Person:William Thompson (249)

William Thompson
  • HWilliam ThompsonAbt 1680 -
  • WJean StuartBef 1686 -
m. Bef. 1703
  1. Jean ThompsonBef 1703 -
  2. Katherine ThompsonAbt 1712 - Aft 1804
  3. Capt. William Thompson, Jr.1722 - 1796
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Thompson
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1680 Commonwealth of England Scotland and Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1703 Irelandto Jean Stuart

William Thompson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Surveys

  • 1738 November 17th - William Thompson, 400 acres) - Lying in the Fork of Shenando Between the Middle River & the North Branch of Shenando Beginning at 2 white Oaks and a Dog Wood on the North Side of the Middle River running thence S88 W104 Poles to 2 white oaks on the So Side of Littles Creek thence N21 W142 poles to 2 large Pines on the Side of a Ridge thence N59 E314 Poles to 2 Pines thence S79 E126 poles to a Stake on a high Bank of the River thence S24 W100 poles to 3 pine thence S79 E126 poles to a Stake on a high Bank of the River thence S24 W100 poles to 3 pines thence S47 W130 poles to a white Oak thence S26 W68 poles to a Spanish Oak thence S68 W68 poles to Beginning.
  • 1738 November 17th - William Thompson, 400 (acres) - Lying on both Sides of the Middle River of Shenando Beginning at an Elm on the So Side of the Middle River Opposite to the mouth of the North Branch of Shenando running thence S55 E22 Poles to a white Oak thence S6 W299 poles to 2 white Oakes near the head of a hallow thence N48 W290 Poles to 3 Pines thence N6 W108 poles to a white Oak on the West side of a branch of Buffalo Run thence N48 E176 Poles near a hickory Saplin on the So Side of the North Branch of Shenando then Down the River to the Beginning.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


William Thompson's land (NE, 947 acres, 1744) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Note that land of Moses Thompson (410 acres, 1740) is adjoining land of William Thompson to the northwest, land of Thomas Thompson (230 acres, 1754) is adjoining the corner of William Thompson to the east, land of John Thompson (120 acres, 1765) is located just to the southeast, land of Alexander Thompson (110 acres, 1765) is located further east and land of Sarah Thompson (360 acres, 1765) is just past land of John Thompson, also to the southeast.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 204-207. Indenture 21 Nov. 1744 between William Beverley, Esqr., of Essex County and William Thompson of County of Augusta.. deeds for lease and release.. payment of ₤28.10.0 paid for 947 acres in Manor of Beverley.. beginning.. land laid off for the Revd. Wm. Anderson.. William Palmer.. Robinson's line.. Caldwell's line.... (signed) Wm. Beverley (seal). Witnesses: Gabl. Jones, William Russell, Alexr. McQueen. Recorded Orange County, 22 November 1744. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 9, Dorman, pg. 23].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • This William Thompson appears to have acquired a tract of "232 acres, branch of Buffalo Run, corner James Beard. Buffalo Run, or Draft, is on the south side of the North River, Shenandoah area", on 1 June 1741. This tract was later sold by William Thompson, Jr. (apparently this William Thompson's son) in 1749 to William Baskin, and later referenced in Deed Book 24:
Deed Book 24, Page 7.--232 acres patented to William Thompson, 1st June, 1741.
  • Page 453.—27th August, 1751. David Hay, yeoman, and Jane, to William Thompson, weaver, 306 acres, Christian's Creek, sold by Beverley to Joseph Reed, taylor, 23d July, 1740; 25th September, 1741. Corner John Buchanan; David Moor's land; James Robinson's line; Charles Campbell's line; Patrick Campbell's corner. (Note: this refers to William Thompson, weaver - perhaps a different William Thompson?)

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 444. January, 1747. £15. William Thompson and wife Jean to the inhabitants of the Presbyterian congregation of Tinkling Spring, viz., James Patton, John Christian, John Finley, James Alexander, William Wright chose commissioners and trustees for the congregation, 110 acres called and known by the name of Tinkling Spring in Beverley Manor, and part of 944 acres (deed by Beverley to Thompson, 1744, in Orange) adjoining George Caldwell. Acknowledged, 19th November, 1747, by William. Note: this is a record of William and Jean Thompson's "donation" of l10 acres for the future site of the "Tinkling Spring" Church, which is the site labeled "T.S. 110 acres" and is adjoining William Thompson's land to the southeast.
  • Page 836.—29th August, 1750. Wm. Thompson to Saml. Hines(s). Delivered: Wm. Hinds, December, 1754. South River, 139 acres.
  • Page 371.—29th May, 1751. William Thompson, Gent., and Jane, to Alexander Thompson, 337 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 947 acres from Wm. Beverley, 22d November, 1744; corner Wm. Palmer, John Thompson and Patrick McCollum, James Coyle's line; William Henderson's line; corner George Caldwell. Teste: John Smith.
  • Page 376.—29th May, 1751. Same (from William Thompson, Gent. and Jane), to John Thompson, 300 acres, part of 947 above, same; Robert Moody's line; corner Wm. Palmer; corner Alexander Thompson. Delivered: Wm. Thompson, ye father, June, 1756.

Records in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 155.—29th January, 1761. John Madison and Agatha to William Lamb, £300, 363 acres purchased of William Thompson, south bank of Middle River; cor. Andrew Leeper, fork of the river; cor. William Baskins, Buffelow Run. Delivered: Wm. Lamb, September, 1768.
  1. Gent., of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA