Transcript:Estate record of James McCutchen, 1759



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Intermediate Source:USGENWEB Archives
Original Source: Will: James McCutchen, Dated 1 Feb 1759, Proved 16 May 1759 Augusta Co., VA Will Book 2, Page 296-297


Person:Griselda Campbell (1)
Person:James McCutchen (10)


James idnetifies his wife as Grissal. Grissal is believed to be the daughter of person:Patrick Campbell (11) whose mother is identified as Grace ("Girssal") Hay. James identifies the following children:

youngest son James
oldest son John
second son Patrick
young son William
Elder daughter Sarah
Second Daughter ELizabeth


THE FORM OF A WILL IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. In the year of our Lord God One Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Nine, February the first, I, James M. McCutchen of Augusta County and Colony of Virginia The holder, Being very sick and weak of body but perfect of mind and memory Thanks be given to God, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die I do order this my last Will and Testament that is to say principaly and first of, all I give and recommend my soul unto God who gave it and for my body I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Cristian manner at discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the great Resurection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give and bequeath and dispose of it in the following manner.

1st. I do will and bequeth to my well beloved wife Grisal and my youngest son James the tract of land on which I now live during her continuance single and to him and his heirs lawfully begotten forever.
2.d. I do give and bequeth to my oldest son John and my second son Patrick a tract of land containing three hundred forty three acres in the Calf Pasture to be divided equally according to quantity and quality between them and their heirs forever.
3.d. I do order my Executers to purchase a tract of land containing two hundred acres more or less at their discression for my son William if he lives to an age.
4th, I do give and bequeth to my elder daughter Sarah a Paising mare and saddle.
5th, I likewise bequeth to my second daughter Elizabeth one young mare when convenient also a saddle is to be bought for her.
6th, As for the remaining part of my movable estate, I give and bequeth it in the following manner, viz: All my stock and planishing and furniture all and every of

them is to the youse and support of my well be loved wife and children for educating of them and to be distributed to them at the discression of my Executors.

I ikewise constitute and make and order, my only and sole Executors of this my last will and testament and singular my lands, goods and chattels Grisal my well beloved wife Patrick Campbell and Samuel McCutchen and I do hereby disalow revoack and disanul all and every other former Testaments Wills and legacys bequests and Executors by me in any wise before this time-named willed and bequethed, retify confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Day and year before written.
Signed Sealed and Published and Delivered by said James McCutchen as his last will and testament in the presence of Rob't Campbell James McCutchen (seal) W. Christian Chas Campbell Jas. Campbell

At a Court held for Augusta County May 16th 1759 the s.d. will and testament of James McCutchen decd proved by the Oath of robert Campbell & William Christian two of the witnessses thereto was admitted to Record and on the motion of Grissell McCutchen, Patrick Campbell & Samuel McCutchen the Executor therein Named who made Oath According (inkblot) Law Certificate granted them for obtaining a probat in due form them having with Robert Campbell and William Christian their Securities entered into & acknowledged their Bond.

                                          Test   John Madison

Know all men by these Presents that we Grissell McCutchen, Patrick Campbell and Samuel McCutchen, Robert Campbell & William Christian are held firmly bound Silas Hart, James Lockart, Robert Breckenridge & Danl Smith Justices in the Comission of the Peace for Augusta County and in Behalf and to the Sole Use and Behoof of the Justices of the said County and their Successors in the Sum of Five Hundren Pounds to be paid to the said Jusices their Executors Administrators or Assigns to the Which Payment well and truly to be made --?- bind ourselves and every of Us our and Every of our Heirs Executors and Administrators Jointly and Severally from by these Presents Sealed with our Seals Dated this 16th day of may Anno Dom 1759

The Condition of this Obligation is such that of the above bound Grissell McCutchen, patrick Campbell, Samuel McCutchen Exec. of the Last Will and Testament of James McCutchen Deceased do make or cause to be made a true and Perfect Inventory of all and Singular the Goods Chattles and --?-- of the said Deceased which have or shall come to the Hands Ö Ö Ö Ö --?-- Knowledge aforesaid Executors --?-- the ---?-- ---?--- any other Person or Persons for them and the same do --?-- into the County Court of Augusta at such Time as they shall be thereunto Required by the said Count and --?-- Goods Chattles Credits and all Other the Goods Chattes Credits of the said Deceased which at any time after shall come to the Hands Possession or Knowledge of the said Executors or into the Hands and Possession of any other person or Persons for them do well and truly administer According to Law and further do make a just and true Account of their Askings and Doings thereon when theretoo Be requred by the said Court and also shall well and truly pay & Deliver all the Legacies con--?-- and Specified in the said Testament as far as the Goods Chattles and Credits will thereunto(?) --?-- and the Law Shall Charge Then this Obligation to ve Void and none Effect or --?-- to remain in full force & Virtue.

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of Grisal (mark) McCutchen (seal)

                                     Patt Campbell (seal)
                                     Saml McCutchan (seal)
                                     Robt Campbell (seal)
                                     W. Christian (seal)

At a Court held for Augusta County May the 16 1759 Grissell McCutcheon, Patrick Campbell & Samuel McCutcheon with Robert Campbell & Wm Christian their Securities Acknowledged this their Bond which is ordered to be Recorded. Test


James McCutchen, Transcription of Inventory/Appraisal 15 August 1759 Augusta County, Virginia Will Book 2 Page 321 & 322 (original document in two columns per page)

An Inventory of the Estate of James McCutchen deceased appraised this 30th day of May 1759

One Bay Mare appraised to3.-.-
one year old Colt1.1.-
one gray horse3.15.-
one black mare3.-.-
one Bay mare1.-.-
one Bay Colt1.1.6
four hogs & seven pigs1.6.-
one beef cow1.15.-
one black cow & bell & coller2.10.-
one spotted cow1.14.-
one Bay mare4.10.-
one Bay mare1.10.-
one black mare4.-.-
one grey mare.-.10
one brindled steer.-.16
one black heiffer1.6.-
one red steer1.2.-
one white cow1.5.-
one brindled cow1.4.6
one red cow w.t. a white face1.10.-
one white cow & calf1.10.-
one red cow & calf1.15.-
one white cow cow & calf1.15.-
one bridled cow & calf1.6.-
one brown cow & calf -?-1.10.-
one black Heiffer-.14.-
one red Heiffer-.10.-
one black Steer w.t. a white face-.17.-
one spotted Steer-.12.-
one red heiffer-.15.-
one red steer-.14.-
one red steer1.-.-
Seven year old Calves2.15.-
Twenty head of sheep4.15.-
a cart & old tackling5.-.-
a Sheere(?) & Coulter(?)1.10.-
a mall & Wedges-.8.-
a Belt & Collur-.2.6
a Dungford hayfork tree
sickles one staple & 2 hoes-.7.-
a Handsaw-.4.-
one broad ax-.1.6
a cooper ax-.1.8
one drawing knive-.1.-
cooper tools & a plane-.2.3
Two augurs & two Chisels-.3.-
one Ax-.2.6
One joint plane-.1.3
Two sythes old Iron-.5.-
Six Hogs1.6.-
three clivesses(?) & one hammer-.3.-
one gun2.15.-
One gun & shot bagg-.2.-
Four mettle Boxes-.7.-
one hundred & Twenty two pd -?-2.10.10
to Shoemaker Tools-.7.-
Twenty four pounds of Wool -?--.16.-
Five Baggs-.12.6
a Wheel for spinning wool-.5.-
three old vesssels-.1.6
To Bed Cloths-.12.-
one pr of shomaker pencers-.2.-
a Wowmans Saddle & bridle-.7.6
one Dough Strough-.3.-
one Bed of Furnitre-.17.-
one Bed of Furnitre4.-.-
a Bedstick Bolster & pillow
a pair & a half of blankets3.-.-
one bolster & sheet-.9.-
two sheets-10.-
3/4 yard linnen-.2.6
Remnants of Cambrick-.9.-
Remnants of Camb. & Lawn-.11.-
to M--eon-.17.-
one Chest-.10.-
woosted cloth1.1.-
Pewter & Tins2.15.-
one Horse2.10.-
Two spinning wheels
a check reel1.-.-
Old Vessels-.11.6
Glass bottles & Glasses-.2.6
Five Cards Sheers-.1.-
Sundry Articles-.5.-
3 potts & hooks Gridiron
1 pot rack1.9.6
Spoons & Shoes-.3.2
one pr of Trousers-.1.3
one old Chest-.1.3
Fine yarn1.19.-
Course Yarn-.12.-
Two bans for four boxes-.3.-
Woolen Yarn-.5.-
One Saddle Bridle & books1.-.-
a coat Jacket & breetches2.15.-
a Coat & 2 Jackets-.12.-
a great Coat & a Whip-.18.-
one Hatt-.6.-
Four buckles-.5.-
one Trunk & a handk.r.-.3.8
Two shirts & two stocks-.16.-
a Mattock & 4 Iron rings-.12.-
Cash & Notes4.15.11
Debts due to ye Estate by
Pat Campbel & Sam McCutchen-.15.-
one hand.d Sleeve buttons
and garters-.2.-
the service of a Man
for a Years Work12.-.-

Pursuant to an order of Court we appraised the Estate of james mcCutchin Deceased which amounts as above James McCleery

                                              James Lockhart
                                              David Cunningam
                                              William (his mark) Ledgerwood

At a Court held for Augusta County August the 15th 1759 This inventory or appraisement of the Estate of James McCutchen deceas.d being returned into Court is ordered to be recorded. Test