Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p254


Volume 1, Page 254

Four ds. and first nam. four s. surv.; but from not being in the will, 22
Sept. 1725, Benjamin may well be presum. to have d. bef. his f. Of
these ch. descend most of the name in our country. SAMUEL, Mass.
freem. 1645, but where he dwelt is unn. THOMAS, Watertown 1640
may have been neph. of the first ment. Henry.

    BRIGHTON, SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Ann had James, bapt. 30 Mar.
1690; and Ebenezer, 2 Oct. 1692. The error of this name, wh. should
be Samuel Beighton, was caus. by false index. See Beighton. THOMAS,
came from London to Boston in the Truelove 1635, aged 31.

    BRIGNALL, WILLIAM, Dedham, m. Martha, d. of Michael Metcalf,
had William, d. soon after, and his wid. m. 2 Aug. 1654, Christopher
Smith. The s. was liv. when gr.f. made his will, in wh. he was rememb.
ten yrs. later.

    BRIMBLECOME, JOHN, Boston 1654, woolcomber, m. 14 Jan. 1656,
Barbara, wid. of George Davis, liv. not long there, but perhaps rem. to
Marblehead bef. 1674. His will of 11 May 1678, pro. Nov. foll. ment. w.
Tabitha, s. Philip, dr. Mary Tucker, and . . . Holman. PHILIP, Marblehead
1668, was, perhaps, br. or s. of the preced.

    BRIMSDEN or BRIMSDELL, ROBERT, Lynn, m. 15 Apr. 1667, Bathsheba
Richards, was of Boston 1672, merch. m. I think, Ann, d. of
Thomas Barnes of Hingham, for sec. w.

oft. BRINSLEY, ALEXANDER, Charlestown 1650, s. of William, of
wh. I hear nothing aft. 1654. DANIEL, Stratford s. of John, by w. Sarah, d. of
Caleb Nichols by one acco.(but better makes her d. of the first Daniel
Kellogg), d. Oct. 1702, without will, leav. good est. wid. wh. m. John
Betts of Norwalk, and ch. Mary, aged 18; Daniel, 15; Abigail, 11;
Samuel, 8; and Ruth, 2. JOHN, Charlestown 1637, freem. 2 May 1638,
by w. Mary perhaps sis. of the first Thomas, or the first John, had Mary, b. 24
July, bapt. 3 Aug. 1640; and John, b. 2 Mar. 1643; Daniel; and Zechary, wh.
was drown. Aug. 1667; prob. rem. to Stratford bef. 1650, was rep. 1669, and 71,
and d. 1673, leav. good est. to wid. Mary, and ch. John, Daniel, Paul, Samuel,
Mary, w. of John Bostwick, and Elizabeth WILLIAM, Dorchester, d. early in 1648,
his will, 10 Dec. 1647, of wh. abstr. is in Geneal. Reg. III. 266 names.
William and Alexander; ds. Ebbet and Mary. This last m. 17 Sept.
1667, Benjamin Leeds. WILLIAM, Marlborough, s. of the preced. b.
perhaps at Dorchester was bred at H. C. and should have been gr. 1654
or 5, when, by a change in the durat. of studies for the first degr. from
three yrs. to four, he and sixteen more, if Mather may be believ. Magn.
IV. 135, felt so much aggriev. as to forego the advantage of longer
resid. Something, different is the version to be seen in the delightful
Ann. of the Am. Pulpit, I. 256. He preach. a. 1660-65 at Plymouth,
and went thence to the new town of M. where he was ord. 3 Oct. 1666,
never m. and d. 3 July 1701. For the little that can be kn. of him, see
1 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 47, and IX. 179, and 3 M. H. C. VII. 297.