Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p494

Volume 3, Page 494

David, 3 Nov. 1686; Samuel, 20 Sept. 1691; and Ebenezer, 18 Oct.
1694. He was deac. and d. 23 Jan. 1730. Yale has furnish. five gr.
bef. 1835 of this name, the first was Rev. Ebenezer, 1724, of Pittsfield.

    PURCHAS or PURKAS, ABRAHAM, Salem, 1680, by w. Ruth, d. of John
Williams of the same, had Ruth, b. 10 June 1702; and Benjamin, 2 Mar. 1706.
JOHN, Hartford, a. 1639, d. prob. bef. mid. age, and his will of 15 Oct. 1645
may be read in Trumbull's Coll. Rec. I. 466. His wid. Joan m. 20 Oct. 1646,
Nicholas Palmer; and his d. Mary m. Jared Speck, and d. Eliz. m. Richard
Case. Whether his hope of a s. express. in the will, were prosper.
is uncert. JOHN, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Sarah, wh. d. 14 Feb. 1652;
Sarah, again, b. 10 Aug. 1655; John, 3 Aug. 1656; and Mary, 3 Feb.
1660. * OLIVER, Dorchester 1635, freem. 7 Dec. 1636, rem. early to
Taunton, there enrol. in 1643 in the milit. was ens. 1651, and in good
esteem; but few yrs aft. rem. to Lynn, there his w. Sarah d. 21 Oct.
1671; and he m. 17 Sept. 1672, Mary, d. of Rev. William Perkins;
was rep. 1660 and oft. aft. last in 1689 at four Courts; rem. to Concord
a. 1691, there d. 20 Nov. 1701, in 84th yr. as one rept. gives it, or 88th
as in common desire to exagger. has been asserted. His depon. makes
his yr. of b. 1613, it is said, but unless the description with circumst. be
complete, it may be doubted if the true reading should not be 1618, else
why was the rec. of 84th yr. ever tolerat. He was chos. one of the
Assist. 1685, but refus. to take the o. prob. bec. the old chart. had been
annul. I suppose that Priscilla, wh. m. 26 Oct. 1663, William Wilson,
was his d. THOMAS, Kennebeck, an adventur. of good discret. and
perserverance, perhaps elder br. of the preced. came first in 1628, and
was princip. of the Pegypscott sett. on both sides of Androscoggin, near
its mouth; appears on first leaf of Vol. I. of Maine rec. as one of the
Commissnrs. at Saco, on new-year's day, 25 Mar. 1636, with the friends
of Sir Ferd. Gorges, at his planta. where is now Brunswick, of wh.
he sold to Mass. good part 22 July 1639, as by the Indenture in full is
shown in Col. Rec. I. 272. His w. Mary d. at Boston 7 Jan. 1656.
The Ind. began hostil. Sept. 1675, by plunder of his ho. and he rem. to
Lynn. When he d. a few wks. bef. 11 May 1678, with usual exagger.
he was said by his wid. Elizabeth to be 101 yrs. old. She was prob. much
younger, and m. Nov. of that yr. John Blaney of Lynn. He left s.
Thomas, made excor. of his will of 2 May 1677, ds. Jane and Elizabeth
beside three more ch. as the wid. says. Folsom, 31, 153; Willis I.
14, 156; Sullivan, 372; Haz. I. 58; and Hubbard, Ind. Wars, 14.
THOMAS, Salem, s. of the preced. in his petitn. with mo. to Pro. Ct. calls
hims. "a young man," by w. Elizabeth Williams, m. 3 Dec. 1679, had.
Thomas, b. 29 Jan. 1680; sailed on a voyage 1681, and was not heard