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James Kerr was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Record in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:

Note: It is probable that this is same James Kerr:

  • James Carr patented 200 acres of land in Lancaster County, Pa., January 14, 1737; he settled in Augusta County, Va., prior to 1750. ("Early Settlers in the Valley of Virginia", by Charles E. Kemper)

Records in Augusta County, Virginia

In Augusta County, Virginia: (from Chalkley's):

  • 7 JULY 1743 - District court list of deeds recorded in Orange Co VA executed by Benjamin Borden … to John Carr.
  • 9 DECEMBER 1745. - County Court formed--First Justices: James Patton, John Buchanan, Peter Scholl, Robert Campbell, Robert Poage, Thomas Lewis, Robert Cunningham, Richard Woods, Robert Craven, Adam Dickinson, John Anderson, John Lewis, George Robinson, James Bell, John Brown, John Pickens, Hugh Thomson, John Finla, John Christian, JAMES KERR, Andrew Pickens.
  • 10 FEBREAURY 1745/6. - Daniel Griffeths committed by James Kerr for stealing a horse from Edward Franklin of Orange, acquitted.
  • 7 MARCH 1747 - Page 23.--Thomas Stevenson and David Edmiston report, viz: 7th March, 1747-8, processioned for Alex. Blair, Robert Gamble, Wm. Erwin, Thomas Stevenson, John Karr, James Karr, Elizabeth Pickens, Robert Black; 12th March, 1747-8, processioned for Capt. Samuel Gay, now in Israel Christian's possession.
  • 21 MAY 1747. - Grand Jury Presentments: Col. Thomas Chew, common swearer; John Bramham, sheriff, common swearer; John O'Neal and Mary Corbit, alias Smith, adultery; James Kerr, disturber of common peace by carrying lies and as a common lyer; Valentine Sevear, swearing six oaths; Ro. Harper, being drunk and swearing three prophane oaths; John Bramham, for prophanely desiring God to damn George Robinson and his company; Robert Young, breach of Sabbath; James Kerr, breach of Sabbath; James Burk, common swearer.
  • 23 JUNE 1748. - James Kerr, 400 Acres between his son William’s land and Beverly Manor. (NOTE: This establishes William as a son of James Kerr)
  • 27 AUGUST 1751 - John Robinson, wife Jean, to William Kerr along corner of James Kerr.
  • 20 MAY 20 1752. - Elizabeth Perkins and her two sons, George and William Skillern, bound to peace towards James Carr. (NOTE: This could be referring to James Kerr, Jr. or James Kerr, son of John Kerr, who were both adults at this time).
  • AUGUST 1753. - William Kerr to Edward Rutledge, Flag Spring on Middle River. Wit, John Hind, Andrew Kerr, John Pickens, and William Kerr. (NOTE: The William and Andrew Kerr listed are both sons of James Kerr)
  • 1755 - Samuel Given processioned for James Carr … for John Carr… for Andrew Carr (NOTE: the James Carr is probably the son of John Kerr)
  • 1755 AUGUSTA CO VA FEE BOOK - James Carr, delinquent
  • 18 AUGUST 1759 - John Kerr of Rowan Co NC to James Hamilton, on Middle River at mouth of Christian’s Creek between Long Meadow Run and Christian’s Creek. James Kerr, wit. (NOTE: This reference proves that John Kerr, son of James Kerr had migrated to Rowan County, NC before 1759).
  • 26 APRIL 1760 - page 328 - Samuel Bell vs. James Kerr, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; John Hind, and Edward Rutledge.--Bond by defendants, 26th April, 1760. (This is an interesting reference because it is the first reference for James Kerr "of Cumberland County, PA.", but since Cumberland County was formed from Lancaster County in 1750, this may not be an issue. Perhaps the land that James and John Kerr patented in 1737 ended up being in Cumberland County? The Hind and Rutledge's married into the family of John Kerr, son of James Kerr.)
  • 17 FEBRUARY 1760 - Samuel Bell and Margaret, to James Kerr, blacksmith, 300 Acres at mouth of Christian’s Creek on Middle River, (NOTE: this reference may be to James Kerr, Jr., it is definitely not a reference to James Kerr, Sr., who would have been in his mid-70's at the time.
  • 17 FEBRUARY 1761 - James Carr … hog and cow mark and horse brand recorded. (Note: probably a related reference to James Kerr, blacksmith, above).
  • 19 MAY 1761 - John Kerr and Lucie to William Mathers 275 Acres on a branch of Middle River. Wit, James Kerr and John Hind.
  • 20 MAY 1761 - John Kerr and Lucie to John Allison, 10 Acres on East side of Shanando betwixt land of John Kerr and Andrew Kerr. (NOTE: This reference is to John Kerr, his wife Lucy (Pickens) and his brother, Andrew Kerr)
  • NOVEMBER, 1761. - Kerr vs. Kennedy.--John Kerr, of Carlisle, and County Cumberland, Pennsylvania. (NOTE: Another reference to Cumberland County, reinforces notion that 1737 patent was in Cumberland County, PA).
  • 1761 AUGUSTA CO VA FEE BOOK - James Carr, blacksmith. (NOTE: Again probably a reference to James Kerr, son of John Kerr)
  • FEBRUARY, 1762. - Samuel Bell vs. James Kerr, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; John Hind, and Edward Rutledge.--Bond by defendants, 26th April, 1760.
  • FEBRUARY, 1762 - James Kerr vs Bell …. James Kerr in Cumberland Co PA. (NOTE: This places James Kerr in Cumberland County in 1762 and again re-inforces that his 1737 patent was in Cumberland (formerly Lancaster) County, PA.
  • 17 AUGUST 1762 - James Kerr of Roanoke Co NC to Patrick Hays in Derry Twsh, Lancaster Co PA. 272 Acres in Beverly Manor. (NOTE: This may be reference to James Kerr, son of John Kerr, who had gone to "Rowan County", North Carolina. Probably a mis-spelling of "Rowan" by the clerk).
  • 17 MARCH 1764 - George Skillern and Elisabeth to James Kerr , £1.10, 1 acre, 3 roods, 10 perches, in fork of Christian's Creek and Middle River of Shanandore, part of 180 acres patented to John Kerr, 5th September, 1749, and by John to James Hamilton, and conveyed to George, on Christian's Creek. Teste: Jno. Anderson, Robert Wilson, William Kerr. Delivered: James Kerr, 10th June, 1771. (NOTE: Probably a reference to James Kerr, son of John Kerr)
  • 17 MAY 1764 - James Carr to William Robertson, 3 tracts on Long Meadow of Middle Creek. (NOTE: James Kerr seems to be dispursing property to his children, in this case to William Robertson, husband of Leticia Kerr, probable daughter of James Kerr, Sr.. This is perhaps one of the key pieces of evidence of Leticia as James Kerr's daughter)
  • AUGUST, 1764 - Kerr vs. Bell & Hamilton.--James Kerr, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Bond, 1760, conditioned to sell land on Christian's Creek by Bell & Hamilton to Kerr. (Again, it appears James Kerr is disposing of property in his later years).
  • MARCH 1768 - James Karr and Mary of Bedford Co VA to Henry Cartmill, 120 Acres on Purgatory Creek. (NOTE: Other Kerr families have obviously migrated to Augusta County)
  • 1768 AUGUSTA CO VA FEE BOOK - William McClure, Middle River (from Kerr).
James Kare, New River.
John Wiley, Carr’s Creek.
James Carr, blacksmith.
James Carr, North River
James Kerr, blacksmith.
  • 20 MARCH 1770. - John Kerr, eldest son of deceased, qualifies admr. of James Kerr. (NOTE: This establishes that James Kerr, Sr. had died prior to 10 March, 1770).
  • 23 MARCH 1770 - John Kerr, bond, for administrator of James Kerr.
  • 24 MARCH 1772. - John Kerr's death abates suit (NOTE: John Kerr, son of James Kerr apparently has died within 2 years after his father, although other sources claim that John Kerr died abt. 1763 in North Carolina).

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