Person:William Sproul (4)

William Sproul, of the Cowpasture, Moffett's Creek and the Borden Tract
b.BEF 1738
d.bef. 22 July 1806 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HWilliam Sproul, of the Cowpasture, Moffett's Creek and the Borden TractBEF 1738 - bef 1806
  • WJane UnknownBEF 1740 - BEF 1775
m. ABT 1758
  1. Alexander SproulBET 1758 AND 1759 - 1813
  2. James Sproulabt 1759 -
  3. Margaret SproulAbt 1760 -
  4. William 'Squire Billy' Sproul, Jr.1769 - 1837
  5. Nancy SproulBET 1770 AND 1771 - BEF 1806
  • HWilliam Sproul, of the Cowpasture, Moffett's Creek and the Borden TractBEF 1738 - bef 1806
  • WSusanna EwingBEF 1754 - bef 1818
m. 23 JUN 1773
  1. Jean Sproul1775 - 1837
  2. Sidney Sproul1776 - BEF 1817
  3. Mary Sproul1778 - AFT 1817
  4. Oliver Sproul1780 - AFT 1817
  5. Martha Sproul1782 - 1859
  6. Capt. John Sproul1784 - 1849
  7. Frances 'Fanny' Sproul1786 - 1867
  8. Samuel Sproul1789 - BET 1806 AND 1817
  9. Charles Sproul1792 - 1817
  10. Joseph Sproul
Facts and Events
Name William Sproul, of the Cowpasture, Moffett's Creek and the Borden Tract
Alt Name William Sprowl
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 1738
Marriage ABT 1758 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Unknown
Marriage 23 JUN 1773 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Susanna Ewing
Death? bef. 22 July 1806 Augusta County, Virginia

William Sproul was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 161.--15th August, 1759. Jno. Davis ( ) and Judith ( ) to Wm Sprowle, £100, 320 acres on Moffet's Creek of James River in Borden's tract; corner Jno. Patterson. Delivered: Wm. Sprowl, 15th May, 1771.
  • Page 403.--17th August, 1762. Alex. McElroy and Agness to Wm. Sprowle, £200, 200 acres patented to Alexander, 10th April, 1761; John Dickenson's line on Cowpasture; cor. John Donely's land. Acknowledged and privy examination.
  • Page 94.--20th August, 1765. James Trotter, plantationer, and Mary ( ) to Wm. Sprowle, £60, 170 acres in Borden's tract; corner Samuel McCutchen's land, line of Beverley Manor. Deed of feoffment. Delivered: Wm. Sprowl, 15th May, 1771.
  • Page 95.--20th August, 1765. Same to same (James Trotter, plantationer, and Mary ( ) to Wm. Sprowle), £90, two tracts joining each other and Beverley Manor and Borden's tracts lines: A, 82 acres in Beverley Manor, adjoining above, corner Wm. Dean's land; B, 218 acres in Borden's tract, corner Samuel McCutchen's land; corner James Shields, deceased. Deed of feoffment.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 133.--10th February, 1761. William Sprowl and Jean to William Stewart. £30, 168 acres on Cowpasture River. Teste: William Marten, Hugh ( ) Young. James ( ) Trotter. Delivered, October, 1761.
  • Page 398.--17th August, 1768. William Sprowle and Jean to Alex. McElroy, £200, 320 acres on Moffet's Creek; cor. John Patterson, part of Borden's 92100. Acknowledged and privy examination. Teste: James Trotter, W. Ward, Jas. Ward. Delivered: McElroy, December, 1768.

Will of William Sproul

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 73.--__ _____, 1806. William Sproull's will--To wife, Susanna; son, James; son, Alexander; daughter, Margaret McCutchen; daughter Nemsey's children; son, William; son, Joseph; son, Oliver; daughter, Jane Weir; daughter, Sidney Beard; sons, John and Charles; daughters, Mary, Martha, Fanny; son, Samuel (to take profession). Executors, wife Susanna, sons William and John. Teste: Joseph and Samuel Beard, Michael Koonts. Proved, 22d July, 1806. Executors qualify.

Processioning List of 1767-68

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Page 451.--1767-68: Processioned by Samuel Hamilton, in Cowpasture, from his house down the river to James Baird's: For Samuel Hamilton, Andw. Sutlington, John Dickenson, William Sprowel, John Donaly, Hugh Caffey, Joseph Watson, Andw. Muldrough, Wm. Dougherty, John Clendenning, William Maze, James Beard. Processioned by John Botkin: For Samuel Wilson, Abraham Haptonstall, Robert Duffield, James Burnsides, Robert Carlyle, Richard Botkin, John Carlyle, Samuel Black, Edward Hynds, John Botkin, David Bell.

Records of William Sproul in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 47.--Commission for privy examination of Jane, wife of William Sproul, deed to William Stewart dated 9th/10th February, 1761, executed, 3d November, 1761.
  • Page 359.--12th May, 1768. Samuel McCutchan, Sr., and Frances ( ) to Samuel McCutchon, Jr., son of said Samuel 5 shillings, and diverse and good causes done to me; tract Samuel, Sr., now lives on, 150 acres; corner Borden's patent line; William Sprout's line; also all properties. Teste: Robert Patterson, Chas. Campbell, Arter Hamilton. Delivered: Jno. McCutcheon, March Court, 1774.
  • Page 373.--12th May, 1768. Samuel McCutchan, Sr., and Frances ( ) to John McCutchan, Jr., £__, divers reasons and good causes done to me, Samuel, by son John, 150 acres; Borden's patent line on northwest; William Sproul's line; Samuel McCutcheon, Jr.'s, line. Delivered: John McCutchon, March, 1774.
  • Page 291.--19th May, 1773. John Shields, eldest son and heir of James Shields, deceased, and Margaret ( ) of Amherst County, to James Sproul, part of 298 acres conveyed to James Shields by McCutcheon, 21st August. 1746, and descended to John, eldest son; another tract conveyed to John as eldest son of James by Borden, 20th August, 1752, corner James Loosk. Delivered: Wm. Sprowl, 19th January, 1782.

Information on William Sproul

William Sproul, sometimes referred to as "William Sproul of Cowpasture River and Moffett's Creek", has been identified as one of the 9-10 distinct Sproul families that migrated to the Virginia frontier as listed on the "Sproul Family website", which is an excellent source of information on this family (

This Scots-Irish William Sproul was the progenitor of the current Sproul family of Augusta County, Virginia. With numerous offspring and the rapidly expanding frontier, the family spread rapidly across the country in the early 1800s. First Augusta County Records 1756 – Muster Roll of Capt. George Wilson’s Company of Augusta County Militia 1757 – William Sprowl marriage license 1759 – Land Patent for 168 acres on Cowpasture River 1759 – Land purchase of 320 acres on Moffatts Creek 1761 – William and Jean sell 320 acres on Moffatts Creek 1761 – William and Jean sell 168 acres on Cowpasture River 1761 – Several privy examinations of Jane, wife of William 1762 – William purchase of 200 acres on Cowpasture River

Probable Location Dates: 1756-1762 Cowpasture River at Shaws Fork 1762-1765 Cowpasture River at Stuart Run 1765-1806 Locust Grove, headwaters of Moffatts Creek

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