Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p183


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Volume 1, Page 183

d. 11 Apr. 1719, aged 77 yrs. Of this name, in 1829, Farmer found
gr. four at Yale, two at Harv. and two at other coll. in N. E.

    BIRDEN, JOHN, a gr. of Harv. Coll. 1647, went to Eng. to exercise
his faculties, indicat. by Italic types, and that is all that is kn. of him.

    BIRDLEY, GILES, Ipswich 1648, had w. Elizabeth and ch. Andrew, b.
Sept. 1657; James, 10 Feb. 1660; Giles, 13 July 1662; and John;
and d. 1668. His will of 18 July was pro. 20 Sept. in that yr. TYLER,
Ipswich 1648, br. perhaps of the preced. if such be the true spell. of
the surname, of which some doubt is felt. Mr. Hammatt, the judicious
critic, of Ipswich annals, thot. it the same as Burley.

    BIRDSALL. See Burdsall.

    BIRDSEYE, JOHN, Milford 1639, rem. with w. Philippa, bef.
1649 to Stratford, there was emin. for serv. in ch. and town. Trumbull,
I. 109. He d. acc. fam. rec. a 1694, aged 73. In his will of 22 Aug. 1689
he names sec. w. Alice Tomlinson, wid. of Henry, m. Oct. 1688, and
confirms their contr. of m. also ment. s. John, b. Mar. 1642; and d. Joanna,
Nov. 1642, w. of Timothy Wilcockson, m. 28 Dec. 1664. JOHN, Stratford
1668, was s. of the preced. m. 11 Dec. 16669, Phebe, d. of William Willcockson,
had Hannah, b. Feb. 1671; Mary, Nov. 1675; Sarah, Mary 1678, d. next yr.;
Abel, Nov. 1679; Joseph, Feb. 1682; and Dinah, 1688; and d. 1697. He wid.
d. 20 Sept. 1743, aged 92. d. Feb. 1698, leav. wid. Phebe, and ch. Hannah,
aged 26; Abel, 19; Joseph, 16; and Dinah, 9 yrs. Rev. Nathan, Yale 1736, d.
1818 at S. in 103d yr. Variat. in spell. this name shows Birdsey and Burdsie.

    BIRGE, DANIEL, Windsor, s. of Richard, m. 5 Nov. 1668, Deborah,
d. of Thomas Holcomb, had Elizabeth b. 25 Apr. 1670; d. young; Deborah
26 Nov. 1671; Elizabeth again, 3 Feb. 1675; Mary, 25 Dec. 1677; Daniel,
16 Sept. 1680; and Abigail, June 1685. The w. d. 26 May foll. and
by sec. w. he had John, 19 Sept. 1689; Cornelius, 30 July 1694; and Esther,
1697. He d. 26 Jan. 1698, when the eight ch. were liv. to partake est. with the
JOHN, Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 28 May 1679, Hannah,
youngest d. of Robert Watson of the same, had John, b. 4 Feb. 1680;
Hannah, 1681; but Stiles says, 17 June 1682;--also, for 1685, he has 22
Sept. 1686;--also, for 1687, 9 Sept. 1688. Jeremiah, 1685; and Mary, 1687.
His w. d. 24 July 1690; and he d. 2 Dec. 1697, leav. no other ch. JOSEPH,
Windsor, youngest br. of the preced. had w. Mary, wh. d. 11 Apr. 1690.
He d. Dec. 1705, and next mo. his s. Joseph chose a guardn. Other ch. he
had elder, but their names are unkn. RICHARD, Windsor 1636, so that
we may judge he had been of Dorchester, m. 5 Oct 1641, Elizabeth only d. of William
, had Daniel, b. 24 Nov. 1644; Elizabeth 28 July 1646, d. soon;
Jeremy, 6 May 1648, wh. was k. 22 Oct. 1668, by fall of a tree; John,
14 Jan. 1650; and Joseph, 2 Nov. 1651, in wh. yr. the f. d. The wid.
m. 22 Apr. 1653, Thomas Hoskins. But the valua. Hist. of V. 538, strange.
makes this Richard. to be Daniel.

    BISBEE, or BISBY, See Besbedge.

    BISCOE. See Briscoe.

    BISCON, ISAAC, Boston, no doubt a Huguenot from France, came
1690, with w. and was adm. a resid. 1 Feb. 1691. I kn. no more.

    BISHOP, EDWARD, Salem 1639, had there bapt. Hannah, 12 Apr.
1646; Edward, 23 Apr. 1648; and Mary, 12 Oct. 1651; and was one