Person:William Wright (228)

Lt. William Wright
Facts and Events
Name Lt. William Wright
Gender Male
Death? 12 July 1755 Reed Creek, Augusta County, Virginia[Killed by Indians]

William Wright was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records of William Wright

  • Vol. 1 - Page 116.--22d August, 1755. Alexander Wright's bond as administrator of Wm. Wright, with sureties John Harvie, Gabriel Jones. Teste: John Semple.

Williem Wright Killed by Indians in 1755

William Wright is the "Lieut. Wright" that is included in the list from Chalkley's of Indian Attacks of 1755-1759 in Augusta County of settlers killed by "the enemy" (most likely Shawnee Indians being spurred on by the French) in Augusta County.

  • 1755, July 12th, Lieut. Wright and 2 soldiers, at Reed Creek, killed.

Information on William Wright

From "Excerpts from “Draper’s Meadow Massacre Retold” (Chapter one of Indian Massacres in Montgomery County 1755-1756 by Lee Pendleton":

Preston’s Register: On July 3, 1755, twenty-two were killed, captured and wounded on New River, and July 12, William Wright and two soldiers were killed on Reed Creek. These must have sounded a warning to those in the Draper’s Meadows area. Col. Patton shared Dinwiddie’s view that the settlers should remain on their land, and this is probably the reason Draper and Ingles, close friends of Patton, continued to live at the Meadows.
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    Wright, William, Lieutenant Wright was killed by Indians at Reid Creek in