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My name is Peter Prodger. I am researching my family history. Father - Prodger, Mother - Aldridge. I am from London, Ontario, Canada

My Great Grandfather was John Prodger b 1820. He was a private soldier in the 23rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers). He joined the 23rd regiment in Carlisle Castle, UK in 1841. He was a member of the reserve battalion that came to Canada in 1842. The role of the British Army in Canada during the 1820-60's is very interesting. John was one of many soldiers that stayed in Canada after being discharged.

I would like to set up a page for the 23rd regiments reserve battalion and link all the members at a point in time. The battalion would be the person page and the individuals would be children. Then I would try and find all the family connections that flow from the reserve battalion.

If you are interested in a project like this leave me a message.