Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p255


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Volume 1, Page 255

    BRINKS, BRYAN, Saco. Sullivan, 304, et seq. Williamson, I. 238,
240. But is it doubt. whether he ever came to our country. No time
is giv.

    BRINLEY, FRANCIS, Newport 1652, s. of Thomas (an auditor of
revenues of the Kings, Charles I. and II., as by the inscript. on his
tomb in the mis. aisle of the ch. at Datchett, Co. Bucks, betw. Colnbrook
and Windsor, is told, tho. it is not specif. whether the revenues
were from tolls, or rents, or subsidies. The same voice from the tomb
informs us that he was b. 1591, at the city of Exeter, m. Ann Wase of
Pettiworth, in Co. Sussex, had five s. and seven ds. and d. 1661, so that
he could have serv. his blessed maj. Charles II. only one yr. Addit.
knowl. is gain. from the will made 13 Sept. 1661, as that he had est. at
Newcastle and in Yorksh. as well as at Datchett, and that his ch. were
only left to him, two ds. Mary, then wd. of Peter Sylvester, and
Grizel, w. of Nathaniel Sylvester of shelter Isl. on our side of the world,
and three s. Francis, Thomas, and William). This eldest s. was b. 5
Nov. 1632, and had prob. escap. from the evils brot. on the fam. by the
loyalty of his f. but went back to Eng. prob. in 1655, came again in the
Speedwell to Boston 27 July of next yr. m. Hannah Carr, d. perhaps of
Caleb, of Newport, had Thomas and William; was an Assist. of R. I.
1672, and d. 1719. 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. V. 252. William d. at Boston
1693, unm. THOMAS, Boston, s. of the preced. ar. co. 1681, one of
the found. of King's Chaple 1686, went to Eng. there m. Mary Apthrop,
had Elizabeth; Francis, b. 1690, at London, bred at Eton; and William;
and d. of smallpox, 1693, as did his youngest s. The wd. with her two
ch. came to reside with their gr.f.; and after his d. she liv. at Roxbury
with her s. wh. had five s. and two ds. as fam. tradit. relates.

    BRINTNALL, THOMAS, Boston, by w. Esther had Samuel, b. 2 Dec.
1665; Thomas, 1 Nov. 1669; Nathaniel, 1671; John, 3 Mar. 1673;
Joseph, 3 Mar. 1674; and Mehitable, 1685; liv. at Muddy riv. THOMAS,
Sudbury, s. of the preced. m. 23 May 1693, Hannah, d. of maj.
Simon Willard, had Thomas, prob. bef. going to S. and there Parnel, b.
27 Sept. 1696; William, Y. C. 1721; Paul, 20 Mar. 1701; Nathaniel,
1703; Jershua, 15 Oct. 1704; Dorothy, 21 Dec. 1706; and Susanna,
Apr. 1708 or 9; was capt. and he d. 2 Aug. 1733.

    BRISANTON, THOMAS, appears on the roll of brave capt. Turner's
comp. in Mar. 1676, left at Quaboag, and the true name may have been

    BRISCOE, BENJAMIN, Boston, shoemaker, m. 1656, Sarah, d. of Philip
, had Philip, wh. d. very soon; Hannah, b. 6 Feb. 1658; Sarah,
18 July 1660; William, 7 Apr. 1663; Ann, 31 Jan. 1664; Mary, 22
Dec. 1665; John, 20 Jan. 1667; Rebecca, 20 Feb. 1669; Benjamin, 2