Person:William Snodgrass (13)

William Snodgrass
b.est. 1690
m. est. 1710
  1. Joseph Snodgrass1712 - BEF 1782
  2. William Snodgrass1713/14 - 1790
  3. Frances SnodgrassBEF 1724 - BET 1790 AND 1794
  4. Isabelle SnodgrassABT 1728 -
  5. James "Old James" Snodgrass1732 - 1800
Facts and Events
Name William Snodgrass
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1690
Marriage est. 1710 to Elizabeth Unknown
Death? abt. 1784 Augusta County, Virginia

William Snodgrass was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Land Records of William Snodgrass

  • Bedford Co., VA, Deed Book 1, page 423 -- William Snordgrass from Sam'l Hairston, 390 acres on both sides of Bear Creek Beginning at Thomas Read's corner...for 30 pounds. Recorded 27 Apr 1761.
  • Bedford Co., VA, Deed Book 2, page 70 -- Wm. Snortgrass of the County of Augusta to Thomas Edmeston, 390 acres on Bear Creek, adjacent Thomas Read, etc. Elizabeth, wife of William Snortgrass, voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed. Recorded 29 Jun 1763.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 231 --31st October, 1757. Bryan McDanmel. Sr.'s, appraisement, by David Cloyd, Saml. McRoberts, William Snodgrass.
  • Page 205.-[Colonel James Patton's estate; appraised by Thomas Stewart, John Ramsey, Edward Hall. List of bonds, bills, &c., due the estate:] -Frederick Hartsough and Plackard Scilar, 18th December, 1753; Conrad Harchy, 18th December, 1753; John Stedham, Jacob Patton, George Peter Tarr, 19th December, 1753; Peter Upsher, 20th December, 1753; Hance Maurice, 20th December, 1753; Charles Mitts, 20th December, 1753; William Ralston and James Moore, 2nd September, 1761; Michal Dougherday, 12th September, 1750; John Maxwell, 26th August, 1752; John Robinson, 16th February, 1753; James Armstrong, 13th August, 1753; William Foster, 1st February, 1755; Jacob Brown, 18th February, 1753; James Armstrong, 2nd December, 1751; David Kinkade, 23rd January, 1751; James Price and Arthur Walls, 4th October, 1754; Major John Smith, 4th October, 1754; William Ritchie and James Brice, 4th October, 1754; John Bowen, 15th April, 1748; Nathaniel Wilcher, 24th January, 1755; Colonel John Buchanan, 17th January, 1755; Hugh Caruthers, 6th May, 1754; Jacob Harman, Jr., and Adam Harman, 12th February, 1753; William Carvin, 12th February, 1753; Neal McNeal, 3rd May, 1753; Robert McFarland, 30th January, 1753; Wm. Snodgrass, 4th October, 1753; John Poage and Alexander Miller, 3rd February, 1752; John Mills, 28th December, 1753; Thomas Ramsey, 13th December, 1753; John Berrisford, 4th December, 1753; Archibald Graham, 18th December, 1753; Ben Watson and Robert Rennix, 15th March, 1754; James Bane, October, 1753; James Kerr, October, 1753; Bryan McDonald, __ ______, 1754; Joseph Potts, 1st January, 1753; Peter Upsher, 18th December, 1753; Thomas Brinegar, 25th April, 1753; Henry Holston, 4th October, 1753; John Mills, 20th February, 1753; John Poage and Alexander Walker, 3d February, 1752; John Downey, 7th August, 1754; Thomas Ramsey, 14th April, 1748; William Ingles, 11th February, 1754; Henry Switsard, 24th February, 1755; Josiah Ramsey, 24th February, 1755; Samuel McRoberts, __ _____, 1754; Isaac Taylor, __ _____, 1755; John Collier, __ _____, ____; Loftus Pullen, __ _____, ____; John Smiley, __ _____, ____; Robert Galloway, __ _____, ____; John Anderson, 13th August, 1753; Walter Smiley, __ _____, ____; Nathaniel Evans, 17th July, 1753; Francis McCown, 13th August, 1753; Augustine Price, 11th November, 1754; Francis McCown, 22nd November, 1753; Michael Price and Philip Harles (Hales), 11th November, 1754; Jacob Lingell, 1st November, 1753; John and Christian Bingaman, 17th June, 1753; Augustine and Daniel Price, 1st March, 1753; William Buchanan, __ _____, ____; William, Hall, __ _____, ____; John Craig, __ _____, ____; Edward Hall, __ _____, ____; John McClure, 13th August, ____; Jacob Patton, __ _____, ____; James Moore, __ _____, ____; Patrick Sharkey, __ ____, _____; James Armstrong, 13th August, 1753; William Patterson, 13th August, 1753; Daniel Droudy, 13th August, 1753; James Lockhart, 13th August, 1753; John Rorty, 13th August, 1753; Walter Davis, 13th August, 1753; Charles Patrick, 13th August, 1753; Robert Christian, 13th August, 1753; John Sprout, 13th August, 1753; Andrew Haislip, 13th August, 1753.
  • Page 383.--21st March, 1771. James Patton's settlement of estate recorded--John Buchanan, executor; 1758, 28d April, paid Francis Riely; 1765, 6th June, to putting Ratclif's place into the office where it was tossed, for the estate; 1761, 14th August, cash paid Dr. Thomas Walker for his claim to Burke's Garden; 1761, 26th June, cash paid Zachariah Lewis for his 6th share of the Roanoke and James River Grant, which share is annexed to the estate of Col. Patton; 1761, 27th June, to my third of 182 acres on ye North Fork of Roanoke sokl to James Bryans for £150; 1766, September, to cash paid John Moffett for 170 acres, part of which had been surveyed for and sold to Michael Dougherday by Col. Patton by mistake; 1756--8th September, by cash of Wm. Armstrong (Roanoke); 20th September, Wm. Ralston; 1757--7th February, Wm. Snodgrass; 19th February. John Marshall; 23d April, James Hutton; 13th January, John Stevens; 1758--20th February, Ester Sawyers; 22d April, John Potts; 1759--17th May, Hugh Carruthers; 1760--25th February, Wm. Carravin; 25th August, Peter Ipsher; 1761--11th July, James Bane; 14th November, Jacob Harmon, Sr., for the Horse Shoe Bottom; 1763--16th June, Joseph Crockett on account of John McCurry; 1764--16th November, Nicholas Welsh on account of Placeard Scilor; 1767--Frederick Stern by John Taylor, who has purchased his land; 5th March, widow Bowen, Sr.; 1768--12th September, by cash of Danl. Goodwin for Mathias Vance's old place sold him; 1768--27th January, John Peary for land sold him, formerly sold to Kemp; 22d February, Thos. Goodson for Wm. McCurry and Thos. Wilson.