Person:William Wilson (219)

m. Est. 1746-1750
  1. James WilsonEst 1747-1752 - 1824
  2. William WilsonEst 1747-1752 - 1808
  1. John Wilson1773 - 1846
  2. Samuel Wilson1776 -
  3. Joseph Wilson1779 - 1847
  4. William Wilson1782 -
  5. Thomas Wilson1785 - 1821
  6. Peggy WilsonABT 1788 -
  7. James Wilson1791 -
Facts and Events
Name William Wilson
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1747-1752 Ireland or Scotland
Death? 1808 Forks of Buffalo Creek, Rockbridge County, Virginia

William Wilson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of William Wilson

The Will of William Wilson of Rockbridge County, Va., Dec. 6, 1807:
Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 3, pp. 107-111.
Will of William Willson ---Four sons Joseph, William, Thomas, and James should work plantation I live on with plantation I purchased of Vinzant and John Moore and from profits arising from their working those plantations with the crops raised this year and those in the ground with stock of every kind and farming utensils andhousehold furniture with stills
If son Joseph remains with other sons until all debts are paid and shall pay daughter Peggy $800.00, the bequeath to him and his hrs sd tract I purchased of Elijah Vinzant. If he does nor remain with the other sons then said tract to be sold and balance of debts paid out of the money and $800.00 to my daughter Peggy and balance to be paid to my son Joseph.
Son William (if remains with other sons.....) tract of land purchased of John Moore containing about 90-100 acres. If he does not stay to be sold and money used to pay debts. ---- After debts paid, 1/4 part of my personal estate for support of my wife. She to have benefit of my negro boy named Bolt during her life under discretion of my executors to make her support more certain. She shall be furnished with comfortable and suitable food and clothing from the land hereafter give to my son James with sufficient room in the house we now live inso long as she lives.
Remaining 3/4 of my personal property to sons Samuel, Joseph, William, Thomas and James to be equally divided. ---- Part of tract formerly William Moore's to my son Samuel his heirs and assigns forever.... [describes....old saw mill....James Dryden.....cross Moores Creek below Dryden....mill dam....crosses Buffalo Creek].
To son William, remainder of sd. tract formerly William Moores. {if remains with brothers}
To son Thomas part of tract I now live on which lies North East oflines formerly divided between my Father's land and mine until they come of to Buffaloe Creek.... north of the creek up to the fork, north of north Branch as far as sd. tract reaches but in case son Thomas shall not remain with and assist his proportion until debts are paid....... he also to pay daughter Peggy $100.00.
To son James remainder of tract I live on including house.... if son James not stay with sons...... He to pay daughter Peggy $100.00 in two years.
To daughter Peggy in addition to the $1,000.00 to be paid by sons Joseph, Thomas and James, my negroe boy named Bolt after death of her mother, ahorse, saddle and bridle worth $125.00. a "burroe" worth $15.00, good featherbed and bedstead and furniture, 2 "milch" cows... She to have priveledges of living in the house and suitable food until she marries.
To son James following furniture [describes]
Appoint William Willson Esquire, William Caruthers, James Blair, and Andrew Alexander Trustees for purpose of selling lands should that become necessary.
Sons Samuel and oseph Exors and guardians to my sons Thomas and James until of age.
Made will 6 Dec 1807
Signed William Wilson
In present of: James Wilson, James Blair, John Wilson
Rockbridge Cout 4 Apr 1808- Produced in court and proiven by witneses- ordered to be recorded.
Witnesses are securities, bond of $10,000.00
Test Aw. Reid CRC

4. WILLIAM3 WILSON I (JOHN2, ROBERT1)1 was born Abt. 1750 in Ireland or Scotland, and died 1808 in Forks of Buffalo Creek. He married NOT KNOWN Bef. 1773.
(from "Old Oxford and her Families")
Two of the four children of John Wilson of Ireland were JAMES AND WILLIAM, who immigrated to America on May 16th, 1760.
WILLIAM WILSON I was the founder of the branch of the family who settled in the Shenandoah Valley, and eventually found themselves proprietors of the Wilson's Springs Hotel. He was the brother of James, and in the early 1790's was the owner of a large farm at the forks of Buffalo Creek. His log cabin home stood in the meadow upstream from Hall's Dam and was near a spring. It now rests beneath a county road. He died in 1808. The name of his wife is not known.

William Wilson had seven children, and their names were:

1. John Wilson
2. Samuel Wilson
3. Joseph Wilson
4. William Wilson
5. Thomas Wilson-line of Wilson's Springs
6. James Wilson
7. Margaret Wilson

Children of WILLIAM WILSON and NOT KNOWN are:
i. JOHN4 WILSON, b. November 21, 1773.
Notes for JOHN WILSON:
(From "Old Oxford and her Families" and the Wilson Family Bible)
JOHN WILSON, was born Nov. 21, 1773 and married two times. His first wife's name was Anne E. Davidson, and they were married on March 10, 1796. His second wife was Hannah Shields, who died on July 4, 1850. John Wilson had eleven children, and their names were:
1. Sally Wilson-married Jan. 15, 1818 to George Paul of "Spreading Spring" plantation. Their children were Edley Paul, William Paul, Samuel Paul and James F. Paul.
2. Margaret Wilson-died Nov. 1, 1816.
3. John Franklin Wilson-(Frank)- born March 1, 1812, married Martha E. Saville on Jan. 15, 1851. He became a Captain in the Militia during the Civil War.
4. Ann Wilson-married Thomas McGuffin
5. Amanda Wilson-never married.
6. Eliza Wilson-married twice, the first time to Mr. Reid, and the second time to Roland Turpin. She died in 1897, and is buried with her husband at Oxford Cemetary.
7. Harriet Wilson-married Dec. 8, 1835 to Benjamin W. Darst. She died in Missouri in 1846. They had two children: Fianna H. Wilson, who married David A. Barger in 1864 and Margaret. E. Wilson, who married James N. Brown of Bedford County, Virginia. They eventually moved to Pike County, Missouri.
8. Jane Wilson-married William Miller.
9. Naomi Wilson
10. Robert L. Wilson
11. Andrew I. Wilson

ii. SAMUEL WILSON, b. February 20, 1776.
No other information is known about Samuel Wilson
iii. JOSEPH WILSON, b. August 10, 1779.
(from the Wilson family bible and "Old Oxford")
Joseph Wilson was born August 10, 1779 and died in 1847. He married Mildred McCorckle.
iv. WILLIAM WILSON, b. December 10, 1782.
(from the Wilson family bible and "Old Oxford")
William Wilson was born Dec. 10, 1782. No other information was given.
v. THOMAS WILSON, b. October 20, 1785, near Buffalo Creek; d. May 09, 1821.
vi. JAMES WILSON, b. 1791.
(From the Wilson family bible and "Old Oxford and her Families")
James Wilson, son of William Wilson who immigrated with his brother James from Scotland, was born in 1791 and died in 1864. He married Sallie McCorckle on March 31, 1814. She was the daughter of Alexander and Mildred McCorckle and the grandaughter of Ensign John McCorckle who died at the battle of Cowpens in 1781. They had thirteen children, and are as follows:
1. Mildred McCoy Wilson- born 1815, died in 1831. She married Samuel Johnston.
2. Margaret Elizabeth Wilson- born 1816, died in 1884. She married James Alexander Poague, and their offspring distinguished themselves in their service in the Civil War and in the Presbyterian ministry.
3. Martha A. Wilson- born in 1818, death date unknown. She married William H. Bell on Feb. 14, 1839.
4. Alexander Wilson- born in 1820. He married and moved to Wythe County, Virginia. He had three sons.
5. Rebecca Jane Wilson- was born Nov. 17, 1821 and died in 1858. She married John Andrew Ruff, the son of John M. Ruff and Martha Ruff. Martha Ruff was the daughter of Col. Samuel Wallace, a Revolutionary War soldier. John M. Ruff was a prominent citizen in Rockbridge County, and was known as "Judge John".
6. Wilson Samuel Wilson- born in 1823. He married twice, first to Miss Moore, and then to Miss Hatcher.
7. James C. Wilson- was born in 1825. In early manhood, he was a merchant near goshen but then returned to his native neighborhood and settled on land that he had inherited. He married Martha Patterson in the second year of the civil War, and did service with the Rangers, a cavalry company which saw action in West Virginia. In 1864, he re-enlisted in a companyattached to the cavalry brigade led by General William H. F. Lee, that guarded the railway lines running by Danvile, Va and Weldon, NC. It met in fierce conflict the invading hosts of Sheridan and was swept back towards Appomattox.

James Wilson died after a long illness, and left seven children.

8. Phoebe A. Wilson- was born in 1826 and married Mr. Steele.
9. Hannah Virginia Wilson- was born in 1829 and died in 1886. She married Andrew P. Morrison in 1857.
10. John McCorckle Wilson- was born in 1833 and died in 1904. He served as a Confederate soldier and married Matilda Johnston in 1865. They had four children.
11. Thomas Graham Wilson- was born in 1836 and died in 1912. He never married.
vii. MARGARET WILSON, b. 1788.
Margaret Wilson was born around 1788 and married Captain William Shield