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Canadian Place Name Rules [11 December 2007]

This stub is for defining rules for place names in Canada

List of Geographical Feature Types - Populated Places

Before working on place names for Canada I recommend reading the talk section for Place:Scotland.

I propose that a top down approach be taken by creating place pages for each level of the heirarchy. Then setting up an index to track what work has been done.

There is a very large variation in population densities so that some provinces do not have counties but are organized by districts or municipalities. There may not be one best way to represent places in Canada. A best practice for each Province / territory may be needed. --PeterP 21:12, 11 December 2007 (EST)

Adopt-A-Province Status [11 December 2007]

Province coordinator # Counties/?? County/?? pages place pages Web Links
Place:Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada x 282 municipalities Status Status [1]
Place:New Brunswick, Canada 15 counties [2]
Place:Nova Scotia, Canada 18 counties [3]
Place:Prince Edward Island, Canada 75 communities [[4]]
Place:Quebec, Canada 86 Regional County Municipalities 1000+ municipalities [5][6]
Place:Ontario, Canada 23-55 counties [7][8]
Place:Manitoba, Canada 8 regions, 116 rural municipalities [[9]]
Place:Saskatchewan, Canada 13 cities, 296 rural municipalities [10]
Place:Alberta, Canada 5 Districts 66 counties [11]
Place:British Columbia, Canada 29 counties and municipal districts [12]
Place:Yukon, Canada 10 places? [13]
Place:Northwest Territories, Canada 33 communities [14]
Place:Nunavut, Canada x x Status
Place:x, Canada x
Place:x, Canada x x Status Status
Place:x, Canada x x

--PeterP 21:13, 11 December 2007 (EST)

I agree that there needs to be an approach for each province that works best for that province. In provinces with counties, it is probably by county, but for provinces such as Manitoba and Saskatchewan, it appears that the precedent has already been set of just including each community directly in the province (no intermediate level).

I plan to make an exception for 19th-century Mennonite villages, because the same village name was sometimes used in both the East Reserve (RM of Hanover) and the West Reserve (RMs of Rhineland and Stanley), so we need that extra level. There are currently no place pages specifically representing the East and West Reserves, so I will use the RM pages instead (based on current RM boundaries in the West Reserve). Rather than determine which village names are used more than once, I plan to include the RM name in each of the village names that are not yet in WeRelate (and are thus likely defunct). That way, there won't be inconsistency if I happen to miss a duplicate name in my research. I plan to use the "also included in" to include each of these villages directly in Manitoba (I assume this impacts searching), knowing that this will mean the possibility of 2 place pages with the same name showing up in the Manitoba page of inclusions. If this causes problems, this approach can be revisited. We'll see how things look when I am done.--DataAnalyst 19:53, 15 October 2013 (UTC)