
29 Apr. 1682; Holyoke (Holbrook in Essex Inst.), 28 Sept. 1683;
Elisha, 3 Nov. 1685; Joseph, 1 Nov. 1687; Mary, 14 Aug. 1689; Prudence,
25 Jan. 1692; Nehemiah, 20 Dec. 1693; Ezra, 29 Apr. 1696;
and Isaac, 14 Mar. 1698; was gr.f. of an officer of gr. merit and experience,
Gen. Rufus, and d. 1747. ELEAZER, Danvers, s. of the sec.
John, m. Hannah Boardman, had Hannah, b. 8 Dec. 1693; Eleazer, 14
Sept. 1695; Sarah, 26 Sept. 1697; Jeptha, 24 Aug. 1699; Samuel, 30
May 1707; Henry, 14 Aug. 1712; and Apphia, 8 July 1716; but possib.
some of the latter may have been by w. Elizabeth named in his will,
brot. for prob. 3 Oct. 1732. JAMES, Salem vill. br. of Eleazer, freem.
1690, Sarah, b. Jan. 1686; Barthlomew, bapt. Oct. 1688; James,
Feb. 1690; Jonathan, 1693, prob. d. young; Archelaus, bapt. July